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Why Drupal needs the benefits of marketing

Michel van Velde, CEO and Co-founder of One Shoe

Drupal has no professional marketing team, unlike many competitors, do. Any brand which doesn’t promote itself has weaker sales. And that includes all of the brands, even the biggest and established ones. If the marketing stops, so does the sales. But how do you promote Drupal without its marketing team? Michael van Velde, CEO and founder of One shoe, explains why Drupal needs marketing from a business point of view on one hand and developers point of view on the other and gives examples of how to do so. 


The 5 benefits to get organised as a local Drupal community

Michel van Velde, CEO and Co-founder of One Shoe

A huge among of success of Drupal can be attributed to the numerical community. We do have a challenge how to organise such a big community. In the Netherlands, the Dutch Drupal Community has set up a foundation, which organizes Drupal events, award shows and Training days. There was a business-oriented foundation shaped in order to promote Drupal. Eventually, both were merged into one. Germany has recently set up a business association, following the Dutch example in order to promote Drupal. What are the required steps to get organized as a community, and what do we have to be aware of. Michael van Velde as well shares his vision on why every Europe country needs an organised representation. 


Drupal 101

Rakesh James, Drupal Developer from CTI Digital

Rakesh James has been on several Drupal events in his career and many questions, which he is answering in this session. Questions as what Drupal is, what the community is like, what can Drupal bring to your business, can you develop a career path with Drupal etc. 


Why projects go wrong and what we can do about it

Steve Cowie, Director of Code Enigma

Not every project goes smoothly, but we eventually like to forget the problems we were facing among the project and just embrace the fact that it is successfully finished. And even if we swear that those problems are not going to come in a new project, they will. Steve Cowie has learned a lot in ten years of delivering Drupal projects, he explains what went wrong in those past years and suggests some ideas and approaches that will help you with the projects. 


Case study: Thunder

Julia Pradel, Community Manager from Thunder

Thunder is a Drupal distribution that gives professional publishers a massive head start in their Drupal 8 projects. Julia Pradel, a Thunder community manager, introduces us to Thunder and presents its production, which was initially founded by Hubert Burta (InStyle, Playboy) for its own benefits. Later on, German media organization decided to open-source it. 

Alexander Babing of Inviqa, a certified Thunder partner, explores how German online lifestyle publication built its website in only weeks using Thunder. We learn how this publication launched a minimal viable product (MVP) in a matter of weeks. 


Warden - Helping Drupal Agencies Sleep at Night

Mike Davis, Solutions Architect from Deeson

Keeping your sites up to date is very important, but it can take a lot of our time to check if all the security updated every time they are released. Mike Davis introduce us Warden - Deesons open source system which helps to manage sites security. With this system, you can save time and have a better review on which site needs to be updated. 


My Tech Heroes

Rachel Lawson, Drupal Association Community Liaison  

Rachel Lawson, a Community Liaison of Drupal Association introduces us amazing women, Jean Bartik, Hedy Lamarr and Sophie Wilson, shares their stories, their accomplishments and what can we learn from these amazing tech woman. 


Growing developers with Drupal

Fran Garcia-Linares, Drupal Developer from Amayee Labs

Fran Garcia-Linares talks about different experiences managing and mentoring teams of developers, from graduates/junior to senior ones and what challenges can we face. He is answering a question what is a Drupal role in this and how it can help in the growth of developers. In the end, he gives us 3 real-life examples. 

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