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DrupalCon is many things to many people. It's a brand that represents the promotion of the Drupal software, the gathering of the community, and open-source ideals. Because DrupalCon is an ever-changing and international event, each year saw us relaunching the brand identity and site design for each con.

Last year we stepped back and said, "What if we can give DrupalCon a consistent brand identity, while preserving those important themes about our community, and still providing a unique flavor for each host city?"

We put out an RFP, and then worked closely with our selected design partner, sixeleven, who helped us develop the essential themes that would underlie the design. We looked for a visual language that would reflect all aspects of our community: dynamic, technological, collective, and multifaceted.

With the help of the SixEleven team, we consolidated these visual themes into a design language to help represent DrupalCon as a whole, and to give us the flexibility we need to give each unique event the flavor of its host city as well.

Brand symbolism

The result of this work was presented at the closing session of DrupalCon Baltimore, and we're very proud to say that it has now been deployed here on There is now a main DrupalCon site which will house all of the information that remains the same for DrupalCon as a whole from event to event, and the event-specific sub-sites will contain only the additional information specific to that location.

DrupalCon Nashville is the first example of a con to use our new event-specific sub-theme based on this consistent brand identity. We hope you'll check it out to see how we'll use this design language for future events as well.

Speaking of DrupalCon Nashville, it's coming up from April 9-13, 2018 and registration is open now! We hope to see you there.

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