New Coding Standards Update Process

The Technical Working Group was rebooted about a year ago and has been working to clarify and close issues related to the technical aspect and ramping up to take on our biggest assignment: vetting, clarifying, accepting, and announcing all coding standards changes.

Historically there has been no official process for coding standards changes and these issues and the nature of them are notoriously difficult to get developers to agree on leading to endless bike-shedding and difficulty in finding complete consensus. To this end we have worked with interested community members to draft and approve a new policy for reviewing, deciding, and announcing new coding standards changes. To that end we have created a new Drupal TWG twitter account to announce the list of issues for consideration, this list will be posted on the Core group and linked from the twitter account.

All coding standards issues have been moved from the Technical Working Group issue queue to the new Coding Standards project, the maintainers of which will be the Coding Standards Committee. The Committee will be composed of members appointed by the Technical Working Group and any documentation maintainers (listed in Drupal Core’s maintainers.txt) will be automatically invited to join.

Meetings are held every two weeks where new issues can be identified for inclusion. The first meeting to review and include issues for the first round of updates to coding standards has been scheduled for January 22nd, at which time the committee will review coding standards issues tagged “Needs announcement for final discussion". Issues that are deemed ready by the committee will be included in the announcement following that meeting, at which time a final round of community feedback on the proposed changes will be appreciated. At a subsequent meeting the final discussion will be evaluated and issues may be ratified as official changes.

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