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DruCall updated, Lumicall talk at FOSDEM next weekend

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The latest version of DruCall is now pushed to the Drupal Git Repository. As described previously, this version uses JSCommunicator (which is based on the popular JsSIP) as the underlying phone framework. I would be very grateful if somebody from the Drupal community could kindly help my projects escape from the sandbox.

Try the new Drucall, free calls to mobiles running Lumicall

As a demo of the power of SIP and DruCall, you can make free calls to mobiles running Lumicall. It will also dial any number registered in ENUM.

Lumicall, the open alternative to Viber, FOSDEM 2014

I'll be giving a talk about the Lumicall project at FOSDEM 2014. The talk is at 13:00 on Sunday, 2 February in the Embedded and Mobile devroom. As space is usually limited in the devrooms and FOSDEM is a completely free event without any advance registration, please arrive early (maybe even 1 or 2 talks before mine) to get a seat.

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