Jul 23 2019
Jul 23

Here at Phase2, we’re excited to participate in the premiere Drupal government event, Drupal GovCon, held at the National Institutes of Health campus in Bethesda, Maryland where we'll once again be a platinum sponsor.

We hope you will join us for one of North America’s largest Drupal camps, this week.  

You can find Phase2 at our sponsor booth and all over the session schedule:

Why Migrate To Drupal 8 Now

With Drupal 9’s release impending, there has been a resurgence of chatter around Drupal 6/7 migration. If your government organization is still on Drupal 6 or 7 you will won’t want to miss this session. You can read more about the subject here from our on-site presenters, Tobby Hagler, Director of Engineering, and Felicia Haynes, Vice President of Accounts.

Measuring What Matters: Using Analytics To Inform Content Strategy

Content Strategy is the backbone to any successful digital experience. It’s also rarely considered an analytical process, but it should be! Catch our session to learn more, and in the meantime, read about the top 3 content strategy tips for government ahead of Jason Hamrick’s session.

Accessible Design: Empathy In A World With No Average

Our Accessibility expert, Catharine McNally, has a special treat for her session’s attendees: she’ll be hosting some interactive empathy building exercises, to showcase the impact of accessible design for citizens. This is a unique opportunity for anyone involved in the design, content, and UX of their organization’s/agency’s digital experience.

Personalization & Government: The Odd Couple or The Perfect Match?

Personalization has become the new standard, across industries, for improving customer experience, but how can personalization be leveraged in government? Join our CEO, Jeff Walpole, and Vice President of Business Development, Ben Coit,  to explore use cases and how governments can continue thinking about the next generation of citizen experiences.

Read more about scaling personalization in our recent whitepaper

Whether you’re joining us on the ground (in session) or from afar (via the airwaves), be sure to read our latest issue of Contributed Magazine—specifically covering open source, and secure, digital governments.

Jul 08 2019
Jul 08

For the past three years, developers, IT, and marketing professionals have gathered in NYC for “Decoupled Days, a growing but impactful event with influential speakers and change agents from across the tech space, to share and learn about decoupled architecture solutions for some of the world’s leading brands and organizations.

While the topic of decoupled architecture solutions may seem hyper-specific for a two-day conference, there is an aggressively (growing) interest and investment in decoupled architecture strategies across industries, all to enable the digital brand experiences they require to stay competitive.

Decoupling the front end of an organization’s platform from their back end allows for more flexible design capabilities and the ability to update the design much faster at the speed that marketing teams need to move. When the back end of your website is decoupled, you can easily integrate and swap micro-services in and out to provide the latest and most useful tools and functionality without a complete site redesign.  

Here at Phase2, we work with many of our enterprise clients on decoupling their digital architectures to meet their brand experience goals. We’re thrilled to participate in the organization, sponsorship, and thought leadership of this event. If you plan to attend this year’s event, (and we think you should!), be sure to check out some of Phase2’s front-end leaders as they share best practices and cutting-edge tooling in the following sessions:

We hope you’ll join us July 17th-18th in NYC to learn more about business, technology, and diversity when it comes to decoupled architectures for seamless omnichannel brand experiences that inspire audiences.

Apr 07 2019
Apr 07

Today, personalizing your customer journey is an essential strategy and part of delivering a competitive brand experience. And while some organizations have implemented a range of personalization tools, many have not successfully scaled their personalization strategy across their customers’ journey at every touchpoint.

When we throw commerce into the personalization equation, we get another layer of nuance. While retail has always been at the forefront of customer experience innovations, digital commerce tools have rarely provided brands with the necessary flexibility and scalability for a consistent, branded, purchasing experience across devices, channels, and touchpoints.

Leading up to Drupalcon Seattle, our team got together to build a demo that showcases how open technology and API-driven tools can plug into your existing digital experience platform—so brands can truly personalize their purchase experiences across the customer journey.

To build this demo we used Drupal as the content management base, integrated Acquia’s Journey and Lift tools for personalization and journey orchestration, and layered in Elasticpath Commerce, a flexible, open tool designed to deliver a unified selling experience.

Through an automated and personalized 1:1 customer journey, the demo uses multiple channels and touchpoints, (Twitter, website, email), in addition to a discount code and finally a purchase of some merchandise. (Demo attendees get the merchandise, free, at the end.)

As the user interacts with more touchpoints, we are able to build a robust customer profile based on behavior and preference, and deliver more targeted and meaningful brand interactions across the whole customer journey.

If you are attending Drupalcon, be sure to stop by Booth 201 to see our demo. If you won’t be attending and are interested in seeing the demo and learning more about personalized commerce experiences. Contact us!

Mar 25 2019
Mar 25

Our annual pilgrimage to Drupalcon is just two weeks away and we are very excited for another unforgettable conference filled with community momentum, thought leadership, and partnership. With several sessions, summits, tracks, and booths to visit this year, I thought I would highlight some key places to find some of Phase2's finest at the conference!

Healthcare Summit

We are thrilled to be participating in the first ever Healthcare summit at Drupalcon! As the healthcare industry is undergoing rapid digital transformation, this is an exciting time to see what leading organizations are building when it comes to seamless patient experiences on- and off-line. Emily Kagan Trechard, Northwell Health’s VP, Digital Innovation, will be presenting the keynote, and our own Kellye Rogers, Phase2’s VP of Product and Strategy will be MC-ing the event.

Configuration Management Initiative 2.0 updates

Our very own Drupal treasure Mike Potter will be joining Fabian Bircher to break down the latest Configuration Management initiative and what it means for your site. A session not to be missed!

Introducing The Migrate QA Module

In this session, Senior Developer David Lanier, will be introducing the module he recently contributed called Migrate QA. He will review how the module helps content admin migrate to Drupal 8 and how developers can easily integrate this tool for a smooth migration.

Custom Compound Fields in Drupal 8

Tobby Hagler, infamous for past Drupalcon sessions like Dungeons & Dragons, & Drupal, will be presenting this year on Compound Fields in Drupal 8 and how they can be used with Media and Layout Builder. Check out this session if you are interested in learning how to deal with complex data models in Drupal!

Future-Proofing Your Agency

Long-time Drupal board member and Phase2 CEO Jeff Walpole will be leading a session on agency leadership. From his experience as a founding member (and our CEO) of Phase2 since 2001, Jeff will discuss culture, strategic positioning, sales, and financial health and security.

Don’t Forget To Visit at Our Exhibitor Booth #201!

If you are attending Drupalcon this year, be sure to stop by our booth! Our team is excited to share and learn from the community. We will be hosting Demo’s of some of the hottest Drupal and personalization technologies out there, handing out our legendary Phase2 swag, and unveiling our interactive open source art installation. If you can’t attend this year, be sure to follow along on Twitter: @Phase2.

Apr 16 2018
Apr 16

There’s no doubt that the digital landscape looks very different these days. When we talk about an organization's digital presence we are talking about a whole lot more than websites or content management systems.  

At Drupalcon Nashville, we got down to business with our Drupal community, partners and clients to discuss where Drupal fits into this new digital ecosystem, customer experience trends, Drupal 8 best practices, and how to maintain a competitive digital experience platform in this fast-moving, ever-changing market.

The Customer Experience Landscape

61% think that chatbots allow for faster resolution for customer service answers.

Source: Aspect Software Study

Almost 3⁄4 of regular voice technology users believe brands should have unique voices and personalities for their apps.

Source: SONARTM, J. Walter Thompson's proprietary in-house research tool

In short, audiences want to engage with brands on the channels they are already using. These customer experience (CX) expectations are driving channel explosion. With the proliferation of channels and new digital touchpoints, organizations are forced to undergo digital transformation to stay relevant and competitive. Our own Jeff Walpole addressed these market trends in his Drupalcon session: Beyond Websites: The Digital Experience Platform

Massive Discrepancy Between Brands and Consumers

A recent eConsultancy report indicated that 81% of consumer brands believe they have a holistic view of their customers. Conversely, only 37% of consumers feel that they are actually understood by their favorite brands.

It’s clear that understanding the customer and their experience with your brand is essential to developing a competitive presence.  This year, our Drupalcon booth theme addressed this directly with the rallying cry: “Create the experience. Deliver the results.” We asked Drupalcon attendees to engage with our interactive data visualization board to crowd-source the community’s thoughts on the impact of customer experience.

Phase2, Director of Marketing discussing customer experience at DrupalCon Booth

As we explained in our booth, leveraging engagement data is essential to successful customer experience. We took the booth experience further by creating a digital experience that seamlessly flowed from the in-person experience to our attendees' phones using Acquia Journey, a customer journey orchestration tool allowing us to serve up a personalized experience for each attendee.

[embedded content]

The Need for Drupal to Evolve

Just as brands need to evolve to meet the demands of their customers, Drupal needs to evolve to engage the right audience and compete with digital experience platforms like Adobe. We were thrilled to participate in the Drupal Associations marketing fundraiser to raise funds to support more marketing material for Drupal.

screenshot of Drupal marketing fundraising efforts


As we grow and transform with the market, culture becomes more important than ever. Our own culture expert, Nicole Lind was a featured speaker this year discussing Why Building Awesome Culture is Essential, Not Just a Nice-to-Have

Drupalcon is always an inspirational and energizing event, with a week full of great sessions, critical discussions and perhaps too much hot chicken. We look forward to our continuing work with the community building the impactful digital experience platforms with Drupal.

Oct 04 2017
Oct 04

So often in the enterprise software market, we see that one of the most pressing challenges companies face is scaling their online community support operations to match their explosive user growth.

A common factor in scaling success is always an emphasis on optimizing the user experience, design, and underlying technical architecture so that the entire digital support ecosystem is intuitive, fast, and consistent across touchpoints. And we are not talking about your traditional intranet portal. We’re talking about a digital support experience that is accessed from any device and provides a seamless brand experience across online and offline touchpoints.

A perfect example of this kind of community support  success can be found in the updated platform of our client, Workday. The Workday customer and partner community has grown to over 70,000 members in past two years - a 60% increase. In light of their rapid growth and evolving business needs, Workday worked with Phase2 to create an engaging community platform that supports and educates their customer community.

The updated platform built on Drupal 8, features topic forums,  product release information, quickly discover valuable resources, direct customer support access, and a custom “Brainstorm” feature so the customer community is empowered to influence Workday’s product roadmap.

Workday is an example of an ambitious organization that is leveraging open source to build powerful solutions with no licensing fees, the power of the Drupal development community, and a secure yet flexible core software that will scale with their business needs.

Learn more about the Workday project here.

Feb 27 2013
Feb 27

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Are you ready to DrupalCon Portland style? Here at Phase2 we are anxiously waiting to hear which sessions get accepted, while we dust off all of our organic cotton shirts with birds on them and study up on local Portland micro-brews.

With about 600 sessions submitted to DrupalCon Portland, deciding which sessions to comment on is no easy task. After polling Phase2’s DrupalCon enthusiasts, I have created a list of the Phase2 top 10 session picks of 2013. This list is a mix of Phase2 sessions and also sessions from the Drupal Communtiy that we are really stoked about.

Check out these awesome sessions, and be sure to add a comment if you would like to see them too!

Speakers: Molly Byrnes, Steven Merrill, Brian McMurray, John Robert Wilson, and Heather Johnson

When Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas are helping you promote your Sandy Hurricane Relief Campaign, you can’t get bogged down with website troubles.  See how Phase2 and Robin Hood Foundation created elegant and effective Drupal web solutions.

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Speakers: Kris Vanderwater, Kristof De Jaeger, Chris Johnson, Matt Cheney, and Neil Hastings

When Drupal rock stars come together, great things happen.  You won’t want to miss these leading Drupal layout experts discussing the different ways to layout your site, and the benefits of each solution.

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Speaker: Josh Miller

We are as excited for Josh’s ecommerce presentation as his Q&A discussion at the end.  Josh has a wealth of knowledge about ecommerce in Drupal and we can’t wait to pick his mind!

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Speaker: Mike Potter

Learn what’s new with Open Atrium and how you can use the new and improved Open Atrium to easily add new functionality and integrate with other systems.  

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Speaker: Michael Meyers

It is more important than ever to learn about the needs of the biggest companies using Drupal.  Learn from Michael Myers how we can move forward with Drupal enterprise development.

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Speaker: Tobby Hagler

Tobby Hagler makes structured data and content strategy fun and approachable with his example of Dungeons and Dragons.  Tobby Hagler is a DrupalCon vetran, you won’t want to miss this!

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Speaker: Dan Mouyard

This should be a great session for all the advanced Drupalers.  Let’s talk markup in Drupal 7!

Speakers: Brandon Morrison, Patrick Hayes, Josef Dabernig, Pol Dell'Aiera, Tom Nightingale, and Nate Parsons

 You really can’t miss the opportunity to learn about mapping in Drupal from some of the lead Drupal mapping experts around. Learn about mapping efforts to date and what’s on the horizon for Drupal 8.

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Speakers: Kellye Rogers, Josh Turton and Rob Roberts.

Learn how Energy.gov created an innovative responsive solution and avoided having to wait for a complete redesign.  


Speakers: Vesa Palmul, Jeff Walpole, Fred Plais, and Michael Caccavano

The leaders from some of Drupal’s most talked about mergers, reveal how they have successfully navigated their company’s merge and the unique challenges with M&A in the services industry.

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As marketing coordinator at Phase2, Annie is involved in the open source events in the New York metro area. She really enjoys engaging the lovely Drupal Community and promoting Phase2 to prospects, clients, staff members, and the greater ...

Oct 29 2012
Oct 29

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Here at Phase2, we are very excited for the long anticipated BADCamp 2012 (BAY Area Drupal Camp) to kick off in 2 days!  With even more attendees than last year, this event promises to be an epic Drupal-tastic adventure! As a proud contributing sponsor and Product Summit sponsor, we are looking forward to seeing our old Drupal friends and meeting new ones around the camp and at our booth, (so don’t forget to stop by!)

BADCamp is one of the largest free Drupal events in North America and therefore, a testament to the Drupal community’s devotion to accessibility and contributing back.  We know Drupal camps are integral to the growth and innovation of Drupal and that’s why we are committed to participating with sponsorships, volunteer organizers, and submitted sessions.   This time around we are shipping out a troop of some of Phase2’s finest! Here’s where you can find us:

Let’s Talk...





Government in Drupal:


Deployment and Infrastructure:

Content Management and Versioning:

We are looking forward to sharing our ideas but we are also excited to learn from everyone else! Check out the complete lineup of awesome sessions at BADCamp. We’ll see you there!

As marketing coordinator at Phase2, Annie is involved in the open source events in the New York metro area. She really enjoys engaging the lovely Drupal Community and promoting Phase2 to prospects, clients, staff members, and the greater ...

Aug 22 2012
Aug 22

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When Moshe Weitzman posted his idea for a Drupal community initiative called DrupalGive on Drupal.org, we knew we wanted to get on board. As Moshe simply explains, Drupalgive is a page that organizations publish on their website to highlight the ways they have contributed to Drupal with the intent to educate clients and partners about the Drupal community and also "nudge" other organizations to contribute.

By nature, open source software is dependent on contribution. As Drupal matures, organizations are using it to build bigger, more complex websites. It is therefore more important than ever to contribute and share within our community in order encourage further innovation.

We are proud to announce the launch of our own DrupalGive page, designed by Dave Ruse and developed by Tirdad Chaharlengi and Josh Cooper.

Our page highlights 4 different ways we contribute to Drupal:


We recently posted a blog about our contributions to the Large Scale Drupal Initiative (LSD)  Specifically Site Preview System, read more about the project and this module here.


We are a proud silver sponsor of DrupalCon Munich. We've been busy in Munich with some great collaborative sessions:


We maintain 4 distributions: OpenPublic, OpenPublish, Open Atrium and Managing News.  We are excited about the most recent OpenPublish release including a new demo theme: Gazette.  Stay tuned for the impending OpenPublic release!


We make sure we post as many of our session slides as we can, to promote Drupal Learning. Look out for our DrupalCon Munich session slides posted soon to our slideshare.

We had a lot of fun putting our Drupalgive page together, we look forward to our contribution lists growing, and using other organization's Drupalgive pages to stay informed and up to date on the latest Drupal contributions. 

As marketing coordinator at Phase2, Annie is involved in the open source events in the New York metro area. She really enjoys engaging the lovely Drupal Community and promoting Phase2 to prospects, clients, staff members, and the greater ...

Jul 10 2012
Jul 10

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As the new marketing coordinator for Phase2 Technology, I have really enjoyed getting involved in NYC Drupal events and getting to know the NYC Drupal community better. It has been very exciting to help organize and plan NYC Camp, (pronounced Nice Camp) a New York City mini-conference, which will be held on July 19th through 23rd.

This will be the first mini-con in NYC and the east coast. With all the talent and Drupal enthusiasts in the NYC metro area, this 5 day event is an exciting prospect for the NYC Drupal community and I think it will complement the other great regional Drupal Camps like DrupalCamp NYC, CapitalCamp (the following weekend in DC!) and Drupaldelphia. NYC Camp will include pre-trainings, sessions, keynotes, summits, sprints, contrib and Drupal barn-raising. This event is chock full o’ Drupal and there are even a few surprises planned for attendees! This inaugural event is exciting for a number of reasons...

NYC Camp will have an amazing lineup of speakers! We are very lucky to have some Drupal legends as keynotes and speakers:

Killer Sessions from Phase2 folks:

Although there will be sessions for all skill levels, NYC Camp’s goal is to get attendees to push themselves over the largest learning curves, the beginner Drupaler, and those experienced Drupal Devs who want to get to the next level. The hope is that this focus on beginner and advanced skill levels will complement the focus of the other excellent DrupalCamps in the northeast.

Learning Curve

A major goal of NYC Camp is to empower all attendees to be able to contribute to the Drupal project as well as get involved in the community no matter what skill level. We are providing free pre-trainings on Thursday for Drupal Newbies so that they will be confident about Drupal basics by the time the sessions and Keynotes begin. Sunday and Monday, NYC Camp will be devoted to contribution. All attendees of every skill level will be able to contribute whether it is in a sprint, NYC Community BoFs, or working on “barn-raising” nodes.

NYC Camp will take place in the beautiful Faculty House at Columbia University on July 19th-23rd. Find out more about NYC Camp here, and register! Hope to see you there!


As marketing coordinator at Phase2, Annie is involved in the open source events in the New York metro area. She really enjoys engaging the lovely Drupal Community and promoting Phase2 to prospects, clients, staff members, and the greater ...

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