Google + API Shutdown on 3/7/2019. Update Your Hybridauth Library

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You may have heard: Google+ is game over.

Officially, this is directly related to a leak of data that potentially impacted 500,000 Google+ accounts.

Businesswise, the attempts of Google to build a social media platform was not successful. If you had a personal account on Google+ and want to download your data before the shutdown, you can download it here.

The shutdown will happen in two phases:

Your website can be impacted by the shutdown of the Google+ API. This API was used by many providers and libraries to be able to login to a website using Google.

Hybridauth on Drupal 7

If your Drupal site is using Google to log n, it's possible that you are still using the Google+ API. A very popular module in D7 to log in using social media is called Hybridauth (to log in with LinkedIn, and Facebook, as well Google). You need to update that library and your Google key.

Here are the steps to keep your Hybridauth working in D7:

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