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You can become a co-maintainer of modules for Drupal 9!

Are you looking to take the next step in contributing to Drupal?

At DrupalCon Europe contribution days, 4-7 October (free to all!), one way you can get involved is by offering to co-maintain modules that still need to be updated for Drupal 9. 

You can find a list of available projects here - be sure to check the date in the issue title to ensure the project is eligible for maintainer requests! 

If an issue has already been closed - that means the maintainer has declined new maintainer help, so focus on the open issues only. 

The steps to request co-maintainership are:

  1. Comment on the issue explaining why you would like to maintain the module. 

  2. If the project is opted in to security coverage, confirm that you have previously received security coverage opt-in permission.

  3. If an existing maintainer has not commented, move the issue to the Drupal.org Project Ownership queue by editing the 'Project' field on this issue.

  4. From there, a Drupal.org Site Moderator will review the issue and grant maintainership if the requirements are met. 

Thank you for getting involved and making Drupal even better!

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