Launching Kinderregion

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We’re super excited! The new Kinderregion website has finally launched and brings their motto of Great parents need great tips for trips to life. 

It showcases a wide variety of exciting activities for kids. Families living in Switzerland can now plan a fun day for the whole family by browsing the site. Built on the same framework as Zurich Tourism, Kinderregion showcases highly engaging content that is structured, helpful and of interest to the user. 


On the technical side

Kinderregion is built using Panels Everywhere, which allows us to export the site layout and its domain-specific variants to features. Following the same logic, the home page is based on a panel page with different variants for each domain. The mega menu is composed of mini-panels, loading into specific menu items through the use of the menu mini-panel module.

The consistent use of panels for all of these different areas will give the content editors the opportunity to change the front page and the menu without hitting a snag. This also gives us the opportunity to deploy code and configuration changes, without losing any customizations done by the client. The result - the content is displayed in a logical and highly engaging way.

The most challenging part of the project

Creating something complex on a tight budget can be tricky. We were, however, able to solve this by re-applying certain existing elements throughout the entire site. Along the way, our team learned a bunch of new things and strengthened their skill sets even more. One highlight being how to override existing styling when working with the sub-template.

Kinderregion Blog Page

The Outcome

The result is a site which allows team members to add new or existing content quickly and effortlessly. This, in turn, will help the site flourish and help take the organization to the next level, and into the future.

Kinderregion Overview

We loved collaborating with Zurich Tourism again on this new project and also really enjoyed working alongside the creative agency Rosarot Ideennetz throughout the process. All input and guidance has been super valuable and highly appreciated.   

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