Apr 05 2019
Apr 05

On behalf of the Drupal Association, we’re excited to welcome you to Seattle, DrupalCon, and the Washington State Convention Center. Your week will be packed with opportunities to learn, network, collaborate, and most importantly, have fun... Drupal style!

To add some listening enjoyment to your travels, download the Drupal Seattle Spotify playlist by Kanopi Studios.

Mar 20 2019
Mar 20

New to DrupalCon? We’re glad you’re joining us in Seattle!

Here are ideas to help you prepare for this exciting week among thousands of other Drupalers, while hundreds of sessions, summits, trainings, just-for-fun events, and more are all happening—some simultaneously. We have tips for during the conference and afterward, so make the most of this new experience! 

Dec 04 2018
Dec 04

We’re featuring some of the people in the Drupalverse! This Q&A series highlights some of the individuals you could meet at DrupalCon. Every year, DrupalCon is the largest gathering of people who belong to this community. To celebrate and take note of what DrupalCon means to them, we’re featuring an array of perspectives and some fun facts to help you get to know your community.

Nov 19 2018
Nov 19

We extend a hearty congratulations to our 10 scholarship and 12 grant recipients. A global team of community members were given the green light to award more funds than ever before, aiming to have a cross-section of contributors in attendance at DrupalCon Seattle 2019. As a result, we’re awarding aid to people from nearly every continent: six attendees from Europe, nine attendees from the Americas, two attendees from Africa, four attendees from South Asia, and one attendee from Australia.

Oct 17 2018
Oct 17

As you’re performing a cost-benefit analysis about attending DrupalCon Seattle- we have valuable feedback from DrupalCon attendees to share.

Each year, it’s the largest Drupal gathering in the world, which lends an air of excitement as people converge within a convention center, and often see name badges of people they’ve only met online in open source, thus transposing online interactions into interpersonal connections.

Oct 05 2018
Oct 05

The latest Lullabot podcast features the Drupal Association’s Senior Events Manager, Amanda Gonser, speaking about DrupalCon Seattle 2019.

Amanda answered compelling questions from hosts Matt and Mike, who are both Drupal developers. The podcast serves as informative and fun insight about how the "new format better serves the community." 

Sep 25 2018
Sep 25

DrupalCon gathers a range of citizens of the Drupal ecosystem to learn, share, and collaborate together. The value of the conference is in the perspectives, energy and diversity of experiences participants share. No matter who you are or where you’re from, you’re invited to participate in DrupalCon

DrupalCon began setting goals to overtly increase diversity starting with DrupalCon Baltimore 2017. This continued in the planning of DrupalCon Nashville 2018, and is a priority for DrupalCon Seattle 2019. 

Aug 31 2018
Aug 31

Is collaborating with the largest open source community at the go-to event of 2019 on your radar? You’re invited to participate in the next North American DrupalCon, hosted in Seattle on April 8-12, 2019. 

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