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Dec 03 2020
Dec 03
Lebkuchenherz undpaul

We really already reached a two digit anniversary. undpaul had its 10th birthday yesterday - and that was celebrated! With hot wine, delicious food, party hats, and memories of one or the other highlight with the undpaul team - of course all compliant with the current Corona situation using a remote meeting.

Ten years it is already... It feels a little bit as if it was only a few moments ago that undpaul was founded on a bitterly cold December day 2010 in Hannover. We have experienced and learned a lot during this time, worked on exciting projects and got together with wonderful colleagues.

"The most wonderful Drupal agency in Germany" - says Stefan about undpaul.

That is true so far, we agree. But not only that is what makes undpaul. Of course there are keywords like Drupal, experience, quality and remote work / new work. But above all, our team, collegiality, flexibility, fun, commitment and integration make us who we are.

Karte 10 Jahre undpaul

We are happy that we have come so far together and wish for another 10 wonderful years with you!

Thanks to all of you who have accompanied us so far - to you our business partners with the new challenging projects, to you undpaul friends, to the Drupal community with whom we spent so many hours and of course to the whole undpaul team for the daily fun.

Danke mit Signaturen

P.S. If you want to know something about our beginnings, you can find more information in our blog post for our 3rd birthday. There you will also find answers to the often asked question "Where does the name undpaul come from and who is Paul?".

Jul 31 2018
Jul 31
Day Orange 04.08.2018Quelle: Facebook

On August 4th 2018 the so-called Day Orange took place. The day was organized by Seebrücke, an organization that expresses solidarity with all people seeking refuge and demands safe escape routes, as well as a decriminalization of sea rescue and a humane welcome of people who had to flee or are still on the run.

We wanted to show our support and transformed our usual green logo icon into an orange heart for Day Orange.

On Day Orange, all people who wish to support the organisation and its goals were invited to show solidarity with the refugees and the many volunteer rescue workers. It is not even necessary to go to a demonstration, but rather to stand up for something together, whereby the colour orange can be used in different ways to show solidarity.

Unser Seebrücke-Logo

We very much welcome this commitment and show our support with our logo. We show our colours, we are orange.

Mar 09 2018
Mar 09
Gruppenfoto Splash AwardLars Stauder Photography Drupal Business Deutschland e.V.

On the 8th of March 2018 it was time again, in Frankfurt the Drupal Splash Awards 2018 were awarded in the Brotfabrik. The aim of the award is to show special Drupal projects and give them a stage. Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, Marcus Maihoff, Robert Douglas, Meike Jung, Rouven Volk and Marc Dinse were among the international jury this year.

The nominees

In total, 27 German projects were nominated this year. There have been various great projects, etc. filed in the fields of e-learning, e-commerce, non-profit, government or publishing/media. All nominees you can find here. We entered the race this year with our project ispo.com in the category publishers/media. Other contenders for the coveted award in this category were the SUPERillu (by UEBERBIT), Der Nordschleswiger (by Comm-Press) and Das Haus (by Galani Projects).

The Splash Award was international

New this year: for the first time there were also ten Austrian nominations. The Austrian Drupal community actually had the goal also to host a national competition for Drupal projects. However, there were not enough applicants, that’s why the German Splash Awards organizing team assigned the austrian colleagues an extra category. In the specially established categories "Austria", "E-Commerce", "Enterprise" and "Publishing / Media", all Austrian projects competed against each other.

The award

As in the previous year, Jeffrey A. "guided" McGuire through his presentation in a charming manner, presenting the nominated projects in each category. Compared to the previous year, significantly more spectators appeared for the award and so there were in addition to the awards also a lot of new contacts to win. All nominees received certificates and the agencies with the winning projects also took a nice, blue award back to the office.

The winners

We are pleased to have been nominated for this year with our project ispo.com in the category publishers / media. We congratulate our colleagues from Galani Projects, who won the Splash Award in the category publishers / media with their project Das Haus. More winners of this year will be available soon here.

Review Splash Awards 2017

Jan 24 2018
Jan 24
Splash AwardsSplash Awards Deutschland

For the second time, the Splash Awards Germany will take place on March 08, 2018. The awarding of the coveted prize for successful Drupal projects takes place in the Brotfabrik in Frankfurt am Main.

About the Splash Awards

Originally, the award ceremony for the Splash Award comes from the Netherlands. Since 2014, Drupal service providers have been awarded who realize extraordinary projects. Various interesting projects from different areas are presented and judged by a jury. 


Nominations are available in the categories Education, E-Commerce, Enterprise, Healthcare, Solutions, Non-Profit, Government, Social / Community and Publishing / Media. Agencies and freelancers will be able to submit their projects to the Splash Awards 2018 upto 31th January 2018. The only requirement for participation is a company headquarters in Germany. Sponsors are still accepted. 

This year, we submitted our project ISPO.com in the category publishers/media and we are curious to see who will win the race this year. We look forward to lots of interesting Drupal projects and old/new faces from the Drupal community.

Nov 06 2017
Nov 06
Thunder Day am 20.11.2017 Quelle: thunder.org

The first Thunder Day will take place on 20th November 2017 in Hamburg at the Wälderhaus. The free event starts at 10:00 am and serves the exchange of experiences in working with Thunder. The day should also show users the benefits of Thunder with showcases.

The Guests

The event's guests include not only publishers, but also agencies that have successfully implemented projects with the help of Thunder. Therefore, members of the undpaul team will also be present and share their experiences at the event with others. Johannes Haseitl will present a case study on our most recent project ISPO.com together with Peter Bilz-Wohlgemuth (CTO of Deutsche Telekom subsidiary The Digitale). A customer representative will share her view of the project with the participants: Saskia Rettenbacher, Senior Manager Messe München GmbH.

Get together

The day will be aligned by Hubert Burda Media, who developed the content management system Thunder for publishers. Starting at 6 pm, a casual get together is planned, where further networking is on the agenda.

We are happy to meet old and new faces on the Thunder Day. Come and get your ticket here

Apr 11 2017
Apr 11

The European Drupal Business Days 2017 take place in Frankfurt from 18.05.-20.05.2017. We are a Platinum sponsor and support the event. In addition, we would like to share our expertise in major publishing projects with Thunder.

[embedded content]

At the European Drupal Business Days, not only decision-makers, marketing managers or CXOs meet, but also customers for Drupal services. The event takes place at the Radisson Blu in Frankfurt am Main. Through the input of the various speakers from very different areas, each participant of the event can learn something new.

Subjects of the sessions are for example: issues such as brand communication or content management topics that help Drupal projects to success. In addition, social media strategies play a role as well as project management in Drupal projects. Total should be taught how Drupal projects become successful.

The keynote speakers

Here are some of the great speakers this year:

  • Collin Müller, Business Development, from Hubert Burda Media
  • Zach Chandler, Web Strategist at Stanford University

Anja from undpaul will give a lecture as part of Collin Müller's keynote session on "Our experience with Thunder in the real world". Another keynote speaker from Vodafone is planned, but not fixed yet. More information about all the entries submitted so far, you find here: Sessions.

Get in Touch in Frankfurt

Do we meet in Frankfurt? Now secure tickets under www.drupalbusiness.org

Mar 16 2017
Mar 16
undpaul Team bei der Entgegennahme des Splash Awards 2017 in der Kategorie Verlage/Medien

The Splash Awards 2017

We were there: at the first German Splash Awards 2017 in Hamburg. The award show with Dutch roots took place for the first time in Germany.

Above all, the Splash Awards are designed to honor those who make remarkable use of Drupal. Not only Drupal agencies, but also individual Drupal developers are taken into account with their submitted projects. In addition to eight awards, a Drupalista of the Year was also selected. The Drupalista award is designed to highlight the people who have made a significant contribution to the Drupal community and have been specially dedicated to the Drupal community last year.

The nominees, the categories and the jury

27 projects were nominated in nine categories. The submitted projects were diverse and came from different fields such as the food, health, e-learning, chemical and publishing industries. undpaul was nominated in the category publishers/media with the project "Mein Schöner Garten". The jury of the Splash Awards 2017 included Jeffrey A. "jam" McGuire, Robert Douglass, Meike Jung, Rouven Volk and Marc Dinse.

The location

In the heart of St. Pauli, the award ceremony took place in two locations in the clubhouse. The reception as well as the after show party were arranged at kukuun, while the actual awarding took place at Häkken. The exceptional location, the professional service staff and the successful aftershow party put the awards uniquely in the scene.

The winners

All winners in the respective categories can be found here.

undpaul wins Award

We are proud to have received the award for best project in the category publishing & media. A big thank you to everyone involved!

Feb 17 2017
Feb 17
Screenshots des Zeitungsartikels über undpauls neuen iranischen Kollegen Siavash Torkzaban in der Hannoverschen Allgemeinen Zeitung

Recently the German newspaper HAZ visited us to talk about our new Junior Drupal Developer Siavash. A positive example for the integration of a refugee on the German labor market should be presented and brought to the public. In the article, Siavash recounts the bureaucratic hurdles he had to overcome until he could finally work at undpaul. He still has to wait, be patient and hope his asylum application is successful.

Originally Siavash did not want to go to Germany but to Canada. Now he is learning both German and Drupal and is not afraid of the complexity of the task.

View the newspaper article on haz.de.

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