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Automation is a term that probably defines the need of technology most perfectly. Automation not only helps to make menial and repetitive tasks easier but also helps with keeping track of the work that is being done. Due to this fact, there have been a host of marketing automation tools and services that have cropped up in recent history (e.g.: HubSpot).

Previously, integrating such platforms in a website was somewhat of a difficult task, but luckily Drupal has realized the need for easier integration with such platforms and starting with Drupal 8, it has become a lot easier to integrate such platforms in a Drupal site. Drupal 8 comes with support for RESTFul web services out of the box. Web Services are basically entities that allow Drupal to read and/or write data from an external web platform.

This ability to seamlessly integrate with marketing automation tools and services brings about a great potential for digital agencies to leverage such tools for their benefit. The cherry on top is that Drupal 8 already has modules for many of the most popular marketing platforms. Let’s take a look at a few examples of such platforms:



HubSpot is probably one of the most popular inbound marketing platform on the internet. With the HubSpot integration module for Drupal 8, Drupal can easily integrate with it. Agencies can comfortably create content on HubSpot, displaying it in Drupal 8’s front-end. Apart from this, the users that respond to a marketing campaign on Drupal can be easily tracked via HubSpot through it’s leads API.




MailChimp is an email marketing tools that has gained immense popularity in the digital marketing space. There’s a module available for Drupal 8 that helps the seamless integration of Drupal with Mailchimp, its called the Mailchimp Core Module. MailChimp allows you to set up mailing lists based on multiple preferences. Not only this, but these mailing lists can also be retrieved from a database. So for example, users that make an account on your Drupal 8 site will automatically be stored in your site’s database. If you wish to run a monthly newsletter on your site, you can comfortably retrieve all the users who have an account on your Drupal site and use the Mailchimp integration to send them an email with the newsletter without having to manually make a list of all such users.






Marketo is a marketing automation tools much like HubSpot, although where it differs from HubSpot is its account-based marketing approach. Like all other tools on here, Drupal 8 has module by the name of Marketo MA that helps to integrate the platform with Drupal. Agencies can leverage this integration to capture lead data through the module’s ability to add Marketo’s tracking code to specific web-pages.



Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an immensely powerful tool that allows you to keep track of almost all imaginable statistics on your website. Drupal 8 has a Google Analytics Module that makes it easy to integrate the tool with it. Agencies can use Google Analytics to find out the traffic for their websites as well as find out how many conversions or sign-ups have been achieved for a particular day, week, month or even year. Google Analytics also provides real-time data for the number of users accessing the site currently. Apart from these, Google Analytics also provides a host of other features such as domain tracking, User ID and message tracking, Adsense support etc.



Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is an incredibly useful tool for marketers. It generates a heatmap of your site wherein it shows where visitors to your site spend the most time. Apart from this, it also shows where visitors scroll and where they click the most. Understanding customers behaviours on your site is an important part of figuring out the layout of your site and capturing successful leads. The Crazy Egg module for Drupal 8 allows easy integration of the tool with your Drupal site.



These were just some of the examples of marketing tools and services that can be leveraged by digital agencies using Drupal 8 with their marketing efforts. Apart from the ones listed above, Drupal also has modules for a variety of other marketing tools and services such as LoopFuse, SalesForce, SilverPop, Eloqua, Drip etc.

Please get in touch if you need any help integrating marketing automation services for your client’s websites.

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