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Megan Sanicki sits at Drupal Association table in DrupalCon PortlandThis DrupalCon we're cranking up the community exposure in the exhibit hall. We've impleneted a new community-focused minitrack, where sessions will be given in the exhibit hall every day from 1:15 to 2, and we're expanding the Association booth to form a Community Village. Here's what you need to know about both.

Community-focused talks

We received several great sessions that highlight a number of community issues for DrupalCon. We wanted to make sure that those sessions were heard, which is why we've added a community speaker stage to the back of the exhibit hall. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:15 to 2:00 PM, join us to hear from community members about a variety of issues:

Even Drupal beginners or attendees with little technical knowledge will benefit from these talks, so we encourage you to join us for these fantastic community talks each day.

Drupal Association Community Village

Join several Drupal Association staff members and fellow community members while we talk about all things Drupal community! The Drupal Association has decided not to host an official Drupal Store this DrupalCon, and has instead converted the space into one where the community can come together to promote and discuss what their local communities are up to. Here's some of the things you'll be able to do in the Community Village:

  • Meet the mentors who will get you ready to participate in sprints.
  • Kick back in a bean bag chair and get to know people.
  • Check out the Drupal job board for new opportunities.
  • Grab stickers from camps around the world.
  • Sign up for Drupal Association membership or ask about our other programs.
  • Join authors for book signings. Jason Pamental signs copies of Responsive Typography on Tuesday at 3:15 pm. Micah Godbolt signs copies of Frontend Architecture for Design Systems on Thursday at 10:15 am. Supplies are limited and complimentary of O'Reilly Media.

We have some giveaways planned, too! Look for announcements on the @DrupalConNA Twitter for your opportunity to win big. See you at Booth 501, near the Four Kitchens games and the coffee.

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