Nov 05 2018
Nov 05

Last year, Drupal Association has decided to take a break to consolidate and not organize an official DrupalCon Europe in 2018. Twelve community members stepped in and developed a plan to organize a DrupalCon replacement − named Drupal Europe. The final result was outstanding.

More than 1000 Drupalers from all over the world gathered in Darmstadt, Germany from 10th to 14th September 2018 to attend the yearly biggest European Drupal event. The new event brought a new concept. It featured 10 amazing tracks that guaranteed high-quality content for all of the Drupal target groups − developers, marketers and agencies. Additionally, it created more room for contribution and collaboration outside session slots.

Official Group Photo Drupal Europe Darmstadt 2018

We supported the event by giving three talks in two different tracks.

Miro Dietiker - Connecting media solutions beyond Drupal

On Tuesday, Miro Dietiker, founder of MD Systems, gave an interesting talk about integrating Digital Asset Management systems with Drupal. He compared the benefits of existing solutions and provided a practical guide what kind of solutions you could use to fulfill your media management needs.

More information about the session and slides can be found on while the session recording is available below.

[embedded content]

On Wednesday, Miloš Bovan held a session about Paragraphs module and its best practices. The full room of people proves that people love and use Paragraphs a lot. The talk focused on answering frequently asked questions when it comes to working with Paragraphs. Those covered some of the new features that are not well known as well as ideas on how to improve the editorial experience easily.

Miloš Bovan - Enrich your Paragraphs workflow with features you didn’t know about

The session summary is available at

The conference featured many interesting sessions that provided ideas and actual implementations on how to make the Paragraphs user interface better (Creating an enterprise level editorial experience for Drupal 8 using React, Front-end page composition with Geysir, Improving the Editor Experience: Paragraphs FTW). The discussions about Paragraphs continued during all the conference and resulted in a BoF that happened on Thursday where Drupalers have discussed the future of Paragraphs UI. We look forward to fruitful collaboration.

John Gustavo Choque Condori - Drupal PKM: A personal knowledge management Drupal distro

John Choque, our colleague, gave a talk about the personal knowledge management distribution he has created as part of his bachelor thesis. The talk gathered people interested in education to get ideas how to improve knowledge management in their organizations. The session summary as well as slides are available at

[embedded content]

Social activities

Besides sessions, contributions and coding we enjoyed attending social events as well. On Tuesday, the organizers brought participants to the Bavarian Beer Garden to taste traditional German bratwurst and beers. The place was located in the park and there was no chance to miss the great event. 

On Wednesday, we joined our fellow Drupalers from the Swiss community for a dinner. It is always nice to catch up with local people in an international event such as Drupal Europe.

As usual, the event came to an end with traditional and yet always exciting Trivia Night.

What’s next?

During Drupal Europe, the project founder, Dries Buytaert has announced that Drupal Association signed an agreement with Kuoni, an international company specialized in events organizations. This results in bringing the official DrupalCon Europe event back in 2019 and it is going to happen in the capital of The Netherlands − Amsterdam.

We hope to see you all there!

Apr 24 2018
Apr 24

The largest DrupalCon yet took place from April 9 to April 13 in the city of music - Nashville, Tennessee. Thanks to their contributions and MD System’s Open Source contributing strategy, two of our members, Miloš and John, received a DrupalAssocation grant and represented our company at the conference. As the most important Drupal community event, DrupalCon has had much to offer.

Venue Exterior - DrupalCon Nashville 2018

Traditionally, Tuesday featured a DriesNote. The Drupal project founder, Dries Buytaert, talked about new Drupal 8.5 features which include easier Media management, simplified site-building, and other features. Also, Dries presented current improvements on the API-First initiative. According to his keynote speech, Drupal is getting many interesting features such as Drag&Drop layout and page building, JavaScript-based administration interface, improved web services with JSON API and many others.


Wednesday and Thursday were fully filled with the sessions and BoFs (Birds of a Feather). A record high number of submitted sessions guaranteed there is going to be enough choice for everybody. Wednesday featured an inspirational keynote by Steve Francia, where he talked about the role Drupal has played in his career. Steve was leading some of the largest open source projects (MongoDB, Go, Docker) and shared thoughts on open source patterns within Drupal.

On Thursday, Miloš and John took part in #DrupalChanges movement where they described how Drupal enriched their careers. DrupalChanges has been introduced by Drupalistas from ADCI solutions as a way to collect stories from people all over the world on how Drupal changed their lives. We talked about our first steps with Drupal, community contribution and engagement as well as about ways to stay connected with the community. We were happy to participate in such movement.

Friday Sprints

At DrupalCon, we spent our time to engage in conversations with people from all over the world, talk about a variety of topics and discuss things we are passionate about including Paragraphs and Translation Management Tool (TMGMT). Some of these conversations resulted in submitted patches during the contribution day on Friday.

As Nashville is famously known as a music city, it is worth to mention that we have enjoyed the after-con life as well. As a matter of fact, country music has its origins in this city and it is not hard to guess that choosing Nashville as a DrupalCon place was a great choice. Next year, DrupalCon US goes to the northwest, to Seattle, Washington.

Official Group Photo

Prior to that, we will most likely be heading to European Drupal events, Drupal Developer Days in Lisbon, Portugal and Europe’s largest event in 2018 - DrupalEurope in Darmstadt, Germany. We hope to see you there!

Thanks to Susanne Coates for providing many photos from the DrupalCon!

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