Jan 16 2019
Jan 16

Happy 18th birthday to Drupal!

We’re all engrossed in the mode of celebration and the festive fly game was on point. In fact, everyone else was too painted in that mood, cheering and celebrating the spirit of flying. But our zest for celebration was a notch hire, for our reason for celebration was doubled. 15th January is not merely a date when the kite-flying festival falls but that’s the very day when our dearest of all - Drupal came into existence!

Eighteen years before this very day, the very first version of Drupal - 1.0.0 was released by its founder - Dries Buytaert. And just as it happens with all other path-breaking changes world, this one too came with a lot of faith but a humble approach towards its future. And look, how proficiently has it grown in all these years. Today, it’s one of the largest and most-trusted open-source community and the future looks even brighter.  

In the age of data-threats, Drupal is trusted for its security, worldwide. Constantly moving towards strengthening the open-source community, Drupal has never compromised on the security, content, and scope. Drupal is also known for its power of personalisation and flexibility. Drupal Commerce is also the preferred one when it comes to building an easy-looking e-commerce platform with complex functionalities. And if that was not enough, the launch of Decoupled Drupal has blown the tech world like a boss!

We might sound a little biased here, but we’re speaking nothing but the truth. Everyone from ‘The Beatles’ to ‘Estee Lauder’, ‘Columbia University’, ‘NBC Universal’, ‘NBA’, ‘Paramount’ and many more have trusted and adapted Drupal for years now. Dries has rightly quoted about it in his birthday note for Drupal and let us also conclude, our birthday note for Drupal, on the very same note -

“What do the biggest brands in the world have in common?” - ‘Powered by Drupal!’


Dec 31 2018
Dec 31

Past is a place, thoroughly familiar and yet the experience of revisiting it varies drastically. Revisiting some leaves you with happy nostalgia, some with innocent laughter, some with a moment of pride, and some, a prick of sadness or regret. But yet we choose to visit this place called ‘past’ through our memory, time and again. In fact, we recently did so by revisiting the year 2018, like many others, that is about to end in just a handful of hours. And fortunately, it was filled with a host of happy moments to rejoice and relish, topped by several breakthrough changes and chances we’ve embraced with all love & warmth.

The year 2018 has been the most eventful year for the AddWeb-traveling, counting right from the moment of moving into altogether new office space to officially being a supporting partner of Drupal.org and everything in between. It’s a journey no less than a cinematic experience, with all the drama, emotions and heroic ending - full of catharsis. Let us take you through this marvelous journey, as experienced by AddWeb-ians.

Welcoming 2018 - The Journey Begins, Quite Literally!

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

The hobby of traveling might be a trending one today. But we refrain from polluting our passion for traveling, by putting it under the category of ‘trending’. We’re so much about traveling that it has become just a part of our existence, now. Apart from all the traveling we individually do, throughout the year, we also make sure to plan at least one with our AddWeb family. And this time, we literally began our journey of 2018 by going on a trip to Jaisalmer - amidst sand dunes and folk tunes, starry nights and tipsy sites; quite literally!  

AddWeb Family Celebrate Emotions!

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

We promised you a journey with emotions at the backdrop. So, here we share a set of different emotions we shared and celebrated across the year.

  • Celebrating the born-day of our dear AddWebians with cakes, candles, and compassion

  • Celebrating the unity in diversity of the Republic of India with the strength of tri-color dress code and decorations

  • Celebrating the diverseness of our being with colors during the festival of Holi

  • Celebrating the feminine force on Women’s day by showing them the feeling of gratitude with ‘sweet’ presents

  • Celebrating the feeling of freedom on Independence day by painting our mood with patriotism

  • Celebrating the oneness of AddWeb family with an electrifying and energetic party - The AddWeb Annual Event at Olives Restaurant

  • Celebrating the almighty of auspiciousness - the cherubic Ganesha with an immense amount of faith and festive decorations on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi

  • Celebrating the festive mood of Diwali with DIY decorations, dazzling traditional dresses, delicious Diwali lunch, and gifts!

  • Celebrating the Christian festival of Christmas with a dress code, gifts, and our own two self-proclaimed Santas!

Level up, Metaphorically & Literally!

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

Well, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we said we literally levelled-up this year. Because this very year we moved into a new & bigger office space that is a few floors up from the old one. And we guess, this clearly states that we grew bigger in terms of our employee strength too, or as we like to address it - our AddWeb family grew even bigger! Yes, we started off from 50+ in January 2018 and today, by the end of December 2018, we’re almost a family of 100.

Apart from the above two, there are a few other spheres too, where we levelled-up. Like we launched a brand new website of ours, a couple of months before shifting into a brand new office space. Also, since we’re already following the international method of working, we also adopted the international standards of work hours by bringing the ‘5-days working’ policy into account. We also initiated sponsoring quarterly team lunches for our AddWeb family, who after travel bonds the most over food!  


Giving Back to the Society

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

The universe thrives and survives on the rule of ‘give & take’ and we firmly understand the importance of the same. Hence, we do believe in giving back to the society that has given us so much to relish upon. Maybe, that is why apart from doing things for the lesser privileged on a personal ground, we also choose to do a small act of charity on an official ground. We deliberately choose to publically share it, in order to inspire others to do the same.

This year too, we gave back to society by visiting a nearby government school. We spent some really good times with the happy and giving souls there and donated some stationary products, cookies, crayons, textbooks, et all for those kids. Believe us, it was one of the most wonderful time we had throughout the entire year. Something, that’s going to stay with us for a long, long time!

The AddWeb-Drupal Association, Elevated!

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

Our association with Drupal is as old as our existence. In fact, we as individual team members have been Drupal-ing even before the inception of AddWeb. And this year, we took a step ahead by giving the monetary contribution to the ‘Promote Drupal Initiative’ by Drupal.org. How could we not contribute, when it was about strengthening the community to a higher level.

And our support & passion for Drupal doesn’t end there. We also became the official ‘Supporting Partner’ of Drupal, which ultimately helped us in extending and strengthening our association with Drupal. We also made another contribution towards Drupal by organizing a ‘Drupal Meetup’ in our city and had multiple interesting knowledge-sharing sessions with the local community members.

And of course, how could we not attend the international Drupal events, worldwide! This year we attended the Standford Drupal Camp, DrupalCon Nashville, and Drupal Europe event that was voluntarily organised by the Drupal community members. We also attended our first ever Laravel event in Europe by the name of LaraCon EU.


AEDU Hits the Market, Successfully!

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

The joy of launching your very own dream-project is no less than winning an Oscar. Indeed! The year 2018 gave us one such moment when we launched our very own school management software - AEDU in the market. And to our surprise, it got adopted by more than 200+ schools across the nation with all love and warmth. Not just that, we also launched the Parent and Driver’s App, for the same and they also got an equal and elaborative response as the software did!

Community, Coding, Contributions & Client-Satisfaction

2018 - A ‘Year’ full of Smiles, Stronger Bonds & Success!

Last but not least! Our core passion for coding paved a path full of new endeavors and wealthy projects. Let us share these moments of pride and high spirits, from this year, with you before we all enter into a new year with goals to achieve and moments to live!

  • On one hand, when we introduced our very own Research Wing for Artificial Intelligence(AI); on the other hand, we also spent 1000+ hours on contributing towards the open-source community

  • We adapted the Intranet & Instant Communication Tool by the name of ‘Rocket.chat’, along with developing & launching our very own ‘AddWeb Ionic Chat

  • Witnessing the boom of ReactJS and ASP.Net, we also adopted them, for we love learning and excelling at new technologies

  • We automated the DevOps process that we follow with the use of Jenkins and Ansible, resulting in being more productive and futuristic!

  • And the most momentous achievement of the year - We successfully completed 100+ projects, worldwide along with one of the biggest project of the year, named ‘AnyQuip

With a wish that we haven’t bored with our smiles, stronger bonds and success, we again wish each one of you reading this a #HappyNewYear and blissful moments, manifold!


Oct 15 2018
Oct 15

A Drupal event is one such destination that I long to visit, each year. Plus, this one happening in Germany was a special one. Yes, you got it right, I’m talking about the Drupal Europe that took place last month at the Darmstadt, Germany. And to answer what apparently made this one a special Drupal event for me is that it was a community-driven event, the scale of which matches with that of a DrupalCon. Such enthusiasm and such efforts! Applauds and appreciation to the entire Drupal community of Europe and worldwide for having shown such a withstanding support for Drupal and making #DrupalEU such a massively successful event.


We Volunteer! 
Yes, did volunteer and contribute in order to do our share in supporting this massive and enthusiastic community-driven event called the Drupal Europe 2018. Isn’t that what is expected out of a hardcore Drupaler like us, who’s been a working aggressively for the community ever since 2012. We’re involved with the website part of the event and came up with a few bug fixes too. We intended to contribute on a way larger scale, but alas the time constraint and the work commitment. While not trying to redeem ourselves, but isn’t working on a Drupal project for a client is too a form of contribution done for the community?! Did just heard a yes from you!

Drupal Email

The Enthusiastic Event & Visually-Stunning Venue! 
Drupal Europe is said to be the biggest European Drupal event, by far. The event was organized at the Darmstadtium - a beautiful structure of modern architecture with a mark of history living in it. Yes, amidst the exceptionally designed modern Darmstadtium stands an old wall from history. 

Drupal Europe, 2018

The five-day event at this exceptional structure had almost 1000 Drupalers from across the world. The event was divided into three major areas; one, where the booths were set up by different Drupal sponsors, two, where the sessions were being conducted by the Drupal experts, and third, where the Bird Of Feather(BOF) sessions were organized.


Entire CMS Community Under One Roof! 
Drupal Europe spoke for and promoted Drupal extensively and dedicatedly. But that does also not mean shunning away from the entire open source community. Hence, a concept of ‘Open Web Lounge’ was also implemented at  Drupal Europe, like other open source community events. Here people from the entire open source community come under one roof to brainstorm and discuss relevant topics of the community. It’s an informal gathering where a bunch of like-minded people tries and contribute to the community with their solutions & suggestions. This is one of the healthiest things happening across all the community-based events.


Sessions, Booths & BOFs
A Drupal event is always about a host of things to do and programs to attend. So much so that one always misses out on several such things. So did I! But thankfully I also got to attend a series of sessions, which I completed cherished. Like the one on the ‘Autosave and concurrent editing in Drupal 8’ by Hristo Chonov,  ‘Drupal Diversity & Inclusion’ by Tara King & Elli Ludwigson, ‘The Way We Work’ by Kevin Bridges and Elli Ludwigson, and many more! Apart from this I also attended a couple of BOFs and walked through different stalls and connected with different people from the Drupal community.

Drupal Europe, 2018

A Perfectly Creative Prenote!
Yes, this time I’ll prefer sharing details about the prenote prior to that of the Driesnote. The prenote topped the list of fun events at Drupal Europe, 2018. Jeffrey A. McGuire, along with Campbell Vertesi, Adam Juran and others came up with the most creative and innovative Prenote ever. And the part that stole my heart was the recreation of ‘Imagine’ with a touch of Drupal in it. Just Phenomenal!

Drupal Europe, 2018

The Driesnote
One of the most awaited parts of any Drupal event has to be the #Driesnote, by the founder of Drupal - Dries Buytaert. He started with a goal to build a Drupal that people love, and shared the roadmap he has structured to reach this goal. He went ahead sharing the updates regarding the initiatives taken so far with the community members present at Drupal Europe. He also spoke about the marriage of React UI and Drupal, in order to improve the overall administration experience of the site. Like always, Driesnote was an insightful session to attend. Here’s the link to the entire Driesnote, for those who missed out on it.


The #DrupalCEO Dinner!
Last but certainly not the least! It was a night to remember with the senior level executives of the companies actively working for the Drupal community and the founder of Drupal himself - Dries Buytaert. And we feel privileged to be a part of this exclusive and prestigious dinner night. It’s a new initiative, initially started by a handful of CEOs of Drupal companies, which later got widely popular. Though an informal event, the DrupalCEO dinner is an event that brings out the best of suggestions and surveys from the leading Drupal-ers around the world.

The #DrupalCEO Dinner, Drupal Europe, 2018

This one was my first Drupal community-driven event and believe me, it was a phenomenal experience in itself. The enthusiasm and efforts of the community were soaring aloud of the strength of the Drupal community at large, which apparently translated into such a progressive vibe at the event!

Sep 06 2018
Sep 06

Drupal, the most favoured open source platform, took a huge leap with the launch of its latest version - Drupal 8. Today, it is not a mere open source platform; rather an enterprise level web content management that is pledged to provide an ambitious digital experience. Despite of being the best on the technical front, Drupal 8 is facing issues in terms of visibility on a larger level. Today, the digital world is not just reigned by the technical people. A whole lot of non-technical and new decision makers has arrived, which affects and influences the market. This is where Drupal 8 was lagging behind and was missed from the eyes of these key influencers. And hence, arose the need of promoting it globally. Hence, ‘Promote Drupal Initiative’ came into the picture.

DrupalCon, Nashville, 2018 was when the founder of Drupal talked about the ‘Promote Drupal Initiative’ extensively. Highly suggested by the technical experts, Drupal 8 now needed to touch the base of non-technical influencers of the market and influence them. A hell lot of marketing, promotion, and upgradations was needed to be done in order to penetrate the radar of non-technical influencers of today. And Dries shared his plan to promote Drupal, divided into 4 different phases:

  1. Strategy and Planning

  2. Drupal.org Improvements

  3. Public Relations

  4. Events & Advertising

Drupal 8 has seen an impressive rise of 51% increase in its adaption over past 1 year. The technical experts were aware of the strength of Drupal 8, but the absence of the 3rd ‘P’ of marketing i.e. ‘Promotion’ made the non-technical decision makers unaware of what Drupal 8 is capable of doing. Dries in his keynote at the DrupalCon, Nashville mentioned that ‘Drupal Promote Initiative’ aimed at gathering the support of $100,000. The enthusiastic supporters of Drupal had already contributed, as a result of which the initiative had already yielded $54,000. Addweb too has contributed to this growth-oriented initiative with a very humble contribution, alongside other eminent contributors from across the globe.

This voluntary-based initiative has gained a huge momentum so far, which is enough to prove the robustness and competence level of Drupal 8. As a member of the most ambitious digital experience that Drupal 8 is, each member of the community is inclined towards fostering the ‘Promote Drupal Initiative’ and Drupal at large. Destined to meet the goal, the ‘Promote Drupal Initiative’ is going to elevate the market of Drupal 8 and eventually raising the bar of open source community a notch higher!

Aug 31 2018
Aug 31

‘Think of the technologically best content-management framework, think of Drupal!’

The statement stands true and its adaptation by the big-shots of every industry possible acts as a strong confirmation for it. Drupal has anyway been the most favored platform by experts of the community. And the release of Drupal 8 has just been accelerated this demand. The rich and robust open-source community of Drupal has always been a reason to choose Drupal over any other framework. But now with the length of futuristic and competent upgradations that Drupal 8 has come with, the popularity has taken an unbelievable rise and extended reach. In fact, now, even the non-technical decision makers around the world have been citing the strength of Drupal 8.

At AddWeb, we have been Drupal-ing every day - ever since our inception. So from the experience that we’ve gathered in all these years, let us give you some epoch-making reasons to upgrade your site to Drupal 8. Have a look at them!

1) Multilingual Feature

The admin panel of Drupal 8 offers extensive multilingual features, along with multiple built-in features for translation. It enables you to have a page-wise filtration for choosing different languages. The Drupal community is wealthy enough to provide you with automatic translation updates. Businesses/website having a multilingual audience is no more a hassle with Drupal 8.

2) Magic done with HTML 5

Simplifying HTML5 coding is the next best thing done by Drupal 8. This brings in more clarity and direct access to different input fields like date, phone, email, et al. Even the compatibility and functionality with the other related devices like smartphones and tablets is increased. The theme based templates for writing HTML5 coding is like a cherry on the cake since it helps the budding web designers in doing their job.

3) Template Engine - ‘Twig’

Twig is a PHP based theme template engine that now comes as an inbuilt with Drupal 8. This brings in a lot of benefits since Twig is much more flexible, secure and fast-paced as compared to its other counterparts. And despite Twig templates being high on security, it is also the simplest since it is written in syntax.

4) Built-in Web Services

Drupal 8 has a robust open source community at its back and now it also comes with output content in several formats viz. JSON, XML, et al. The RESTful web API is a service that helps in exposing entities and other resources. The modified version of Drupal also lets you use the Hypertext Application Language.

5) Mobile Friendly

Designed in a mobile-first approach, Drupal 8 is a thoroughly mobile-friendly platform. Drupal 8 themes are designed in such a manner that it can easily be adapted by devices of different sizes. It also comes with a ‘Back to Website’ Button so that one can also have the experience of a website’s desktop view on their mobile device itself.

6) New Configuration Management

Drupal 8 also comes with a built-in configuration system that smoothens the task of carrying different elements like the type of content, fields, and views, etc. Every single change is minutely recorded by this very version of Drupal, which immensely helps in bettering the control and responsibility sharing.

7) Authoring with Ease

Powerful authoring tools are introduced to support and enhance Drupal 8. The content editor tools are WYSIWYG Editor and CKEditor, along with some draft creation tools. Elevation with the place editing, that comes with the core module, is done impressively. A simple editing window and you can now do your content editing in the simplest of manner.

8) Built-in Fields  

The recent most and trending field types like entity reference, email, telephone, link, et al, comes included in the core of the Drupal 8. Hence, no further formatting and coding is required for all these new fields.

9) Easy Download

In Drupal 8, almost every entity of the website is cached and required Javascript gets downloaded. The cache memory is stored, when the page is visited for the first time; so that the next that page is visited the process of download need not be repeated and the page can be viewed quickly. All this to make the entire process smooth and easy going.

10) Accessibility Integration

A range of accessibility and support techniques gets a magnificent scope to elevate, which includes WAI-ARIA, Aria Live Announcements, TabManager, et al. All these techniques also enhance the internet supporting applications. Accessibility is one such facet of Drupal 8, which remains untouched and is unparalleled to any of its counterparts.

Today, Drupal 8 is much more than a mere content management system; especially after the plethora of features that this version of Drupal comes with. We’ve shared only a handful of such features that needed your immediate attention. And of course, the official site of Drupal 8, will help you gain specific details about the richness of Drupal 8. But one more thing that you need to know now, is that Drupal 8 is a full-fledged enterprise cloud-based web CMS. Plus, the scope and ease to connect with the 3rd party frameworks like Javascript, boosts the

Are you also planning to upgrade to Drupal 8 and looking for the best of team to do it for you? Well then, hire AddWeb’s expert team of Drupal 8 developers, because only a true Drupal-er can bring justice to your expectations!

Aug 17 2018
Aug 17

‘Coexistence is the key to our survival’, they say about humanity. The same law applies to and therefore is adapted by the technological world too. ‘Decoupled Drupal’ is the outcome of the same law, coming from the field of web architecture. After years of following the traditional web architecture, Drupal came up with something that was not ‘monolithic’ - something that we call as ‘Decoupled Drupal’ today. Let us explore and decode in detail the web architecture that ‘Decoupled Drupal’ is!

Understanding, Decoupled Drupal

Understanding, Decoupled Drupal

Freeing the front-end from the control of the content management system and focusing on the just back-end development. The presentation layer, themes, templates - everything front-end is taken care by the adopted front-end framework. This also implies that Drupal has chosen to do what it does the best - building and bettering the content part. The decoupled Drupal exposes the content to other systems such as native applications, JavaScript application, core REST API, IoT devices, et al, which clearly states the fact that every system can easily consume content from Drupal.

Decoupled Drupal, also known as Headless Drupal, in simpler words is about not letting go the core and robustness of Drupal by having the control over all the core content management related responsibilities. And yet opening up the door for the productive change on the part of content appearance. Decouple Drupal is a promise of omnichannel delivery for the marketers and publishers.

Pick your approach!

Approach Decouple Drupal

1) Coupled Drupal

This is the most appropriate approach to be adopted for a site that does not demand much rendering and state management from the client’s end. Drupal’s built-in twig templating system is used instead of the huge and heavy JavaScript framework. The help of JQuery can also be taken if needed. Since this approach doesn’t block content marketers by the front-end developers, extra marketing expense could be cut down.

2) Progressively Decoupled Drupal

A website that requires client-side interaction, Progressively Decoupled Drupal is being used. Under this approach the core strength of Drupal - its HTML generation is not eliminated and yet the benefits of the Javascript framework is adapted. The best of both the frameworks raises the quality of interactive experience plus a robust back-end. Usage of JavaScript enables the content marketers to freely gather the experience and benefit from it, without much of the developer’s support.

3) Fully Decoupled Drupal

The entire structure here is separated in terms of the content and the presentation, where the former one is taken care by Drupal and the later one is prominently undertaken by JavaScript frameworks. With both the advantages and disadvantages attached to this approach, it is not a highly recommended one. Independence on the underlying CMS and usage of the richness of JavaScript and its community, is one of the major advantages of the fully decoupled Drupal, while the addition of complexity to the technology stack is one of the major disadvantages.

Why should you be adapting Decoupled Drupal?

Adapting Decoupled Drupal

The popularity of the Decoupled Drupal is a reason enough to confirm how beneficial it has proven to be, so far. Let us share some prominent reasons why adopting the decoupled Drupal will prove to be advantageous for you:

1) Intact Security

Security - the key benefit of using Drupal is kept intact since the content management and back-end is taken care of by Drupal itself. The administrative CMS is kept far from the public eye is also something that helps in keeping the security level high.

2) Elevated Team Performance

Drupal CMS development requires more technical expertise as compared to that of some other front-end framework. So, when an expert of Drupal has more time and scope to focus on the segment that he has an expertise upon, the outcome would naturally be of that stature. In addition, the front-end developer will also have the freedom to work on his expertise and hence would be able to give better justice to your website with an overall elevation in the team’s performance.

3) Broader Approach

Drupal has always been broad with its approach, be it any website or organisation. In addition, Drupal now also has the publishing functionality that streamlines the experience for content creation. Under this architecture, it’s easier to push and manage the content to other places. This widens the possibility of the same content being spread and published on multiple channels.

4) Flexibility

Decoupled Drupal enables and accelerates the scope flexibility, whenever the website is in need of some change or upgradation. The independence to work and focus upon one single aspect, the developers and designers are granted the flexibility to dedicate their time to their respective jobs. The elimination of dependency of the back-end developers/tools from the front-end developers/system is what lifts up the scope of flexibility.

Already thinking of adapting the highly-trending and powerful architecture - Decoupled Drupal? Well, our Drupal-expert team might help you get a detailed and better understanding of the same. A customized viewpoint of Decoupled Drupal for your website surely makes a huge difference. Let our Drupal developers make that difference for you!

I hope this blog helps you to expand your Decoupled Drupal knowledge …Thanks! If you need more assistance regarding Drupal Development Services, feel free to contact us now.

Aug 09 2018
Aug 09

What is ReactJS?

Created to enhance speed, simplicity, and scalability, ReactJS has been doing wonders ever since its initial release in 2013. It was basically created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. And its first deployment on Facebook’s newsfeed turned out to be so successful that it was later on adopted by Instagram too. Amongst all the open-source platforms used today for front-end web-application development, ReactJS is the library which is reaching heights these days. And there are multiple reasons for such a booming popularity in such a short period of time. Each adding to the enhancement of current front-end UI scenario. No wonder it looks like, ReactJS is here to stay!

What is Drupal?

Drupal is the big name from the open-source community for web content management. Prominent names from journalism leaders like ‘The Economist’ to ‘The Royal Family’ of Britain. The security and scalability of Drupal are so high that it has made it the most trusted platform for web development.

Even after being a not-too-easy-to-use platform that requires technical expertise for building and maintaining it; Drupal has been chosen by the top-notch players from various industries like Harvard University, Tesla Motors, ABS-CBN News, Warner Bros. Records, et al. In addition, the Decoupled Drupal is the concept where Drupal can be used for building a strong back-end and opening up the doors for upscaling the front-end scenario even more by letting it being build with some other framework. And this is one of the best things ever happened to Drupal.

The Marriage of ReactJS & Drupal:

Now, ReactJS is gaining immense popularity and the marriage of ReactJS and Drupal has become the talk of the town. In fact Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, has also shared he's planning on Drupal adopting React. Though the news has received mixed opinions from the experts of the open-source community, it’s definitely something to be given an ear to.

ReactJS and Drupal are supposedly called the marriage made in heaven. ReactJS is one of the most evolved front-end frameworks from the house of JavaScript. But like every other JavaScript framework, this one too needs and a service-based back-end for storing the data and working on the business logic. Drupal being the strongest platform with built-in RESTful services; it serves as an apt companion for this amazing front-end framework that ReactJS is.

The uprising need for using a modern framework with a robust back-end platform is also a reason behind the buzz created around the combination of ReactJS and Drupal. In fact, Dries has quoted in his blog that JavaScript wasn’t his first choice. Rather he considered Angular and Ember over JavaScript. But citing the ever-evolving market of JavaScript, he realized that the combination of Drupal and ReactJS was what the modern web needed the most.

The community behind ReactJS is also one of the major reasons for taking it into high consideration over other good frameworks. Also, whether it is about ornamenting the current page and few of its elements or it’s about creating a full-fledged single page app (SPA), this very combination is the sure-shot success. Lullabot shares some insightful information about the same, click here to know more.

Some hardcore Drupal Monolithic-ians have also publically discarded the official union of ReactJS and Drupal. But since the world is ever changing and the possibilities, endless; the acceptance of the same can be foreseen. Of course, it is a matter of conflict and controversy. But then, only time can tell how things turn and what reigns the open-source community!

I hope this blog helps you to expand your ReactJS and Drupal knowledge …Thanks! If you need more assistance regarding Drupal Development Services, feel free to contact us now.

Jun 25 2018
Jun 25

Drupal meetups are all about gathering up the Drupal-ers around the local community and helping the community grow at large. AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd. recently took up this initiative and organised a Drupal Meetup in Ahmedabad - India’s first heritage city declared by UNESCO.

A little about AddWeb and its association with Drupal

AddWeb is an outsourcing agency, based out of Ahmedabad with its clientele spread across the globe. Being an active member and contributor of Drupal community, AddWeb has been doing its bit for Drupal community from time to time. The recent one, being this Drupal Meetup held on 9th June 2018 at AddWeb premises.

AddWeb Drupal Meetup

About of the Meetup

The meetup was organised with the primary goal of elevating the local Drupal community and the secondary goal of promoting new ideas to strengthen Drupal in our area. The meetup was designed and divided under 3 different sessions, each session meant to bring us closer to our goals. Below is the brief hint on what each of these sessions was about:

1) Decoupled Drupal

An open discussion about the most talked thing coming from the house of Drupal. In the meetup, several aspects of Decoupled Drupal were discussed.

Drupal Meetup- Decoupled Drupal

2) Component-Driven Front-end Development

Drupal is bringing in some major changes and innovation to its existing format. Component driven front-end development is one such innovation that needs your attention.

Drupal Meetup: Component-Driven Front-end Development

3) Decoupled React Editorial Experiences

A remotely setup session that was supposed to be taken by Ruben Teijeiro from 1XInternet, did not happen due to last minute urgency of the speaker.


Though the third session couldn’t be conducted, AddWeb has promised to incorporate it in the next meetup that we organise. All in all 50+ Drupal-ers joined us in the meetup and shared their insights on both the conducted sessions. Overwhelmed by their active participation and enthusiasm for the event, we’re motivated to plan more such Drupal Meetups in future. Let’s unite and keep on making efforts to build the Drupal scenario is our respective geographical setups. Because Drupal-ing is fun!


Event Sponsor: AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Venue Sponsor: AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Event Organizer: Ashish Jain

May 17 2018
May 17

“When the bond is strong, relationships lasts long!” said no one in specific because some facts are too true to be cited in words. But why are we talking about this in here and not Drupal? Well, because it is about Drupal; to be precise, our relationship with Drupal!

We realised this quite recently while on the way to our 10th Drupal event, ever since our inception in the year 2012. In these 5 years, we’ve attended 9 Drupal events, sponsored 5 of them and volunteered in 8 of them. Then how could we miss this one in Nashville?! And here we’re, back from the DrupalCon, Nashville 2018, with a bagful of memories and experiences to share. So, if you weren’t there, read on to discover all that was there!


Quick Overview of the Event Timeline

The five-day event, that DrupalCon was, had been traditionally divided into three major sections - Summits, Sessions and Contribution. Business Summit, Sessions & Contribution Day.

  • The opening day had summits and training sessions, along with the opening reception.
  • Day two had programming summits and sessions planned, along with the much-anticipated session of Dries’ Keynote. 
  • The third and fourth day was when multiple sessions were held followed by special events in the evening and trivia nights. 
  • The closing day of the event was all about Drupal contributions, just as it is at any other Drupal event.

But what made this particular event stand out for me, from the previous ones, were the booths of both - Joomla and WordPress. Now that’s how we see the competitors coming together for the sake of saving open source community from their counterparts. 

Major Takeaway from the Event

1) Business Summit:
As a regular attendee of Drupal events, we knew the significance of the paid business summits held on the first day of the event. So, we had priorly registered for the same. After attending them, we realised that the core of these summits lied in two major things. One, that Drupal alone was not enough and second, the need to promote that Drupal is not merely a CMS platform for building websites but a wide and highly ‘Ambitious Digital Experience’ in itself. 

2) Dries Keynote:
Amidst the commencement of several sessions, the second day at DrupalCon, Nashville 2018 most of us waited for that one crucial session; #Driesnote - the keynote by Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal. It revolved around three prime agendas - Drupal 8 update, Growing adoption of Drupal and Fostering the Drupal Community. He confirmed the fact that how Drupal is capable of doing everything digital and called it to be the most ‘Ambitious Digital Experience’ of our time. Plus, the decoupled Drupal had opened up the opportunity to get the best of Drupal and collate it with any other user-friendly front-end framework. 

He also declared to take Drupal 8 in the right directions it has become necessary to take up marketing techniques for promotion. And hence, the Drupal Association has launched the ‘Promote Drupal Initiative’ for raising $ 100,000 of which they’ve already bagged $ 54,000 so far. 

Many such significant stuff was shared in the Dries Keynote and to watch its entire recording click here.

3) Sessions:
The third and fourth day consisted of multiple sessions running parallelly. We attended quite a lot of sessions and re-bonded with old Drupal friends over a cup of coffee. ‘Delegating Work: A Zippy Guide to Releasing Your Death Grip on Control’ by Hannah Del Porto from Brick Factory, ‘Debugging Effectively’ by Colin O’Dell from Unleashed Technology and ‘Beyond Websites: Drupal as Data Pipeline for Digital Signage’ by Mike Madison from Acquia - are few of the sessions that we thoroughly enjoyed.

And of course, on both the nights had bumper social events to end the day, along with our fun fellow-Drupalers. Since we met many old friends from Drupal community, we made quite some memories with those fellas! 

DrupalCon, Nashville 2018 had one more day to go to conclude, which was the Contribution Day. But unfortunately, our already planned schedule did not permit us to stay back and be a part of the concluding day. One does feel this loss, especially when they’ve been a contributor in past and know the importance of being a part of such a day. But anyways, the experience that we earned in the previous 4 days was quite enriching. It has opened up a lot of hope and opportunities for people like us, who are hardcore Drupal enthusiasts! 

Jan 11 2018
Jan 11

The world is painted in the mood of celebrations. As the end of the year comes closer, the more clearer visuals of the passing year comes in front of our eyes. Believe it or not, all of us a nostalgic bunch of souls wrapped in the fancy dreams and ambitions of the coming year. Even while reading this you’re nodding your head yes with a nostalgic smile on your face and moisty glow in your eyes. Don’t worry, we all are sailing in the same boat. So, instead of keeping it all within we thought to share our 2017 story with our loved ones. Hope, our story will leave you motivated to write your story too and share it with us! 

The outset of 2017

Like every coming year, 2017 too came with a bundle of surprises for us to unfold with time. We kicked off the year with yesteryear’s memories in our hearts and a lot of dreams to be accomplished through the year. We’re more than 4+ years old with 110+ man-years of experience, 25+ teammates, and  500+ - small, medium and large-scale projects. We knew we had a long way to go in order to give justice to the mark 2016 had left us with. And hence, we’re all geared up to plunge into the pool of challenges and surprises that 2017 had in the store for us.

Paramount Projects of the Year 

The year had just started and we got lucky with a high-ranking project on board. The client asked us to create a gateway for the Bitcoin for their OctoberCMS based website. It was the first time that we forayed into the field of Cryptocurrency. And our enthusiastic troupe of coders, successfully closed it like a pro! We also expanded our skill-set by exploring and working on a few more tech stacks viz. Lumen, Bitusu, Catalyst, DevOps/docker implementation, et al. Meanwhile, we also got a firm hold over OctoberCMS and of course Drupal 8. 


AddWeb Turns 5!

We were still engrossed in coding new things, little did we realised that it was about time for some celebration - A birthday celebration! Yes, AddWeb turned 6 during July 2017 and we celebrated the birthday of our little one with lots of fun activities and a scrumptious cake. We’re - “One more year older. One more year wiser.” In fact, by that that we even grew bigger as a team and hence gifted ourselves with a whole new, creative office! 

AddWeb's Birthday

Proud Moments! 

Being a Drupal-er, since our very inception, contributing something huge was sort of a dream for us. And finally, 2017 gifted us with one such opportunity. We finally contributed an Admin Theme to the Drupal community. And if that was not enough of a joy to be felt proud of, Dries Buytaert overwhelmed us by mentioning us in his blog. In that blog, based on the credits earned by the contribution made towards the Drupal community, we got listed at the 27th position in the list of world’s top companies contributing towards Drupal community. Also, by elevating the quality of our contribution we took a huge leap from being amongst the world’s top 100 companies at Drupal marketplace during the start of 2017 to securing a place in the top 20 Drupal companies by the end of the year. Can their be a bigger joy for a hardcore Drupal-er like us?!


We Code. We Create. We Celebrate! 

By the way, did we tell you? Celebrations are as much as a part of AddWeb as coding is. We like to be in the celebration mood throughout the year. Being the true Indians, we don’t miss even a single opportunity to celebrate. From celebrating the festival of colors - Holi in the office to celebrating the festival of lights - Diwali, we proactively plan and participate in every such event. We go out during Garba nights for swirling and twirling together and also sometimes plan a terrace party to get grooving on the dance floor. We twin by wearing same outfits and sometimes code together with a dress code of checks and polkas. And oh! How can we forget our Udaipur trip! It was one hell of a trip that will remain in memories forever. 


And also, ‘We Care’!

While celebrations kept the mood and mind of our AddWeb family in a happy zone, we introduced a series of physiotherapy sessions to make sure their health also remains very much in that happy zone. They are the asset of AddWeb and hence, caring and doing a bit for their health, make us happy!

We Care

AddWeb on Expedition

Some more memories that we made through the year, were from our trips to the DrupalCamps that we attended worldwide. Like 2016 was all about sponsoring every such event that we attended, 2017 was all about attending the event as a speaker. We spoke about ‘Women in Tech/Drupal’ at both - DrupalCamp Mountain Camp 2017 Switzerland and DrupalCamp Frankfurt 2017. Around the end of the year, we also attended the New England Drupal Camp 2017 and one of biggest and our very first WordCamp - WordCamp US 2017. It was not just memories but also a shedload of learnings that we brought back home with us. 

Aj Trip Aj Trip

Atithi Devo Bhava! 

We weren’t just visiting the faraway lands, but also welcoming our clients from distant places and helping them explore our city and culture. 2017 brought home Rainer & Lutz, our German clients, to our office. And we proclaim, “Atithi Devo Bhava”, treated him with a very humble hospitality and took them on a tour around the city. On the tour, they tasted some local spicy Indian food, visited the city’s must-visits like Gandhi Ashram and ended their tour with some authentic food, again. And it’s needless to say, how much they relished the entire tour! 

Client Visit

We Work the Smart Way!

Every year, such expedition of ours introduces us to a million new things. We explore a few interesting ones from them and then come back home, mould them to fit in our environment and bring them to practice. And 2017’s one such customised creation is ‘Artful Agile Process’. Artful, because we have artistically melded it retain the deliverance of quality and at the same time managing the resource in a very street-smart way. Every single project of 2017 was done under this process and guess what?! It turned out to be one of the most fruitful creations of ours, so far. 


In fact, not just how we work but we have also molded the method of how we hire. A smart filtering flow has been formed in order to select only the best ones and that too in the least expected time. And under this newly introduced ‘Smart Hiring Process’ we’ve also made a lot of rejections. All of these, just to keep up on the route of maintaining quality and progressing! 

Agile Hiring

Giving Back to the Community at large! 

We believe in giving back to the community. And hence, have came up with a new in-house concept of ‘AddWeb Academy’. The academy is ready to roll out with the commencement of the new year. It intends to provide the freshers with a thorough professional training of Web Development and coding, which can further help them build their career.


Waiting to Welcome 2018!

Looking back through the year, we realised that we’ve achieved a lot and yet there’s a long way to go! And as the year is about to end with some nostalgic feelings and celebrations, we’re all set to bid it a beautiful goodbye with loads of love and gratitude. We’re all waiting to welcome 2018 with our 50+ member AddWeb family, over 200+ man-years of experience and a shedload of enthusiasm. Here we go to chase bigger dreams with an even bigger team. Happy celebrating 2017 and welcoming 2018!

Year End
Dec 28 2017
Dec 28

“We Drupal Everyday” - this very catchphrase of AddWeb is enough to portray our love and dedication for Drupal. And it is our this love for Drupal that has taken us on the tour of DrupalCamp, across the world. This time our Drupal-destination was NEDCamp, held in Worcester city of the United States of America.


Our excitement and enthusiasm being at its peak, brought us to the city a little earlier before the camp commences. Though we’ve been attending, volunteering and sponsoring Drupal Camps ever since 2015, our curiosity and zest remained as high as the first-timers. And like every time, this time too we wanted to attend every single session. But alas! We could only make it up for just a few to them. Amongst which Kelly Albrecht’s session on Agile Design, Jason Pamental’s session on variable fonts and the future of web design, AmyJune Hineline’s session on the simplicity of Git-in, et al were high on our list. And oh! How can we forget Drupal 8!! NEDCamp brought us a galore of opportunities learn about Drupal 8. And then there were BOF (Bird Of Feather) sessions, where we got to sit and discuss our queries and concerns around Drupal with the like-minded Drupal-ers around the world.


Every Drupal camp we visit, bring us a new perspective and motivation to contribute even more towards Drupal. And do you know, what part of Drupal Camp brings us the maximum amount of motivation? It’s the social gatherings that they organise like lunch sessions and dinner nights. We look forward to them not just because we get to meet and greet fellow Drupal-ers, but also because it’s here where we get to meet some old friends and make a few new ones! All of us, coming from diverse countries and cities, brings a diverse range of cultural perspective. We get a chance to get exposed to a whole new sociological aspect of different beings, ranging from food, customs, languages, beliefs, et al - all under one single roof. Believe us, this gives us a different high!


Of course, it’s needless to say but NEDCamp 2017 was indeed a very fruitful experience, alike every other DrupalCamp that we have been a part of. It would be unfair if we wouldn’t thank all the sponsors, organisers and of course the volunteers - who selflessly contributed their time and energy for the betterment of the community. Thank you guys, you made it happen once again!


Many more #DrupalCamps to attend, sponsor and volunteer! Many more contributions to be made towards the most robust open source framework - Drupal!

Jun 13 2017
Jun 13

As a Drupal solution provider, our passion for contributing to Drupal community started from Drupal Camp Brighton 2015, which continues and has brought us today attending Drupal Camp Frankfurt 2017 as well. Frankfurt is one of the world’s leading financial center with historic, ethnic and cultural diversity like the Paulskirche, the Römer, and the “Museumsufer”, captivating skyline, big fair, traditional restaurants and the list is endless.

Drupal Camp Frankfurt 2017 took place at University of Frankfurt, Bockenheim on 22nd and 23rd April 2017, owing to its large campus the sessions and sprints were conducted with utmost ease. Germany Drupal Community was very welcoming and their effort was commendable to promote Drupal in the German market. It was a camp by the community for the community so that beginners can learn and develop an insight into Drupal technology and experience the depth of the community.

Drupal Camp Frankfurt was spread over two days with interesting sessions, sprints, social gathering, and discussions to exchange knowledge and experiences of the community members. We were more excited as we could contribute by conducting a session on “Women in Tech/Drupal” by #dcffm17 speaker Mr. Ashish Jain.

Day 1:
On 22nd April, the day started with a welcome session followed by a keynote by Antje Lorch on “Why you will be contributing to Drupal”, which cleared everyone’s thoughts about giving back to the community as much as they take advantages. This was followed by various sessions, out of which some interesting topics were Media & Drupal – Modules and Workflows for Publishers, deGov - Building a Distribution based on Acquia Lightning and Get the most out of display mode. And the day ended with an open-ended session and at last with an incredible social night at the restaurant and bar Depot 1899, which helped us know each-each other beyond Drupal.

Day 2:
The second day kick started fresh with interesting sessions and various discussions with the community members that even included newbies, who had good knowledge and that created a great atmosphere. After the lunch break, Mr. Ashish Jain presented a session on “Women in Tech/Drupal” in which he highlighted the position women have achieved, global stats about women’s position in the tech world and about the position of women in AddWeb Solution that has lead to change in work environment and increase productivity. All the attendees of the session appreciated our attempt for #genderdiversity.

On the whole, it was a great learning experience and it's always a delight to meet the community members anytime to boost up the Drupal quotient and share personal experiences. The event was memorable and a big thank you to the organizers, sponsors, volunteers and all community members for such a great event.

Feel free to view some cool snapshots from here

AddWeb Solution can’t wait for the next community meeting, so as to contribute even more to the Drupal community and show the love for Drupal!!

Apr 10 2017
Apr 10

My Takeaways from the Drupal Mountain Camp Event, 16-19 February 2017, Davos, Switzerland.

~Climb mountains, not so that the world can see you but so you can see the world!~ And I was blessed to get the opportunity in the most beautiful place on earth! Imagine attending a Drupal Event in the scenic Swiss Alps (with temperatures plummeting to as low as minus 11)! The sights were no less than a fairy tale, and the Drupal learning – truly out of this world. No words can describe, no camera can ever capture the beauty of the place (and the learning from the event) - one has to live it, experience it and boy were I lucky! 

The 4-day Drupal Mountain Camp Event was held at Davos – a valley in Eastern Switzerland and surrounded by snow-clad, picturesque mountains. My hotel was located at an altitude, with the very relatively low level of oxygen. The experience was truly exhilarating – almost like Drupal coding while hiking! The venue of the Mountain Camp Event is an International Congress Center, host to many International conferences. The 4-day event, held from 16-19 February 2017 was a perfect combination of coding and (winter) chill, events and entertainment, food and fun. 

The first day began with a warm welcome of a delicious chocolate mountain – the Swiss are known for their chocolates, and the mountain was truly a finger-licking experience. While the days were spent in workshops and sprints – with extraordinary learning, evenings were fun-filled. On the Thursday evening, we got to try our hands at ice skating! Having only seen people skate in movies, it was a great chance for us to feel no less than movie stars! On the next evening, we got to enjoy an incredible sledge ride in the Alps - spinning down the slopes (at what feels like a million kilometers an hour) resulted in a great adrenaline rush. On Saturday night, we got to see a live ice hockey match between Davos and Zurich – thanks to the sponsors. And on Sunday, after a day spent in sprints, we could also ski and snowboard – god was I living a dream?

I was very lucky to have heard some great keynotes (especially on Open Source & API first Drupal), some eye-opening talks and sessions in the Drupal community, in addition to education, research, and Agile process tips for attendees of all levels (technical developers, business owners, and project managers). 

With this event, I experienced my many firsts! My 1st time in Switzerland, my 1st time as a speaker, my 1st sledging adventure, the 1st time I witnessed snowfall, and my 1st Live Hockey match! I was also privileged to attend the Speaker Dinner (don’t forget to catch the pictures on Twitter and Flickr). The social nights were fab – I thoroughly enjoyed the Swiss beer, made some great new friends, and danced to some peppy Indian and Bollywood numbers. 

I thought I was the farthest travelled attendee, all the way from India, while there was Lauri who came from across the world – Australia.  A memory: Signing on the Drupal Love board was fun, and it has been safely stashed by Ursin Cola.

All in all, a marvelous event! I would like to thank the organizers, sponsors, and speakers from the bottom of my heart, and also to those innumerable strangers who helped me find my way in a German speaking country, a place where English is not even an option! 

Feb 28 2017
Feb 28

Nowhere to Elite group member, We had seen Blog about Let’s foster Contribution - Now, let's get the background history of how we reached to the common Goal..?

“Today, more people use Open Source, but fewer people contribute back than ever before. And everybody else assumes that others are doing” - Nadia Eghbal

This was not an overnight decision, it took a couple of days to study and understand the concept. And finally we got an idea of it and we jump into Drupal.org Community to contribute and get involved in many ways.

February 2015, we started our Journey as the novice over Drupal.org Community. 

Drupal.org Journey

I remember the look and feel of Company page was different where on the right side of the page - Team members were displayed. We started like tortoise “Slow and Steady”.

Started creating profiles of each Drupal team member.
Pushing Team member’s hard towards contribution. And over the time it became habit and part of our process.

We started with normal doubt solving postings and maintaining track records. 

Drupal.org Journey

Days passed and we found a post where we can apply the patch to it. Vivek Chauhan - Our Themer put his leg forward to apply for the patch. 

Drupal.org Journey

And guess what..!! It was not uploaded successfully, our patch failed. :( Disappointing moment for team who put in their efforts. But team didn’t stop their efforts and kept trying with different patches and resolving issues and we got our first success with patch submitted by Snehal Brahmbhatt - Our Senior Core/Drupal Developer. 

The Team gained confidence and were now aware of the process Drupal.org followed for:

Submitting patch with correct the patch name.
Commit properly through Git.
Applying “Needs Review” status.
End User OR Tester tests the patch and puts “RTBC” status.
And then owner commits the patch to latest release.

Drupal.org Journey

An Year passed and team increased from 15 to 30 people. Gradually, competition took place between team members of contributing more and more..

Force became competition and then a habit. AddWebers works of a common goal - foster contribution culture. 

Contributions in Gujarati Translations: We are among the Top 3 contributors.

Drupal.org Journey

Moving one step forward - We got our very first Module co-maintainership with Media Recorder. And journey continued with targeting more..

Drupal.org Journey

And then team was unstoppable with getting credits and appreciations #kudos over #slack.

Drupal.org Journey Drupal.org Journey

And AddWeb's Journey continues..!!!

Nov 23 2016
Nov 23

Can it get better than a fantabulous amalgamation of technology, human interaction, community service and a surreal location? Certainly not! Precisely that’s when you realize DrupalCon is calling you and all you need to do is get ready for some mesmerizing interactions, action-packed 7 days, prolific exchange of ideas and lifelong memories.

If there’s one place where learning meets party then it is certainly at DrupalCon. Held thrice a year, this conference has the globe getting united by a wonderful open source tool called Drupal. The purpose of this conference is simple – Enhancement & Empowerment – enhancement of technologies, platforms, to empower the end product.

When one has so much to explore and gain, who would want to give it a miss? That’s why AddWebSolution is all geared up to add 3rd DrupalCon to its list, after attending the first two at DrupalCon Los Angeles, California, USA, May 11 - 15, 2015 and DrupalCon Asia, Mumbai, India, February 18 - 21, 2016 respectively.

DrupalCon LA & DrupalCon Asia Memories

For those who missed us at the previous two events take a lookCommunity.

DrupalCon Dublin 2016

As we at AddWebSolution get charged up for DrupalCon at Dublin, we share with you our “Bucket List” for the city of Dublin.

With a population of 1.5 million, the Irish capital city Dublin is nestled on Ireland’s east coast on the river Liffey. A perfect concoction of the old and new, Dublin never fails to delight its visitors.

With Irish coffee topping our “To Do” list, here’s where we would set out to explore.

  1. Guinness Storehouse
  2. Dublin Zoo
  3. National Aquatic Center
  4. The National Gallery of Ireland
  5. National Museum

Nah, this isn’t the end. We have a few more which can be found here

What’s in store for you at DrupalCon Dublin 2016?

With estimated 2000+ attendees, the countdown to the biggest event has begun with merely 17 days to go from now and would include summits, Workshops, Training sessions, sprints, Keynotes – everything “For Drupal and By Drupal”

For a detailed conference plan, visit here. It’s time we give back to the community!

With this as the driving force, AddWebSolution is proudly attending DrupalCon Dublin as one of the Sponsors and we cannot express what it feels when we are on the paths of #givingback to the community.

As we climb the ladder of success, we also strive to expand our competence of community service and giving back. Hence we progressed from attendees to volunteers and now as sponsors. This is a small way by which we express our gratitude to the global Drupal community and its offerings to technology evangelists like us.

Come, Meet us.

We would be exhibiting on Wednesday i.e 28 September, 2016 and would be available at Booth No. 603 from 9 AM to 6 PM with some great Indian flavor ☺

Do not forget to grab some interesting freebies. Be ready for more surprising elements!!

Our joy knows no bounds as we await 5 days of collaborative brainstorming, creative thinking, knowledge sharing, meeting old friends, renewing old ties and making new friends.

See you at Dublin then!

Nov 23 2016
Nov 23

So you guys could not make it to the DrupalCon Dublin 2016. We must admit that you did certainly miss a lot of action. Nevertheless, as promised, here is a recollection of everything that made DrupalCon Dublin so very special.

How often does one get a chance to jazz up the start to their day with games, singalong activities and some feet thumping Irish Dance? This is how Dublin welcomed us, warmed-up us and ensured we were all geared up for five days of learning, fun and community service. Day 1 gave us good insights about the ever adaptive Drupal and how it has changed since the release of its version 8. It also highlighted the fact that why Drupal still remains the most preferred open source and endless opportunities it offers which are yet to be explored. It reinforced our belief in the technology and AddWeb Solution’s constant endeavors to use this technology for the betterment of our clients’ businesses. The same day also offered us an opportunity to think business from different perspective and recycle an obsolete idea into a profit-making business line. Business Summit as they called it made us really work on our Grey Matter; where we had to discuss our Business ideas with C Levels and guess what? It paid-off! The team we were a part of, won the competition titled 'Turn Worst Business Idea into Best' with the crazy topic ‘Criminal Coders’. Day 2 started with #DriesNote and offered us great learning when different organizations put forth their exhibits and presentations widening our prospects of understanding Drupal from a client’s and the organization’s perspective. While the days were busy with serious learning and sharing, the evenings gave us the parties, exploring Dublin and some out-of-the-world gastronomical indulgences among the Boat parties with some old friends and obviously networking with the new ones. Day 3 & 4 was what makes Drupal special – a community which is bonded with the sole purpose of “Community Service” and “Giving back”. With quizzes, fun sessions and talks, the event concluded on a highnote for us. The moment of pride for AddWeb Solution was when we could pat our backs for Community Service not only through our intellect but also by being one of its Sponsors. Another experience which made our 3rd day extremely special was when the visitors to the Exhibition booth showered on us praises and compliments like Most Colorful & Lively Booth in the entire DrupalCon Exhibition!

Last day made us thank Heavens for not missing out on DrupalCon at Dublin which was all about sprints and the sprinter workshop and we were fortunate to meet the Evangelist herself – our lovely Angela Byron and witness her in action LIVE!

While Drupal kept us on our toes from morning to evening, the beauty and magnificence of Dublin left us awestruck whenever we explored it. Amidst the classical structures of Dublin which date back to centuries, the contemporary modern day structure Convention Centre Dublin around river the river Liffey– which was also the venue to the event, was one of the most amazing structures ever witnessed.

Did we mention our visit to Guinness Storehouse? Well, you need to visit to feel it :-D

Instead of being just another community gathering, DrupalCon Dublin 2016, got us to imbibe more, experiment more, enjoy more and also to contribute more! Our big thanks to organizers, volunteers, mentors and the Drupal Community as a whole who made this event a great success!

As we put to practice the insights of these exciting three days, we look forward to again contribute in all possible way to DrupalCon 2017 Baltimore, USA to make it bigger and better. Hope to see you there ☺

Nov 23 2016
Nov 23

Drupal 8 was released in November 2015, since then its adoption has picked up quite a lot of pace, it is the new standard for creating incredible digital experience, it is considered to be a massive improvement over Drupal 7 with plethora of new features built in. It is said that Dries and other team members have put in unprecedented amount of efforts for more than 5 years to build D8. Drupal 8 is built by phenomenal efforts of 3290 contributors & 1228 companies.

Let’s learn more about the massive improvements and fantastic features of D8.

Configuration Management - Drupal 8’s configuration system handles all kinds of config settings, and you have options for how and where you store your data. By default, both global and itemized settings are stored, in a standard format, in the database. But you can change that. Choose Drupal UI, Drush, or file-based workflows. You can also export your config data into YAML files to manage it with version control. And, if you need to, you can override config data in your settings.php file.

Multilingual Support - Drupal 8 boasts extensive multilingual features right out of the box. The admin interface has built-in translations. You can also create pages with language-based Views filtering and block visibility. Translation updates from the community are automatically facilitated. provides 4 core modules specifically for language and translation support. Build what you want, with the languages you know best.

“Views” in the Core - Another great feature of D8 is Views in Drupal Core. This and a great and long-awaited change. This simplifies things when clients need to customize things like the content list page. With this Drupal 8 feature, Views is part of and firmly integrated with the core. The front page and several administration pages are now Views, and users will now be able to create quickly pages, blocks, admin sections, etc., and modify existing ones just as effortlessly.

Theming Engine – Drupal 8 boasts “TWIG” based theming engine, Twig is a template engine for PHP and it is part of the Symfony2 framework. In Drupal 8 Twig replaces PHPTemplate as the default templating engine. One of the results of this change is that all of the theme_* functions and PHPTemplate based *.tpl.php files have been replaced by *.html.twig template files. It’s much easier to create beautiful and more functional Drupal websites using Twig.

Responsive Out-of-the Box - Drupal 8 is fully responsive. That is, you can install a Drupal 8 website from any device and any resolutions. Drupal 8 is mobile-first in its approach. All the built-in themes that come with Drupal 8 are responsive, along with an admin theme that adapts to different screen sizes, and a ‘Back To Site’ button to go back to the front page. Integration of the Picture and Breakpoint module ensure that images are optimized for each device. You can also create a different layout via an interface for each resolution.

Webservices - As with multi-lingual sites, it used to require several contributed modules to create a webservice in Drupal 7. Now, in Drupal 8, everything you need is in the core. Enable the four Web Services modules, go to Views, and you'll immediately be able to create a REST export. Hypertext Application Language (HAL) is implemented in Drupal 8 and makes exploitation of web service capabilities less painful.

This of course is only equivalent to scratching a surface, Drupal 8 is very technically advanced version of Drupal, in the 90 days following the release of Drupal 8.0.0, adoption has outpaced Drupal 7 by more than 200 percent, this speaks a lot about rising popularity of this version. A survey conducted by Dries mentions that top two reasons people say they haven't upgraded to Drupal 8 yet are (1) the fact that they are waiting for contributed modules to become available and (2) they are still learning Drupal 8. It has only been 7 months until now, and Drupal 8 is running on more than 100,000 sites. From what we sense, this version is definitely going to be a game changer, it’s only a matter of time!

Jul 23 2016
Jul 23

A website is a necessity for entrepreneurs, small businesses, home-based businesses, and anybody selling products or services. Regardless of your other marketing methods, enabling potential customers to either find you through a Google search or learn more about you after they’ve seen your other marketing material is key to creating and developing new customers.

Creating a website for your small business can be easier than you think. You can do it yourself if you are so inclined or need to keep costs down, you can get a friend to help, or you can hire a Web developer to do it for you at a modest cost if you use available content management software instead of having a website custom developed for you. Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, it will be easier if you understand these steps, which are an important part of the process to create your small-mid-complex business website.

I will now present a step-by-step guide for setting up any website.

Step 1 - Selecting a Domain Name

  • If you’re making a website for your business, your domain name should match your company name. For example: YourCompanyName.com
  • If you’re planning to set up a website for yourself, then YourName.com can be a great option.

GoDaddy — This extremely popular registrar (probably the biggest today) offers .com domain names for $9.99 (plus 20 cents) per year (or $6.99 plus 20 cents if you transfer from another registrar). They have a web interface to manage your domains, free web redirection (where people who visit your domain will get transferred to another web address of your choice).

Domain names usually end with .com, .org, .in, .net, .com.au, etc but in recent months, a huge amount of domain extensions (the end part of the web address, like .com) have come out, ranging from .agency to .pizza.

Step 2: Finalizing the Design

The first thing is to decide what your website is going to do for you. It may be fairly static (i.e., no new content added periodically) and simply provide more information to potential clients about your services and credentials if they want to check you out online. Or, you may want to use it for information about your company and provide articles or information you’ve written to provide useful information to clients and potential clients.

To finalize the design it’s good to have a clear idea about the above mentioned things, you can create a Photoshop Document about how you website should look and what functionality would it need, and if you are not aware about it you can simply pass on the ideas to designers and he/she will present you with some, you can choose the most appropriate one.

Step 3 - Deciding the platform

The next is to choose the ideal platform you’d want to build it on, you can build it from the scratch using numerous web technologies and framework available in Market, you could take the less painful way of building it using a CMS, content management system (CMS) in simple terms, is a platform of sorts or a mechanism which permits you to create your content and publish it on a website. Let’s say that it is a coat hanger stand with the coat being your content. Choosing a right CMS for your website is very crucial, If you feel lost or confused, our team of developer would pick out the right set of suitable tools for your website. Let’s have a quick look.

Type of website Ideal Platform Informative/Blog Wordpress High Functionality/high traffic Drupal eCommerce Magento/Drupal Commerce/ Woocommerce Web Application Laravel/AngularJS/CakePHP

Step 4: Selecting A Web Hosting Service

Once you decided on your software, you need to choose a Web host, the remote location where your website and related software will be held and made available to visitors. Your choice of website host will depend in part on the software you choose but also on the speed and number of visits you expect to receive.

There are many types of Web hosting:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

4.1 Shared Hosting - Shared hosting is the budget option. It is extremely cheap. In shared hosting many sites shares resources of the same server. Shared hosting can be a good idea for housing development sites, test sites or websites where uptime is not a huge bother. Shared hosting is also a great option if you are on a very tight budget ($5 to $10/month). Hostgator can be a very good option for shared hosting.

4.2 VPS Hosting - VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS server is still a shared environment, but the way it is shared is very different. First of all, a VPS server is usually limited to 10-20. VPS is configurable and highly scalable. VPS packages can come as low as $10/month but most of them would clock in at around $25 with the average service being $50 a month.

4.3 Dedicated Hosting - The reason it’s called dedicated is that you’re all alone on a server. You can customise it extensively, the only catch here is that you need to know quite a bit about server technology. The only time a dedicated server is if you have highly specialized needs in terms of hardware or require lot more control over privacy. It can handle very heavy traffic. Price ranges from $150-200/month.

4.4 Cloud Hosting - Cloud hosting is essentially the same as VPS hosting. Some companies don’t even call their service VPS anymore, the say Cloud or Cloud VPS. Cloud-based hosting allows you to use the resources of multiple servers in a network. Cloud systems are great if you want to be able to scale your website a lot further than traditional systems. Amazon Web Services is one such example. For pricing option, you can review this.

Got an idea of building a website and need someone to lend your hand to make that a reality? We are always available on-demand! Feel free to reach out to us for any Web Development Services.

Email ID: [email protected]

Skype ID: add.websolution

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Jul 15 2016
Jul 15

“In open source we feel strongly that to really do something well, you have to get a lot of people involved” – Linus Torvalds

Contribution, in the world of open source holds paramount importance. Why? You ask. Because community is the driving force behind the success of any open source software, more the contributors better the functionality.

Drupal is one such open source project and is completely free to use, it has grown its user base and is only getting stronger after the release of its 8th iteration last year. So, one wonders, who can be credited for such a massive success of Drupal? Contributors! Of-course. Dries, founder and project lead of the Drupal, has previously mentioned that, “It’s really the Drupal community and not so much the software that makes the Drupal project what it is. So fostering the Drupal community is actually more important than just managing the code base.”

We Indians staunchly believes in something called “Karma”, which roughly translates to the deeds done by you, and according to ancient texts, “Giving back” and “Contributing” holds the highest level of importance, this school of thought has always encouraged and inspired us to enthusiastically give back whenever and wherever possible.

In the past when the team AddWeb was just getting started with Drupal, we have acted as selfish “free-riders”, you see in economic terms, free rider is someone who uses a public good but who does not pay anything (or pay enough) towards its cost or production. So, considering Drupal as a public good, available for free to use, “free-riders” can create an issue. After fully realizing the problem and understanding our responsibility as users, we have rigorously started the community contribution. Contribution can be made in a variety of ways, you can contribute the code, you can contribute financially, you can contribute your knowledge, you can contribute your time to spread awareness, etc. Here are the ways to get involved in the contribution.

Now, after making up your mind about contribution, next question which comes to mind is the HOW? How do I do all this? How do I get started? Plenty of people want to get involved in open source, but don’t know where to start. Many people are daunted by what they imagine is a high barrier to entry into a project. Drupal offers a guide on How to get started, you can review it, and once done can smoothly delve yourself into the community.

Contribution comes with an added advantage, not only does it help Drupal grow, but also helps you acquire variety of useful skills along the way. Skills which can be crucial for both your personal and professional growth. Let’s here of from some of our active contributors at AddWeb:

Deepali, Senior Developer, who is a member for now almost 3 years, mentions

“I love contributing to various projects and solving issues, it feels great from the inside that, how even after solving 1 issue, I may have made things easier for someone and with that touched probably many lives. Getting a simple thank you note or a small recognition from someone can be completely priceless”

Vivek, who is a theming ninja, mentions that,

“Contribution is the best way to learn unusual things, you can come across something absolutely new or bizarre, and finding your way around it can be really fulfilling. It enhances your problem solving ability, allows you to grasp new concepts, and of-course, better ways of working!”

Snehal, who is a senior developer mentions that,

“I admire the contribution culture in Drupal community because community itself is so vibrant, it’s one of the largest and most happening communities in the world of open source. I get to come across some really interesting people, learn their ways of working or solving issues, get to talk directly with some Drupal rockstars and understand something which otherwise could have taken days for me to get around, I only look forward to increase my contribution & engagement with community in the future”

We as an organization collectively contribute towards Drupal by sponsoring & volunteering at many events held worldwide. We have been a sponsor at DrupalCamp Brighton, Bristol & London this year. It feels amazing to know the increased awareness inside the community about contribution, and we can proudly say that future of Drupal is in safe and VERY capable hands.

“Come for the code, stay for the community"

Jul 14 2016
Jul 14

After coming back from DrupalCamp London which took place in February, I was eagerly waiting for another exciting experience, come June and there was DrupalCamp happening in Brighton! I decided not to miss out on an opportunity and hopped on a flight to Brighton!

Brighton is a wonderful place, a seaside resort which is at the heart of greater Brighton city region. The weather in the month of June isn’t too harsh. Days were quite sunny and peaceful. DrupalCamp Brighton was organized at City College, Brighton on 18th & 19th June 2016 was well connected with public transport, making it a perfect choice to host an event like DrupalCamp.

The event had a number of great sessions lined up for 2 days, it was a nice learning opportunity for techies and non-techies alike. What makes DrupalCamp great is the active participation of people and the level of enthusiasm which prevails in them for learning and meeting new people. I was particularly excited to gather with some old friends and I could not have asked for a better opportunity to catch up with them and discuss new ideas. From the sessions, I gathered valuable insights into digital business strategies and project management, not to miss the D8! The event saw on an average 15 sessions in a span of two days.

AddWeb Solution was a proud sponsor at the event, it feels great to have become a part of a contribution culture and having played a role in making events like DC Brighton quite successful. It instills a sense of pride in me when I see AddWeb becoming a face of such events and gathering recognition from participants and organizers alike.

The greater turn of events came after the camp was over, the UK referendum and the #Brexit Earthquake! It came as quite a shock to most of the people I met and there remains a great skepticism on the consequences which will follow in the near future. I indeed feel lucky to have witnessed such a historical judgement firsthand.

Next thing I know, I was on a flight to get back to India, the week at Brighton passed in the blink of an eye! An experience worth remembering and memories worth cherishing! Saying goodbye to a place like this is always hard, I look forward to attending camp in Brighton as soon as possible! “Until we meet again, Brighton…”

Jun 22 2016
Jun 22

A small step for an individual; but a giant step for an organization!

The beginning of anything is always difficult!

Certainly it was. As a Drupal solution provider, our insights about this wonderful tool were limited and encompassed only of possibilities that we had exploited till date; nothing beyond that. Attending the Drupal Camp Brighton-2015, which took place during the 1st week of January, was like the Manna from Heaven. Till then, we were only looking at the “Consumption aspect” of this technology; but this camp ignited the thought process of “Contributing to Drupal” thus opening wider avenues.

Thus came the first breakthrough, when we donned the hats of Volunteer for Drupal Camp London – Feb’2015 contributing our Time & Assistance to ensure seamless happening of the event! We contributed may be “A Little” and what did we reap? “A Lot More” – got a chance to interact and network with people, understood the little nuances like community direction, Drupal direction, challenges in working with remote team; and increased our friends count list by heaps and bounds.

The more you unlearn, the more you will learn!

Year 2015 saw us moving out of the cocoon. We attended. We volunteered. We learnt. The learning made a paradigm shift in our understanding of the technology and motivated us to spread our wings towards the horizon that we had never dreamt of. By deciding to unlearn and again learn.

And how have we spread our wings?

AddWeb Solution is extremely proud to announce its Sponsorship for DrupalCamp 2016 which is slated to be held in London from March 04-06. As Sponsors and Volunteers, we commit ourselves to the betterment of the Drupal Community by contributing in every possible manner of time, intellect and capital.

From being a faceless entity in the crowd of participants to becoming the Face of Event Sponsors, AddWeb Solution has taken a huge stride! Putting it in the words of Neil Armstrong, we would say, “It is a small step for an individual; but a giant step for an organization!”

This path-breaking march has elevated our spirits and heightened our urge to learn, evolve and utilize this wonderful technology for the betterment of client needs!

Stay tuned for more highlights!!

Mar 21 2016
Mar 21

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to land at the Heathrow. The temperature outside is nearing a “Zero Figure” with strong winds and short spells of rain; whether to use the jacket or a raincoat, we leave that upto you. For those attending the Drupal Camp London 2016, you needn’t worry; for the events and the excitement building up at the venue will surely keep you warm! Thank you for flying with us. Hope you had a great flight!


Thus began AddWeb Solution’s Drupal Camp London 2016 journey. Volunteering for Drupal Community has always had its own charm and contentment; contentment of contributing to the community. Precisely that’s why London camp 2016, we did not let go of this opportunity of being Volunteers; and we moved a step up by becoming the Beverage Partners / Coffee Sponsors.

Unprecedented enthusiasm, quality speakers and industry prospering discussions; it was indeed no less than a festive gathering. The camp also ensured that Work and Play went hand in hand. While the day time session saw all coming together for the upliftment and better of the community, social night ensured we partied hard.

Camp as they call it was nothing less than a camping experience. We caught up with our old friends, viz. clients turned friends, leading to never ending conversations and interactions. All these aided us in meeting newer people, reach out to our potential clients and thus enter into a great symbiosis.

Amongst all these exciting events happening, how could we not take note of the fabulous city of London. So fast paced it is, that one literally needs to rush to be in line (Just Kidding) and the city’s transportation system has had a huge impact on its pace. So seamless is the city transportation that one is left flabbergasted with the pace, amenities and its benefit.

Icing on the cake for us was when from being a faceless identity AddWeb Solution’s presence was taken note of. We were overwhelmed when our contribution as volunteers and participation as Sponsors made Drupal Community & Drupal Market Place India identify us and recognize our work potential in the field of Drupal. But one cannot ride two horses at a time. While we basked in glory at London, we missed our warm office parties back home in India.

But all’s well that ends well – aptly sums our Drupal Camp London 2016 visit. The marked difference in the Brand identity for AddWeb Solutions from arrival to departure from London says it all. Earnestly, AddWeb looks forward to the next community meet, where again we can learn, unlearn and reinvent ourselves for the betterment of our clients.

Mar 01 2016
Mar 01

Hiring a talented developer is not an easy task, there are abundant of developers, working remotely on various development projects. But when it comes to the talented ones, who are industry ready in a true sense, we still face dearth. Now, for Drupal, it's even more challenging to find the right candidate. If you miss to hire a Drupal expert for the job, your ambitious project might end up in a soup.

Problem clients face

Traps - Let's face it, people do fall for traps. There are lots of attractive offers available for Drupal projects, people who are willing to complete it in half the estimated price, for the same reason without assuring the credibility, project is assigned to them.

Quality - After cheap outsourcing, issues clients face could drive them completely mad, project is left completely uncooked. Poor optimization, zero quality assurance, faulty integrations are some of the many pitfalls of the same. Recruiters must complete their prior research and look for a fair priced deal to avoid this.

Assurance - Some freelancers quietly vanishes in the middle of an assignment; project is left unfinished. I am aware because we have encountered many such cases in the past, have taken them and successfully brought them back to life.

False Advertising - Many don't possess the skills they advertise or are always behind the schedule. Every freelancer associated with Drupal would want to label him/herself as a “Drupal Expert”, but you must know the means to understand and validate claims made by them.

I will now present a step-by-step guide to avoid these complications.

What to look for?

Technical Skills - It goes without saying that above all, developer's technical competencies matter the most. It is important to know on how many versions of Drupal he/she has worked on in the past as it is the best indicator of the technical exposure and expertise to work around Drupal.
Past Experience – It's important to know for how many years he/she is associated with Drupal Development. Take a look at the developer's earlier projects, identify their complexity and relevance to your current project.

Social Footprint

It is becoming increasingly important for recruiters to check online presence of developers.

  • Drupal.org - Maintains the work and directory of all the active Drupal contributors, the easiest indication is how long they've been a member of the Drupal community: Drupal.org tracks that automatically. Users can also fill out their own bios with information about their own skills, whether they help with user support and writing automated tests, what DrupalCons they've attended, and so on. A strong profile with these indicator suggests a skilled and experienced Drupal developer. For e.g: Check this Drupal.org profile.
  • Github – You should see the examples of his/her commits and review it to determine his/her expertise if developer maintains a clean profile here with a regular commit, then he/she most likely would work in accordance with your requirements.
  • StackOverFlow - Serves as a platform for users to ask and answer the question. Active participation on such sites indicates greater technical depth and communication abilities of a developer. For e.g: Check this Stackoverflow profile. 

Testimonials – Nothing is better than word of the mouth assurance, look how many clients in the past has recommended them for the project, see their rating, their client retention and decide whether or not they are the right choice for your Drupal project. Recommendation number is the best way to assure the credibility of a developer.

Communication – Analyze their communication skills and make sure their communication style meets your company culture/goals and make sure you communicate this early to the Developer/agency. Effortless communication is what is going to ensure the smooth and on-time delivery of your project. An excellent communicator is an undeniable asset.

Methodology – Flawless work requires effective use of latest methodologies, if your developer is using Agile or Scrum methodologies with DevOps, then it's definitely a PLUS. You should always provide them higher preference as it increases the chance of successful and timely outcomes.

Now, if you have verified all of the above-mentioned parameters and if developer successfully clears all the criteria, then you are good to go. Otherwise, you can also assign them a small project initially, if developer completes it to your satisfaction then you can hand over rest of your projects.

This is the way you get your best Drupalers!

Nov 26 2015
Nov 26

“Technology can be our best friend and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives” – Steven Spielberg.

Drupal 8 Party announcements - A great excitement was noticed over the AddWeb’s floor, people took initiatives to co-ordinate the party.

Preparations Started:

  • Drupal geeks showing their creativity and craft skills.
  • Preparation with rangoli and decoration at full swing.
  • Lightening serving message of Drupal 8.
  • Blue and white Balloons everywhere.

Day ended but not the preparation. And so does the preparation continues on the next day too laugh

Many thanks to the people who participated and landed hand in preparations.

And day is here!!!

  • Addwebers arrived with their T-shirts and blue jeans.
  • Cakes arrives at morning.
  • Freebies ready to be distributed.

Party started off at 5 PM with jazzy beats.

  • Welcoming of guests and made them feel like a home.
  • Cake Cutting.
  • Selfies Starts.
  • Clicks and flashes everywhere.
  • Snacks served was Mirchivada, Samosa, Kachori and Cold drinks.
  • Knowledge Sharing Discussion with people about some real good stuff of how we can collaborate more as a Drupal Community in our region.
  • Special thing on the floor: A surprise for everyone – Paan.

Last but not the least, A big thanks to everyone who came today to #Celebr8D8 at our office and made the D8 Release party such a big success. Attendance was higher than expected.

Check out our Twitter stream for some really great pics.

To conclude, it was a fun-filled event and served as a platform where everybody determined to collaborate and contribute more to lasting connections – it was a splendid experience!

Party ends but not the race of technology! Simply had a great fun with knowledge.

AddWeb Solution looks forward to many other celebration and sessions in context with Drupal 8.

Sep 03 2015
Sep 03

DrupalCon Asia – Mumbai Feb 18-21, 2016.

'Come for the business know-how, stay for the community' - Work, Fun and Explore!!!

A journey of DrupalCon from “Hollywood” towards “Bollywood”.

DrupalCon Asia - this time arriving with a bash at City of Bollywood – Mumbai. Check out more details from here.

About Mumbai

Mumbai – also known as Bombay is collection of seven islands in the West coast of India. It’s the financial capital of India which keeps running 24/7, behind nature, infrastructure, food and business. Mumbai local trains – The Heart of City, where more than 200 trains runs every day making 2,000+ trips along 300 km of track carrying 6 million people – which is equal to the population of Israel. Now, isn’t that WOW?

Mumbai also known as:

  • A city that never sleeps
  • Most populated city
  • Wealthiest city
  • City of Billionaires and Millionaires
  • Alpha world city

Interesting Facts and Figures of Mumbai

The list is endless, but here are some good to know facts:

  • 7th most populated city in India.
  • Antilla, the 27th floored single home in Mumbai owned by Mukesh Ambani is the second most expensive home in the world.
  • Dr. DY Patil Stadium of Navi Mumbai is the 6th best International cricket stadium in the world.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is the 3rd best international airport in the world.
  • The Taj Mahal Hotel, founded in 1903, India’s first ever 5 star hotel.

Places to Explore

There are more than 40 places to discover Mumbai. You can visit the URL’s which would guide you to reach different places to hunt Mumbai.

1. Trip Advisor India

2. Go India

Drupal and Mumbai

Seems an amazing connection between Mumbai and Drupal!

"Growing together" – People at Drupal Community works for each other like helping hands to develop Drupal from various diversities. Similarly, Mumbai is a place where mélange of people from various diversities join their hands and work for their growth in all means.

"Speed" – Mumbai is a city which works day and night to achieve their goals rapidly. They have their tempo same as we are growing speedily with Drupal. Drupal 8 Beta has been released and every new day we Drupalers try to set new standards. These is what we call “Technology Speed” – go like the wind!

These factors seem to be the correct landing of DrupalCon at Mumbai.


Arriving at IIT Mumbai - one of the global top ranking university with a beautiful campus.

DrupalCon comes in more traditional way this time, with variety of session tracks like Business & Strategy, Case Studies, Coding and Development, Contributions, Frontend, Mobile and site buildings.

Giant gathering of Drupalers - Expecting crowd of 4000+.

AddWeb Solution is excited and planning to attend and contribute to DrupalCon Asia 2016. Stay connected with more updates on DrupalCon Asia.

Reference help for Facts of Mumbai.

Aug 14 2015
Aug 14

After NYC Camp 2015, AddWeb Solution reaches for Drupal GovCon held at census-designated place in southern Montgomery County – Bethesda for a back to back power packed trip.

The event was at NIH Campus, Bethesda, Maryland which is pretty close to the US Capitol the Washington DC. AddWeb was volunteer as well as the participant of the camp. It was an overwhelming experience!

Highlight of camp was Featured Speaker - Angie Byron, Director, Community Development at Acquia. She assists Drupal project Founder Dries Buytaert.

It was honor to hear Angie Byron who was sharing the mission to grow Drupal and Improvements in Drupal 8. For more details visit here.

Abundant programs held at Drupal GovCon with some amazing figures.

  • 3 days of Camp.
  • 85+ power packed Sessions.
  • 6+ powerful Sprints.
  • 800+ Attendees.
  • Future Announcements: Drupal 8 critical issues: number reducing. Hopefully, it would be launched by September end at DrupalCon Barcelona, Spain.

Programs held were Code Sprint, Full day training, Mentoring, Scavenger Event, Social Event. Scavenger Hunt was fun Game cool where the winner had a chance to win MacBook Pro! Social Events was the way towards quick walk & talk with drinks and appetizers.

Great places to visit there:

1. The White House: The most well-known of all DC landmarks, The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of United States.

2. US Capitol: The United States Capitol is among the most symbolically important and architecturally impressive buildings in the nation. Covers well over 1.5 million square feet, has over 600 rooms, and miles of corridors. It is crowned by a magnificent white dome that overlooks the city of Washington. 

3. War memorial Washington: The inscriptions and a part of World War. A national memorial dedicated to Americans who served in the armed forces and as a civilian in World War II. Names on the wall - a heart touching moment!

In all a stupendous experience and an emotional visit to Bethesda, MA.

Aug 01 2015
Aug 01

NYC Camp | A mission Driven Open Source Conference @ The UN | Hectic + Fun + Knowledge.

Sharing knowledge of 22+ various Frameworks/Technologies.

Another shaking hand with Drupal Camp @The UN.

AddWeb reaches NYC not just as a participant but as an individual partner and a volunteer. Extremely fortunate!

NYC Camp held standing on the eastern shore of Manhattan Island, on the banks of New York City's East River, the 18-acre United Nations Headquarters remains both a symbol of peace and a beacon of hope. UN Headquarters is known as an international zone and its privilege to visit the UN headquarters.

Varieties of programs held at NYC Camp with some amazing figures:

  • 7 days of Camp.
  • 25+ power packed Training.
  • 10+ powerful Sprints.
  • 10+ Summits.
  • 4+ Cool Camps.
  • 1000+ Attendees.

Apart from these Social events were held for Fridays and Saturdays, it was kind of come meet and make new friends and discuss upon any trends. Enjoyed the culminating full day with Technologies and relaxation with Social Events.

Keynote of NYC Camp: Richard Stallman – Father of Software freedom and inventor of GPL. He was the chief guest for the night and shared knowledge with all speaking about Free software, Free hardware and other things. It was honour & pleasure to hear him.

The target audience for all lectures/sessions was from beginners to Advanced level persons.

Sharing Experience at New York City – Jungle of concrete!

  • Visited Times Square – The most bursting square of New York.
  • Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) – Pure and classic place for museum lovers.
  • Good public transport.
  • Pleasant weather.

In whole, UN proved to be a gravy train for AddWeb Solution. Awaiting for DrupalCon @Mumbai!!

Jun 16 2015
Jun 16

Los Angeles - Life’s a beach in Hollywood’s hotbed of tech

Los Angeles is an amazing city with rich heritage of pioneers using technology to create art.

In 2015, DrupalCon – Heartbeat of Drupal Community was at Los Angeles and it was our privilege to attend the esteemed conference.

DrupalCon always brings together thousands of people from across globe who develop, design, and support Drupal platform.

Sharing Experience at Los Angeles

  • A Splendid experience.

  • It’s always great to be with industry experts. We tend to take learning with us in turn adding values to the work we do for our great clients.

  • Exploring LA: Weekend was the time to explore this fantastic city with some great places like:

    1. Hollywood, Beverly Hills and walk of fame

    2. Sun, sand and beaches (Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Manhattan Beach, Long Beach)

    3. Griffith Observatory

Figures at DrupalCon

  • 5 days
  • 3000+ Drupalers from around the globe
  • 30+ speakers
  • 20+ sponsors
  • 30+ booths
  • 30+ exemplary sessions

Some Big Announcements

  • #Drupal8 beta planning to be launched in Sept. 2015
  • #Drupal8 critical roadblocks are reducing swiftly

On the whole, it was a very successful & immensely warm Trip. Looking forward for such forthcoming meet. Next #DrupalCon?

May 27 2014
May 27

Hiring a Drupal developer is not as easy as it seems! You need to monitor a lot of areas!

If you have pre hand knowledge of Drupal then only you will be able to understand the need and importance of hiring a Drupal developer. So, let’s take a peek into it!

An insight into Drupal

Drupal is a free, open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It’s developed, used, and supported by a vigorous and assorted community of people from around the world. Drupal can build anything from food blogs to enterprise applications, you name it and Drupal will do it! Thousands of add-on modules and designs will bring your imaginations into reality, sit back and relax! Drupal also promotes your content on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites. Drupal runs millions of websites some of which are the biggest in the world. It’s a Content Management System (CMS) which gives full control of editing and systematization of a website from the browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, without knowledge of "how to write a code". New trends and solutions can be adopted to earn optimum results. Allowing cent percent modification from the user facing contents to the administrative decisions, it is a powerful tool to for your website.

There are many qualities in Drupal that supports your decision to hire a Drupal developer for your work and some of them are:

  • Open source

As Drupal is open source, it follows a componential, building block approach that allows maximum customization. It has wide community requirements.

It is considered as the best CMS on the market at present. It can be experimented to achieve unique business needs to result in best product.

Drupal is multi modular, hence off the shelf modules can be modified and added where and when required.

  • Used by big names

Big names like Intel, Warner Brothers, NASA and Harvard University and many more are using Drupal. This elaborates its success level.

Three important points which you should keep in mind while hiring a Drupal developer!

AddWeb solution, a leading web development agency, believes that there are certain things which distinguish a successful Drupal developer from ordinary ones!

  • Education Qualification

Always check for certifications and degrees of the candidate before hiring. A developer having higher degree with good score always top the list.

  • Experience and Past Work

Look for number of years a candidate worked as Drupal developer. You will find so many with experience in PHP but working in PHP is just a part while working on a Drupal project. Having an eye on his previous works will give you a fair idea about his capabilities.  

  • Writing skills

You must be thinking, developer and writing skills? Not a match! But in case of Drupal developer nothing can beat this combination, as good writing skill comes in handy while coding and obviously delivering a crispy content for your website.

AddWeb Solution is a leading Drupal Web Development Agency in India that is backed up by an array of highly skilled Drupal developers.

Jan 29 2014
Jan 29

Whenever it comes to the term Drupal, words come out like, Drupal is one of the leading open source content management systems that helps in developing various types of websites on this planet. With Drupal now we will be mentioning the Top 25 Drupal based sites. Have a look…


This is the official website of NASA, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Everything about the agency can be tracked down from the website.


2. The White House

The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States. The website carries all information about the place.


3. Ubuntu

This is an official site for Ubuntu, one of the most popular free operating systems. Right from the devices, to projects, partners and even shop; everything is covered under one hood.


4. UK Government

The UK Government is releasing public data to help people understand how government works and how policies are made. Some of this data is already available, but data.gov.uk brings it together in one searchable website.


5. Grammy.com

The Grammy award is one the topmost award given for acknowledging outstanding talents in the music industry. The respective site covers the entire world that revolves in and around Grammy.


6. Christina Aguilera

This is the official website of an American celebrity, Christina Aguilera. The site covers news, music, videos and a lot more about the celebrity.



The site talks about Emmys, a television production award. Check out news, photos, videos, nominees, events and awards information on the site.


8. Warner Bros Records

Warner Bro Records is an American record label and the site is dedicated to artists and news releases. This is one of the best selling Drupal sites.


9. DivX Labs

The website serves to the DivX technology development community. This is a highly functional site wherein visitors can easily explore the respective technology.


10. Universal Music Group

This site is dedicated to the Universal Music Group. This group is a key global music company that is owned by French media conglomerate.


11. MTV

MTV is one of the leading entertainment channels. From the celebrity news, to music and all the entertainment gossip; catch all that and a lot more on the site.


12. World Food Program

The site is dedicated to an NGO. This is the official site for World Food Program, which is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger.


13. Fox News

Fox News Channel, commonly referred to as Fox News, is a satellite television news channel owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, available to more than 110 million households in the United States and further to viewers internationally.


14. The Economist

The Economist is an English-language weekly news and international affairs publication owned by The Economist Newspaper Ltd. England. In 2009, it reported an average circulation of just over 1.6 million copies per issue, above half of which are sold in North America and English speaking countries.


15. American Red cross

It is the largest single supplier of blood and blood products in the United States, collecting and processing more than 40 percent of the blood supply and distributing it to some 3,000 hospitals and transfusion centers nationwide.


16. Ericsson Labs

Ericsson Labs, managed by the Ericsson Research organization, is the new home of innovative technologies and concepts. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, an engineer, a hobbyist or even work in the media, you're sure to find something of interest to you.


17. Stanford Graduate School of Education

The Stanford University School of Education (SUSE), is one of the seven schools of Stanford University. It is the second-oldest school of education in the United States


18. WWE

WWE, Inc. is an American publicly traded WWE, Inc. is an American publicly traded, privately controlled entertainment company. It is currently the largest professional wrestling company in the world. http://www.wwe.com

19. Mercedes-Benz Club of America

As a long-standing enthusiast club for Mercedes-Benz owners, the Mercedes-Benz Club of America uses its site to foster online community, attract new members, manage membership and provide membership value for all existing members


20. Unesco

UNESCO is known as the "intellectual" agency of the United Nations. At a time when the world is looking for new ways to build peace and sustainable development, people must rely on the power of intelligence to innovate, expand their horizons and sustain the hope of a new humanism.


21. NVIDIA Developer Zone

NVIDIA awakened the world to the power of computer graphics when it invented the GPU in 1999. The Company holds more than 1,800 patents worldwide, including ones covering designs and insights that are essential to modern computing.


22. Twitter Developers

A developer community for the Twitter platform with over 1,000,000 registered applications and 750,000 developers building on the platform


23. Beyoncé

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, often known by the mononym Beyoncé, is an American R&B recording artist, actress and fashion designer.


These are few of the best websites powered by Drupal. You are a click away from experiencing the magic that Drupal can do with website development.

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