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There will be a lot of sessions at DrupalCon Nashville. That's nothing new to be fair. DrupalCons are the biggest Drupal events with the most Drupal session, so you can’t attend all of the sessions you would want to. Therefore, we have made a short list of the business sessions you don't want to miss. We sure won't. 

Thursday, April 10

Mark Shropshire, Open Source Security Lead at Mediacurrent  

On May 28, 2018, GDPR will come into force - that is a data security legislation, which allows individualists to control their personal data used by companies. The method of collecting and storing personal contacts of (potential) clients will change greatly. In this session we will get a practical interpretation of the GDPR, the lecturer will answer the question how to determine if you are at risk for compliance, what happens with security and what is the impact to data, analytics, and personalization strategies.

Wednesday, April 11

Nelson Harris, Business Development Strategist at Elevated Third
Joe Flores, Senior Developer at Elevated Third

The future of Drupal is ambitious digital experiences, as Dries said himself. But that kind of digital experience comes with great responsibility to master Drupal development services. Many people say that Drupal is “hard”. The truth is, Drupal is a complex platform needed to be performed by skilled experts. Therefore it's not for building basic marketing sites, but complex, ambitious one. In this session, Lecturers will answer the question, what kind of project Drupal is for, how Elevated third has moved from thinking of Drupal development as a commodity to a consultative service, and how to make sure Drupal is being used to its full extent.

Tuesday, Apr 10

Alanna Burke, Developer at Chromatic

Women in tech is a topical issue in a modern society. In a culture of harassment can companies do, since there are not enough women in tech? Why some companies have no issue recruiting female employees, how can we invite them in our midst, and what repels them? Alanna Burke will talk about policies and benefits that may be more inclusive, as childcare, company culture etc.

Wednesday, Apr 11

Amy Shropshire, Founder and Principal of CASK Communications

W. Edwards Deming has an award in Japan named after him as a statistician with a PhD from Yale. He was focusing on using statistics not only to provide metrics for measuring performance but to create a culture of quality in an organization. In this session, Amy Shropshire will guide us through Deming’s Red Bead Experiment - which in most cases is showing us that employees don't have control to improve upon the metrics on which they are graded. Later we will overview Deming’s key principles - 14 Points of Management, their examples in real-world action and discussion how to implement those principals into our organization.

Tuesday, Apr 10

Chris Free, Partner at Chromatic

The path to running a successful agency is everything but easy. You have many obstacles on the way before you can start actual work.  Chris Free has decade-long experiences of starting an agency with some misfires and guesswork along the way. He is willing to share with us all the WHAT and WHY he learned through the process that leads him to the successful agency owner.


Tuesday, Apr 10

Daniel Schiavone, Partner/Technologist at Snake Hill Web Agency

By Drupal growing steadily is good news, but it brings something else as well. The trend is showing us, that bigger companies with stronger competencies are favoured, which can bring a struggle to smaller companies. Daniel Schiavone will discuss with us, how can small agencies survive, how the release of Drupal 8 will affect them. 

Tuesday, Apr 10

Chris Teitzel, Founder/CEO at Cellar Door Media
Ben Stoffel-Rosales, Partner Manager at Pantheon

Chris Teitzel is a CEO of Cellar Door Media, who saw a need for API and encryption key management as a service - the result was Lockr, the first hosted API & encryption key management for modern CMS’s like Drupal and WordPress. We will see his experience as a case study for building product as an agency. We will get the answers to questions like how to grow an agency within a product, and how to build a strategic partnership to build one. 

As a Partner Manager at Pantheon, Ben Stoffel-Rosales has worked with many agencies who have built and sold Drupal distributions and paid plug-ins to create steady streams of revenue that add to their business goals. In this session, we will learn how Drupal creates an opportunity to build a new product. How do we attract new clients on the one hand, and maintain a good relationship with our technology partners on the other?

Ashleigh Thevenet, Chief Operating Officer at Bluespark

Ashleigh Thevenet is a fan of spreadsheets and when she listened to a session at DrupalCon LA by Sean Larkin called “Scaling your business starts with the right spreadsheets: performance metrics” she was inspired and decided to adopt and adapt them to fit her needs. In this session she will take a closer look at operations specific metrics, and will walk us through tool she uses daily - with them she answers questions like will the team be able to complete the work in time, how many people she needs to assign to a certain project etc.

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