Contribute Your Code on, Part 5: Upload Your Project Files

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Previously we talked about the different ways in which you can contribute to Drupal, setting up your project, configuring git and connecting and checking that you are connected to your sandbox project. 

Now we are going to upload our project and check the project meets Drupal's standards.

 First, we need to CD into the folder that contains our theme in this case. For my system this was:

cd /srv/http/breeze/2710867/breeze

Executing a "git status" will tell you if everything is okay. How we need to tell git to copy our files to Drupal's sandbox for the project.

git add -A (will commit all the files that are different from the destination)

git commit -m "original project upload" (this is a message assigned to our project to let people know what has changed between commits it is a good idea and always recommended that you attach a message to the commit)

git push -u origin 8.x-1.x

If you have not set up your SSHKey you will have to do so now to be able to upload your project and if you have not configured it so that you do not need to provide your password you will also need to provide your password for the upload.

Now that we have uploaded our project we should check the git status to verify, run a "git status" like we did earlier, this should return: "nothing to commit, working tree clean" message which means that everything has been copied to the Sandbox.

"nothing to commit, working tree clean" 

A message which means that everything has been copied to the Sandbox successfully. 

The first we should do now that we have our project setup as a Sandbox should be to check it against go to


and enter the URL for the git repository you want to check.[email protected]/YourProjectID.git

If you are lucky it will return that everything is okay. If not you will get a list of suggestions to change. Below is an example of what happened when I first submitted breeze to Drupal's pareview check. 


If you have not already you should consult Drupal's Project application checklist

Next, we will look at added all the details of our project to the project page and the review process. 

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Daniel is a web designer from UK, who's a friendly and helpful part of the support team here at OSTraining.

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