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To Drupal or not to Drupal... maybe it's not okay when individuals or organizations leave the Drupal community.

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It is difficult to admit, but the Webform module's feature richness has created a maintainability challenge. I did not architect most form and submission features, including submission limits, using Drupal's modular plugin system. I did use Drupal's plugin system for several key aspects of the Webform module. For example, webform elements are entirely plugin-based, resulting in relatively well-encapsulated code that is easy to tweak, test, and maintain.

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About Drupal Sun

Drupal Sun is an Evolving Web project. It allows you to:

  • Do full-text search on all the articles in Drupal Planet (thanks to Apache Solr)
  • Facet based on tags, author, or feed
  • Flip through articles quickly (with j/k or arrow keys) to find what you're interested in
  • View the entire article text inline, or in the context of the site where it was created

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