The Government Summit Returns

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Annnnnnnd we are back for round 2! Last year’s Government Summit was such a success that we offering it again, and this year we have managed to pack even more content and conversations into the day for y’all! We are still catering to the same government audience, so if you find yourself working for the government in some capacity (fed, state, local or contracting), then this Summit for you!

We are working hard to put together an even more engaging one-day Government Summit than last year that will dig deeper into best practices and ideal ways around the government red tape that you so often find yourself faced with.

We have changed our line up to better suit your desires! We have sought out people from near and far, gathering up the greatest Drupal government minds and have worked tirelessly to factor in your feedback from last year. Here are some of the ways we are kicking up into the next gear this year:

  • We have added event more breakouts which you loved so much last year to discuss topics that are relevant to you in real time.  Throughout the day we will have many discussion opportunities for you to interact with your peers  and one we are really excited about is’s Bryan Hirsch.
  • We will have a dedicated space for case studies from our sponsors Accenture and New Target so that you see some awesome government solutions in action
  • We will open the day with a panel all about D8 in the Government - a topic we all know you're interested in hearing about and seeing
  • We plan to feature a special lunch time speaker, Kendra Skeene from the State of Georgia talking about Drupal PaaS!  

Who should come?

The Government Summit is intended for anyone who uses Drupal in the context of government, whether it be at a local, state or federal level. All skill levels and roles are welcome. You’ll meet site builders, developers, themers, project managers, support specialists, and more.

Join the Government Summit

Although the Government Summit is part of the DrupalCon program, it (along with the other Summits) is a separate event and requires a separate registration. On your registration form, there is a section to select which topics pique your interest most, as well as an “Other” field where you can -- and should! -- suggest any other topics about which you are interested.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Date: Monday, April 24
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Cost: $199 advanced | $250 on-site

Register Now


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