Sep 26 2018
Sep 26

The Drupal Unconference is coming up in November and we can’t wait! Following the huge success of last year's event, we are once again proud to be Silver Sponsors of this alternative annual conference.

As active members of the Drupal community, several of our team are already preparing lightning talks to pitch on the day. To secure attendance for the majority of our large Drupal team, we have just bought a batch of tickets. To avoid disappointment, we encourage you to do the same! 

Unconference Tickets

[embedded content]Co-organiser, Eli, on what to expect

This year’s Unconference will be held on 3rd November at The Federation, Manchester. The annual unconference breaks the mould, with an informal, accessible programme. All talks are planned on the day by the attendees rather than organisers. Representing open source ideals, Unconference recognises that the best ideas can come from anyone, no matter their experience. First-time speakers and long-term contributors have equal opportunity to share their insights into the Drupal Content Management System.

For the second year in a row, we are proudly sponsoring the event and attending en mass. Our developers are preparing talks on a wide range of topics: from front-end design using Pattern Lab, to a bold career change, swapping auto body repairs for Drupal development. The unplanned structure of the Unconference enables speeches that are reactive to recent topics and events. As such, we expect some competition for the most innovative talk this year!

Not sure what to talk about?

You can reach beyond Drupal core and open source code. Unconference presentations will address a wide range of digital topics. With talks and insights expected to cover UX, databases, frameworks, security and front-end design. Web developers, devops, project managers, designers and marketers can all expect relevant and actionable takeaways from the event. Website owners and end users, no matter their technical experience, are welcomed to the inclusive conversation.

Unlike Drupal sprints, which focus on delivering working software and contributed modules, the Unconference is designed to be a rich learning environment. Offering real-world case studies and ideas, NWDUG invite anyone to share their digital experiences.

Hosted at The Federation, the 2018 event will be bigger and better than ever. With more space comes more opportunities for different speakers and discussion groups.

[embedded content]Explore the Venue

Last year’s event was a huge success, so we are optimistic for Unconference 2018 to be the best yet. We are excited to see new faces and new innovations from the open source community.

Join the welcoming Drupal community this November 3rd for a day that celebrates inclusivity, accessibility and open source software.


Find out more and order your tickets of the Unconference website. We'll see you there!

Unconference Tickets

Mar 19 2010
Mar 19

Ixis worked with Manchester based agency Worship Digital to produce a great multi-media based community site for the legendary Haçienda club brand in Manchester (UK).

The project included the usual News section for promoting upcoming activities and history of the nightclub, and alongside this an events area which allowed pinning an event on the world map using a custom Drupal CCK field.

Media from the past and present was a big requirement to present an archive to the public. Old video footage from as far back as twenty years ago was collated from YouTube and presented as a thumbnail gallery through the use of the YouTube API. The photo gallery provided a categorised collection of the 'then' and 'now' clubbing photos with the fans, artists and DJs which performed. We built the gallery using Views, Attachments, CCK and some custom jQuery for the meta data pop-ups.

Ubercart was used to sell digital downloads of audio singles, mixes and full albums, as well as physical products such as CDs and books. We combined Ubercart with affiliated links to off-site suppliers for some products but kept the look of the Shop as streamlined as possible.

The Haçienda has been well known for its music, so it was important to give visitors a taste of past and present mixes from the famous artists. Using some custom code we provided a voting count as people listened to the audio mixes on-site. Mixes are categories and include links to the artist/DJ bio which also ties in with the same Artist bio for the future events.

The project was a great experience in doing a lot of custom theme building from the many superb page designs. It shows how you can make Drupals output look a lot different from the normal linear web forms and blog-like content lists.

The project needed to cater for spikes in traffic as events are promoted in addition to the 24/7 streaming of hour long audio mixes. It was recommended that the project was hosted on transparent scalable hosting from Rackspace in the cloud. To help with the slower speeds of Cloud based hosting in the US we provided additional performance enhancing using the Boost component for Drupal.

Jun 18 2009
Jun 18
chris's picture

Sniff, farewell first DrupalcampUK, we'll miss you, can't wait to see you next time, sob |-;

Ahem, seriously, DrupalcampUK ROCKED!!!, with Drupal rock stars attending from as far away as Germany, London and Middlesbrough!

The two day conference was generously hosted at the BBC on Oxford Road in Manchester, thanks to Ian Forrester and our very our Herm who looked after us all like a true saint :)

There were two days of two tracks with some excellent talks covering subjects such as an "Introduction to Drupal" through to "Migrating data into Drupal with the Migrate and Table Wizard" and with approaching one hundred people present the two rooms and overflow areas were buzzing! All the talks were videoed so should be up on soon.

Like most events of this type, the time over meals and between talks proved to be extremely useful. Meeting new people and having that, "So you're from IRC, aaaaaaaaaaah!" became the norm.

Hats must be lifted and tilted in the direction of Dan Smith who did a sterling job of organising the event along with other volunteers beforehand, on the day and afterwards. They worked tirelessly on all aspects of the organisation and should be allowed to sleep for at least another couple of days before we wake them!

We also have to thank the amazing sponsors who stepped up with some great support so we could eat and such like, that REALLY was the last piece of pizza for me, thanks to you all,

So on reflection, this weekend past, for me at least, can be summed up in the thought that whilst Drupal is great software, it has always been more than that, it IS great people, it IS great community and with murmurings afoot to the tune of "let's do it again shall we?", I sense it won't be long before we're rockin' in the UK again.

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