Texas Camp is back, y’all!

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For its second year, Team Austin is helping organize Texas Camp, the state’s largest annual Drupal gathering.

Texas Camp is three glorious days of Drupal, non-Drupal, and some of the finest folks around. We’re growing this camp to be as fun as it is educational, so both the left and right side brains get some stimulation. 

Day 1 - Thursday, May 31st

We are offering three trainings by some world-class instructors for the incredibly low price of $25 for the day. These trainings will sell out, and you don’t have to attend camp to go.

We’ll also have a day of sprints on different Drupal initiatives. Come early and contribute!

Day 2 - Friday, June 1st

We’ll kick off Friday with a Keynote by Nikki Stevens of Kanopi Studios. Nikki is former lead of Drupal’s Diversity and Inclusion working group and also the 2016 winner of the Aaron Winborn award. She’s studying for her PhD in data and software engineering ethics, making her uniquely qualified to give her talk on Breaking the Binary: The Politics of Code and Inclusivity in Technology.

Day 3 - Saturday, June 2nd

Our very own Michael Schmid of Amazee Labs will do the honors of keynoting Saturday. As the CTO of Amazee Group, the CTO of amazee.io, the CEO of Amazee Labs Austin, and a contributor for Drupal Europe, he’s got his hands full of all things Drupal. Michael will share his take on the Drupal Roadmap and big picture plans for Drupal’s future.

What’s missing? You!

We have an amazing event planned, but something is glaringly missing. You! You too can be part of this great event by attending, sponsoring, or submitting a talk.

Our call for 60 minute sessions is open until Thursday at midnight. Yep, just one day away. So get crackin’!

Plus, bonus, stars, and rainbows, speakers get an exclusive invite to the speaker dinner and a ticket to the event. And that sounds like true love to me.

Not sure what to talk about? Ping us @drupaltexascamp with your ideas.

We hope to see you there!

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