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When talking about projects, regardless of their size or complexity, one will go through a couple of phases of project management. Let’s say there are five phases of project management: 

  • project conception and initiation; 
  • project definition and planning; 
  • project launch or execution; 
  • project performance and control; 
  • project close. 

Although each of those phases has its distinct qualities, they do overlap. And rightly so. 

Planning for unplanned events

Planning does start with estimating the budget and completion date, but the planning and defining the project sets the fundamentals on which you build. What is the challenge which should be solved, who will be involved in the process, and what will each member of the project team do. 
Not to underestimate any of the phases but determining the scope, resources and tasks are of vital importance. Consequently, some of the projects fail because they bite off more than they can chew and, of course by doing that, underestimate the time needed for a completion of the project or the budget available. Detailed and thoughtful planning should give a result. First, how many people and with what skills you will need for your project. And also, you will get a sense of duration of the project. 

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What about quality

Developing a website for a client has few potential pitfalls. Things can go wrong, and they do go wrong, but that is nothing to worry about. You should be covered if you planned thoughtfully. You are aware of the budget, you have set yourself a deadline with maybe a couple of weeks of a buffer, so you are OK. You meet with your client to discuss the project, and as does happen quite often, you are informed something has changed. You would need to speed up the project and deliver the “end product” sooner. But not risking the quality. So you have less time, the same amount of money and the same quality requirements. It is a great client, so you do have to deliver.

What are the alternatives

If and when that happens, there are a couple of possible solutions. The deadline is closer, so you have no other option than to bring in more manpower to handle the tasks ahead. You can do that because the budget is the same, the quality requirements are still high, so you have no other option than to move in the direction of adding extra people to your team(s). You look in your own company, but you soon run out of options. Everyone else is busy and working on their projects. A few are free, but they are not a (perfect) fit for the requirements of the tasks ahead. You could sacrifice time and money to train them and build skills they are lacking. You could wait to free up developers. But the deadline is getting closer and closer. You could reach out to a freelancer, but none of them you worked with before is available now. Maybe in a couple of weeks, months.

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Or, you could trust A-team

Quality = time + money. A simple equation, by changing one of these variables you change the outcome. Less money means less time means a downgraded version of a product. With developing a website that could mean functionalities would be limited, but according to the client, that is not an option. Something has to be done in the middle of the project. And that something is adding extra personnel to the team which is working on that website. No one is available in-house, so there is no other option than to look for external help. I bet you think it is tricky to get someone onboard in the middle of the project, even more so, when that someone is not a part of your agency. But we know that this is not a big deal. We know that we can join your team in the middle of the project. Or at the beginning and/or at the end for that matter. We know what to do to keep the aforementioned equation in balance. We know how to use tools and processes that enable us a smooth interaction with our clients no matter where are they based. And how do we know all these things? It is what we do. And judging by the fact A-team is growing, we’re good at it.

We proved over and over again that it is possible to join our client’s team during various stages of project maturity on a very short notice and deliver on time and within budget. I believe this is one of our stronger qualities, a quality our clients can always rely on. Get in touch if you ever could use help in that area.

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