Top Drupal blog posts from July 2018

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Each month, we revisit out top Drupal blog posts of the month, giving you the chance to check out some of our favourites. Here’s a look at the top blog posts from July 2018. 

First one on the list is Kevin Thull's unique contribution to Drupal by Dries Buytaert. Kevin Thull has contributed to Drupal a lot by recording hundreds and hundreds of sessions on different Drupal events and share them with us over Youtube. This blog post and the 2018 Aaron Winborn Award are a big thank you for all the effort. 

We continue our list with Decoupled Back Ends in the Age of Brand Consistency by Mateu Aguiló Bosch from Lullabot. Brand consistency is a powerful trend that’s affecting how we architect content APIs. In this blog post he is answering the question, how is brand consistency impacting implementation for API design. 

The third spot is reserved for a blog post 10 Reasons Why You Should Start Your New Project in Drupal 8 (instead of Drupal 7) by Alex Moreno Lopez from Acquia developer centre. Even though Drupal 8 is with us for quite some time now, clients often insist on Drupal 7, instead of migrating or start a new project on Drupal 8. In this blog post, Alex lists and explains enough reasons to do so. 

Let’s continue with Using JSON API with WebdriverIO Tests by Mariano D'Agostino from Gizra. He explains how to use Drupal JSON API output and tests where browser output is not reliable or does not represent the data we are testing for.


Our fifth choice is Decoupling Drupal with Gatsby by Robert Ngo from Evolving Web. Gatsby is a React-based static site generator. In this blog post, we can see the reasons to use Gatsby and how to integrate Gatsby and Drupal.

The sixth blog post we would like to highlight is Drupal 8 Interviews: Spotlight on Amber Matz by AmyJune Hineline from Hook42. In this interview, we get to know Amber Matz, a production manager and trainer at

The next one is Help Us Modernize the Admin UI of Drupal by Sarah Lowe from Palantir. To change Drupal into a system everyone feels comfortable using, even the non-developers, Sarah Lowe and her colleagues are working to conduct research on popular content management systems and web platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, Squarespace and Joomla, in order to learn how best to update Drupal. Take the survey to help them modernize the admin UI of Drupal.

Eight one in a row is How to Choose the Right Point of Sale System for Your Business by Mike Hubbard from Acro Media. In this blog post, Mike is comparing Drupal POS, Shopify POS and Square POS and answering the question what business is best suited for each POS.

And we conclude our list with a blog post Topic Clusters Are Old News to Drupal SEO by Ben Finklea from Volacci. Ben explains what are topic clusters for SEO, how to Organize Around Topic Clusters in Drupal 8, and shows us an example. 

These are our top blogs from July… We will be collecting best Drupal blog post in August too. Stay tuned. 

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