AGILEDROP: Interview with Aleš, our Client adviser

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We have sat down with our Client adviser Aleš and ask him a couple of questions. Enjoy the interview.

When did you start working at AGILEDROP and what were your initial responsibilities?

I started working at AGILEDROP in the summer of 2017, August 1st was my first day in the office. I was actually the first one employed in the department besides our commercial director Iztok to assist him dealing with new clients. Initially, I had to get acquainted with the specifics and specialities of the job requirement. But I do have to say that with the help of the team I quickly settled in and was able to start working on assignments I was hired by the company. Prospecting, generating and nurturing leads are my number one priorities at the moment. And of course, bringing new clients in. 

What are your responsibilities as Client adviser?

As the name suggests, I have a client facing advisory role. Making the initial contact with a potential client is one of my responsibilities. Scheduling the meetings with clients, having meetings with them and all tasks connected to the client are under my umbrella. I do need some assistance when the language gets more technical, but I believe I did got quite familiar with Drupal in the past couple of months. I would really like to think of myself as knowing how to ask the right questions and help out our clients with our services. 

What are your daily tasks?

As I’m in a direct contact with potential clients my typical day consists of several different types of assignments. I come to work between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m. and begin the day with reviewing some of the blogs I follow followed by a quick discussion with Iztok what new happened during the last 12 hours or so. As we do have clients also from US and Australia, some of the communication takes place also in “strange” hours. I want to gain as much knowledge about Drupal as possible, so I reserve half an hour a day to get more familiar with it. But the rest of my day is reserved for communicating with agency owners and managers, trying to understand situations they are in and working with them to come up with a solution to their challenges in the development area. 

How does your typical work week look like?

Between Monday and Thursday, everything is virtually the same. Except for the clients, those change. And I really like talking and interacting with them for one simple reason. It is the best way to learn about what challenges they face and learn how to be a better provider of solutions for the next one in line. The Fridays I take off. By that, I don’t mean I’m not working, it’s just that I don’t work on the same tasks as I work the other four days. It is either the blog I write regularly on Fridays to be posted at the beginning of the week, or there are some tweaks that need to be done in the ways we communicate with clients. This is something that I keep myself busy on Fridays. 

Ales Kohek


Who do you work with?

In the office, I work mostly with Iztok, our commercial director. We are the faces our new clients see first. He is also the main contact point if I have any technical questions if I’m still not confident enough I have a good enough answer for a client. If Iztok is maybe not available for that, I do go to our development director Bostjan who is the go-to guy in our company when wanting to give our potential clients answers about our technical competency.

What is that you do that adds value to our services?

I don’t have past experiences from software development, so there is no real benefit in that area. But there are my decade-long experiences from different client facing roles with different companies and different clients those companies had. So I would have to say that my biggest value is my experiences and preparedness not just to try new things but to be as good at it as is possible. 

Who are you outside the company?

I’m a father to a little rascal, four years old boy. He really likes to hang out with me, we do all kinds of stuff, even the stuff his mom isn’t approving. When not spending time with him, there is a dog in our family. She also needs quite some attention. So I take her out for a walk, and we are joined by my son, of course. I like spending my time outdoors, especially on my bike. During the winter time and its long evenings, I enjoy watching a quality TV or movie production. However all those things, those little perks are now in the second spot, as there is no greater joy when being a witness to all different things my son is up to. 

If you have any other questions for Aleš, get in touch, he will be more than happy to answer them.

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