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The last step is to modify the javascript and styles that your theme uses to display the pullquotes that have been added in the editing interface. As you can see from the GitHub repo, there are four files that will need to be updated or added to your theme:

  1. your theme info file
  2. your theme library file
  3. the javascript file that adds the markup
  4. the scss (or css) file

In our case, the javascript finds any/all pullquote spans on the page, and then adds them as asides to the DOM, alternating between right and left alignment (for desktop). The scss file then styles them appropriately for small and large breakpoints. Note, too, that the theme css includes specific styles that display in the editing interface, so that content creators can easily see when a pullquote is being added or modified. To remove a pullquote, the editor simply selects it again (which turns the pullquote pink in our theme) and clicks the ckeditor button. 

That wraps up this simple tutorial. You can now rest assured that your readers will never miss an important quote again. The strategy is in no way bulletproof, and so its mileage may vary, but if you have questions, feedback, or suggestions on how this strategy can be improved, please add your comment below. 

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