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Sep 20 2021
Sep 20

Drupal is about delivering unique digital experiences and high-quality, accessible content to audiences. So it’s natural that content strategists, digital marketers, UX specialists, and designers take a prominent position in DrupalCon Europe 2021. Let’s take a look at what the Users & Editors Track has to offer to these professionals over the event’s four-day schedule.

Content Editors

As editors and strategists, you’ll want to cover as many aspects of content management as possible, and the Users & Editors Track have plenty of options. On Monday, there will be three great sessions in a row to attend. Start with Nikita Aswani speaking about creating accessible digital content, then wait for Inez Declercq and her session about using layout builder to improve content quality. Finally, Suzanne Dergacheva will compare the content editor experiences in Drupal, WordPress, and Contentful. On Tuesday, you don’t want to miss Kerstin Polte’s first-person testimony of her experiences and difficulties with Drupal pages as a content editor.


Design and UX professionals can start their itinerary on Day One, with Carie Fisher discussing ways and actions to empower users to choose their experiences versus assuming what they want. The day after, Eriol Fox will host a panel ideal for those interested in integrating design and OSS—two worlds that shouldn’t be as far apart as they seem. At the same time, Samvada Jain and Gopinath  Manimayam will present a more practical session, about adding flexibility in Drupal core’s block system to allow discrete pieces of content. Designers will need to choose between one of these two sessions, but both are undoubtedly promising.

Site Builders

Drupal developers will also be perfectly served by the Users & Editors Track. On Tuesday, Vladimir Roudakov demonstrates how to create a website on Drupal with a similar experience as in Wix or Squarespace. Then, on Wednesday, three sessions are sure to appeal to site builders. First, there’s Sascha Eggenberger’s take on the future of the popular Gin Admin Theme. Later, Hristo Chonov will show how Autosave Form and Conflict can enhance the editorial experience in Drupal 8 and 9. Finally, Ruchika Mohite and Abhai Sasidharan explain how a DIY Layout Builder can make Drupal more friendly for content editors and marketers.

Most of these sessions are at the beginner level, so non-technical, less seasoned ticket holders should not be intimidated by its topics. And although we suggested the itineraries above, participants can surely create their own programs, according to their interests and needs.

Sep 14 2021
Sep 14

If you thought DrupalCon was just for developers, you couldn’t be more wrong! The Agency and Business track is now a mainstay of the DrupalCon schedule and this year it is packed with great content for agency leaders, project managers and business owners. We have assembled some itineraries to get you started on your DrupalCon experience.

Agency Owners

Start your DrupalCon on Monday afternoon with the Drupal Steward Q&A and find out how to update sites on your own terms for greater peace of mind. Next up on Tuesday morning is a session about starting small as a way of developing new service offerings for your agency. Then on Wednesday afternoon, you can learn about recruiting Drupal talent in a highly competitive jobs market. Round off your DrupalCon on Thursday morning hearing about strategies for you to improve the performance of your agency and enhance your sales efforts.

Project Managers

Like all great project managers, you want to plan your time to get the most out of your DrupalCon experience. How about starting off on Monday with a session advocating the case for ‘no estimation’. Then take a 15 minute break before learning about how support and kanban can work together to deliver both maintenance and continuous improvement. Another 15 minute break and then hear how to use discovery as the basis for successful projects. Finally, on Tuesday, the session about exploratory testing and the impact it can have on quality will provide a different perspective on delivering great digital products.

Business Leaders

Regardless of whether you are a leader within a client side organization or a digital agency, there is plenty to challenge and inform at DrupalCon. On Tuesday morning, learn about how to onboard new colleagues to create a happy, stable and high performance team. Then, on Wednesday morning, hear about using internships to help your organization whilst also contributing to the Drupal project. After a short break, head over to find out about LocalGov Drupal and how it is using a distributed governance model to transform digital delivery in local government organizations. On Thursday, take a deeper dive behind the DXP buzzwords to explore why open DXP is the future

Create your own itinerary now to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the knowledge and insight of the many experts who are presenting sessions at this year's DrupalCon Europe.

Jun 23 2021
Jun 23

The Drupal community is one of the largest open web communities in the world. Moreover, the Drupal community has a diverse and inclusive culture across every department. Drupal is an Open source platform, and we welcome other open web technologies to collaborate. For example, inclusion of the JSON API into Drupal core and new Decoupled menu initiatives which use a JavaScript framework, we invited developers who would like to use Drupal as a back end while also providing user-editable menus.


Photo source Twitter

In other words, the Drupal community is fantastic because of the significant contributions made from gem volunteers from around the globe. It includes everyone, irrespective of their ethnicity, gender, language, religion or any other background. They are willing to contribute back to the Drupal community with Code and other community contributions alike. And also the impact of Drupal on an individual's Life and changing stories. 

View Angie Byron's intervention

Angie Byron - Tales of Drupal Past: Origin Stories of Drupal Contributor

So, the Open Web and Community track, we encourage everyone from any open-source/open web technology to submit technical or non-technical sessions.


Contact: RakeshJames, rakesh.gectcr, Track Chair Lead Open Web & Community 

Jun 23 2021
Jun 23

The digital agency sector is wide and diverse, spanning many different disciplines and services, but all share a common goal - to deliver transformational digital projects through innovation and best practice. The Agency & Business track is a staple of the DrupalCon program where agency owners and teams can share ideas, learn new skills and collaborate to advance standards in leadership, project management, quality assurance, sales and marketing and digital services.

Photo by Michael Cannon


Shared learning and actionable insight

Digital agencies are, with few exceptions, businesses that operate in a competitive market and compete for clients and projects. Coming together at DrupalCon is a unique opportunity for agencies to put community before competition in order to advance standards, develop skills and drive innovation.

The DrupalCon Agency & Business track has become famous for:

  • Agency owners sharing the latest thinking on leadership and building a winning culture within the agency business model.
  • Project management professionals illustrating critical skills and lessons in agile delivery through real world examples, not just when things have gone well, but when things go wrong too!
  • Agency teams demonstrating how to advance quality assurance and open standards
  • Sales & marketing experts showcasing how to create a point of difference in digital services and craft marketing messages that resonate.

Inspiring Stories

One of the most notable aspects of the Agency & Business track is insight from the teams behind some of the most successful digital agencies. Bringing together experts and senior executives from the agency world, DrupalCon is as famous for inspirational stories and ‘non technical’ insights as it is for code and programming skills.

Examples of previous Agency & Business Track sessions include:

  • Agency Leadership
    • Successfully Managing Distributed Teams
    • The Ten Ways of Trust
    • Drupal Agency Partnerships: Stronger, Together
  • Project Management
    • My first Drupal Project as Junior PM
    • "Flattening the Curve" with Lean Software Delivery
    • Happier teams & clients with better PM – how we improved our PM process to make our lives easier
  • Quality Assurance
    • Automated advanced visual regression testing
    • Understanding Automated Tests in Drupal
    • Utilizing the QA Engineers Throughout the Whole Project Lifecycle
  • Sales & Marketing
    • What is between agencies and freelancing?
    • Value Mapping: Communicating the Benefits of What You Do.
    • Creating more value with Drupal by offering it as a DXP

The Agency & Business track covers a wide spectrum of topics and issues so we are keen to hear from anyone working for or with a digital agency.

Lead by Example

If you want to share your insight and showcase your leadership within the agency world, we want to hear from you. We are calling on digital agency teams to submit their session proposals by the 28th June 2021. Are you a:

  • Digital agency owner or leader
  • Project management professional and team
  • Quality assurance expert
  • Sales & marketing specialist

If so, help us to make the Drupal community the most innovative and dynamic environment for digital agencies and submit your session today.

Submit your sessions now and help make DrupalCon Europe 2021 the best yet!

Contact: Will Huggins, zoocha-will, Track Chair Lead Agency & Business

Jun 21 2021
Jun 21

Share your case studies at the DrupalCon Europe 2021 Client & Industry track

Day 2, Keynote - Monique J. Morrow - DrupalCon Vienna 2017. Photo by Dominik Kiss

Using open source software in a large company requires a cultural shift. An organization needs to encourage knowledge sharing and contributions within the different teams in an organization and also with the greater open source community. New ways of working and collaboration need to be established to take full advantage of adopting open source for an enterprise. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought bizarre challenges and opportunities for enterprises to embrace digital transformation at a much faster pace. It has compelled enterprises to create new possibilities for their businesses through innovative services and products, improved ways of working, and agile business models.

However, there are only a few platforms that support faster digital transformation. Due to this, there are enterprises & SMBs that struggle to leverage the full potential of digital and hence, fail to reach their target audiences at the right time.

And that’s where Drupal, the power of open-source, comes into the picture!

Drupal has become a top enterprise-class CMS for its reliability, interoperability, scalability, security and ease of customizations and integrations. Organizations globally are incorporating open source methodologies into the way they develop their own software. Companies such as Pfizer, Nestlé, Nokia, NASA, Habitat for Humanity, and DHL are already using Drupal to deliver content across all their channels.

Another advantage of open source is the people behind the software, in the case of Drupal a community of more than 1.3 million members. Within this community we can connect and share best practices and lessons learned for managing large complex projects and pushing innovative boundaries using Drupal. With a whole community innovating, we often get new features before we know we need them.

No matter which path is taken, everyone can learn from each other. And that's what DrupalCon Europe 2021  is all about. In the Client & Industry track we want to discuss how  digital transformation can be a success for your company – and what role Drupal plays in this. We are looking forward to your questions and your ideas in order to become better together.

DrupalCon Europe 2021 on 4 October through 7 October will cover a broad range of case studies and experiences by representatives of the organisations specialized in choosing for the open web. And it’s not only techs speaking, but also people using Drupal strategically like CMO’s, CTO’s, digital managers, agencies, and business/site owners. The key goal is to show how Drupal can adapt to fit projects of all shapes and sizes, across all industries.

The sessions are targeted to digital managers and executive decision makers using Drupal or considering the solution as their next content and digital experience management platform. Agency leaders, product owners, and tech leads can also benefit from the showcases in this track.

The showcases will add more business value if told by project owners from the companies themselves, or with the agencies alongside their clients. By sharing your journey using Drupal in your digital transformation, you will help existing and potential Drupal users (clients) learn innovative ways to improve Drupal, from Drupal users themselves.

pdjohson -

Community Summit at DrupalCon Vienna 2016. Photo by pdjohnson

The Client & Industry track typically covers the following topics:

  • General Open Web: Explore how we can continue to advocate for our ability to access and publish on the open web and allow engaging and meaningful digital experiences.
  • Drupal Digital Experiences: Share innovative customizations or how you use Drupal in conjunction with other solutions.
  • Digital Transformation: Show us how you achieved agility, standardization, masterization, or implementation of new governance processes for Drupal projects that promote digital transformation and innovation within an organization.
  • Media & Publishing: Drupal is built with out-of-the-box tools & features essential for creating & publishing SEO-friendly content in multiple languages across devices for delivering incredible user experiences. Showcase how the unique capabilities/features of Drupal make it a one-stop solution for all Media & Publishing enterprises.
  • Ecommerce: Tell us how Drupal serves as the foundation and stepping stone for building an integrated Commerce, Marketing, CRM, and ERP platform and delivering integrability, flexibility, and scalability at a reasonable cost.
  • Government: Showcase reuse, cost savings, productivity efficiencies, and innovative customizations in governmental structures.
  • Education & Non-Profit Organizations: Show how Drupal has been extended to support multifaceted institutions and empower disparate editorial teams.
  • Community Platforms: Share with us how Drupal is used to build engaging and intuitive community platforms.

We have listed some presentation topics above, but are open to new themes. What has been your experience with implementing Drupal in your organization in the last few years? What types of governance processes have been put in place? What have been your successes and challenges?

We’d love to hear about it! Send us your case study for the Client & Industry track and share it with the Drupal community. 

Not sure if your topic is right here? Don’t be afraid to choose the wrong track as all track chairs are in close contact and will consider moving your session to the best place.

Target Audience

The sessions target digital managers and executive decision-makers who use Drupal or are considering using it as their next digital experience management platform. Agency leaders, product owners, and tech leads can also take advantage of the sessions & workshops on this track.

Why Participate?

Because you will be able to:

  • Tell Your Story

DrupalCon offers everyone a platform to showcase the best of their work. If you have worked with the team that developed the web application or an accelerator program to facilitate enterprises in delivering engaging experiences, you ought to share that with us!

We will be ecstatic to know how you fostered innovation using Drupal for building community platforms, improving editorial experiences, creating eCommerce platforms, and ultimately, delivering meaningful customer experiences.

We want to hear all of this from you at DrupalCon. Tell your story by submitting a session to the Clients & Industry Track. 

  • Give Back to the Community

DrupalCon is an event for anyone & everyone who wants to learn Drupal to make a difference in others’ lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are a developer, designer, editor, or an end-user even, you can get started right away. Simply put your ideas to work at contribution events & enjoy learning & being a part of one of the largest open-source communities in the world.


Submit your sessions now and help create the best program for DrupalCon Europe 2021!

We are looking forward to your submissions! Please don’t hesitate in submitting your sessions. Be an inspiration for all Drupal enthusiasts out there

Contact: Antonella Severo, Antonellasevero, Track Chair Lead, Clients & Industry

Jun 21 2021
Jun 21

What does Makers & Builders mean?

The “Makers & Builders” track is the combination of DevOps, backend development, site building, frontend development, and accessibility competencies. All the right ingredients for a perfect Drupal recipe.

This is an expert only thing, isn’t it?

No! When we build the program, we take into account each type of individual. Whether you are a first-timer (welcome!) discovering Drupal, someone building or maintaining small/medium sites or an “hardcore” developer with dozens of sitesbuilt on your resume or high traffic websites, we have a session for you!

There is obviously content for backend developers, frontend developers, sysadmins or accessibility experts, but also for what we call site builders (They are people carefully picking and assembling modules that fulfill your sites features).

What will I learn in this track?

Spoiler alert, something new! Here is a broad list of topics covered in the track description:

  • Accessibility,
  • APIs & Third party systems,
  • Back End Development (Symfony, GraphQL…),
  • Contribution best practices,
  • Development (PHP, Javascript…) state of the art,
  • DevOps (DDEV, Docker, Kubernetes...),
  • Front End Development (React, Vues.js, Angular…),
  • Performance,
  • Q&A and Automated Testing,
  • Scalability,
  • Security,
  • Modules feedbacks (content layout, multilingual, media management…),
  • And the list could go on!


That’s a lot to explore, right? It’s the beauty of it. Our sessions are recorded so don’t worry, if you face a session dilemma, you will have a way to catch up the ones you won’t be able to attend.

Enjoy the great DrupalCon experience!

Contact: Julien Dubois, artusamak, Track Chair Lead Makers & Builders 

May 12 2021
May 12

Open Collaborative Connections - Join us to experience the open web with a collaborative culture and a connection to DrupalCamps across Europe

There is no DrupalCon without an awesome program, and our program team is working on various activities to make this happen.

First of all - what are we going to learn about this year?

Last year, we had five areas in which our program was centered around, and we decided that we would like to continue with them again this year.

That said, the main topics for this years’ edition of DrupalCon Europe will be:

  • Agency & Business
    Attendees looking for actionable advice, ideas and challenges from business owners, operators, executives and project managers on how to manage their business and projects successfully.
  • Clients & Industry Experiences
    Digital managers and executive decision-makers using Drupal or considering Drupal as their next digital experience management platform. Agency leaders, product owners and tech leads would also find the showcases insightful.
  • Makers & Builders
    This track is for everyone interested in Drupal development, including all disciplines and all levels of experience. This track is for both technical profiles, and also anyone interested in how Drupal works from the inside.
  • Open Web & Community
    This track is for everyone in the Drupal and Open Web community interested in the web being an inclusive, diverse, open and healthy place. 
  • Users & Editors
    If you are using Drupal extensively to reach your organizations' digital goals or to create content regularly, or if you are creating the editorial experience for a project, this track is for you.

We are aiming to give you high-quality sessions from seasoned speakers, where you can learn and discover new things. We are also adjusting the schedule, so as an attendee, you can make the most out of your DrupalCon experience, without the feeling of being overloaded.

Then - who is going to select the sessions?

The program team leads (Rouven Volk, Dan Lemon and Zsófi Major) have already started weekly meetings to figure out the details, and they are working on putting together a great program team for each track. Once complete, the team will start building the program and we will publish our call for papers.

And finally - how can you get involved?

There are many ways to help out around DrupalCon. Since we are currently forming our program team, we are looking for motivated volunteers who would be interested in joining a track and helping us find the best sessions of the season.

Do you have good contacts in one of the audience groups we have mentioned above? Are you interested in helping promote the program or selecting the right sessions for one of these tracks? The track team is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive program, which is why we welcome help, especially from underrepresented groups.

Your help as a track chair can be a very rewarding experience and will shape the program for the next DrupalCon.

Please complete our track chair form if you are interested in helping with the DrupalCon Europe 2021 program team!

Furthermore, please reach out to the organizer team, if you would like to participate in DrupalCon Europe 2021 in any other way, we have all kinds of opportunities for you!

Please take a look at our volunteer survey and submit your name - link: https://kuonicongress.eventsair.com/drupal21/volunteering-opportunities/Site/Register

And if you are the type of person who likes to share their knowledge with the world - polish your best DrupalCon talk material, and submit your session proposal today!

In the upcoming days, we will post further updates about our program.

The DrupalCon Europe 2021 Program Team

May 10 2021
May 10

This year, the experience at DrupalCon Europe will be the most comprehensive ever. What does that mean?

  • One major Drupal community event for all - DrupalCon Europe 2021 will be one big event that brings together the European Community (and beyond) by hosting regional camps as part of the main event. A single DrupalCon ticket will give you access to all DrupalCamps.
  • Camp experiences customized - Different camps at DrupalCon Europe will craft their own experiences, host their own sessions, interviews or case studies.

We all want to make the most out of Drupal’s anniversary at DrupalCon, in spite of global lockdown. In fact, there are numerous opportunities and benefits of doing a DrupalCon in such a format:

  • 1 ticket, multiple experiences
  • Experience your local event and DrupalCon 
  • Meet more new people going to camps
  • Catch up with people that go to DrupalCon
  • Less screen time: 1 event, shorter days, different format, more fun

We've been in discussion with various DrupalCamps to make sure the camp experience will be top notch. The following camps and/or local associations are already involved and are currently discussing their participation at DrupalCon Europe:

In order for this ambitious joint project to succeed, and for DrupalCon to unite experts from around the world on ever-exciting digital experiences, we need all of your help!

Whether you are a member of a local association or an event organizer, a member of a partner company, or a contributor, you can help in many ways:

We hope to see you virtually soon!

DrupalCon Europe 2021 Advisory Committee with Kuoni Congress

Dec 08 2020
Dec 08

We are delighted to have you join us for the first ever Virtual edition of DrupalCon Europe 2020.


Let's kick off!

Today, Tuesday, 8 December 2020, the first parallel sessions, tracks, BoFs and workshops will launch DrupalCon Europe 2020 Virtual Meeting at 9:15 CET.

Drupal initiative leads keynote from 16:30 to 18:00 CET

Drupal’s initiatives form powerful teams that make great things happen. Core initiatives self-organize to get new improvements to the base system while community initiatives coordinate event organization, spread diversity best practices, collaborate on promotional materials, and so on.

Speakers: Putra Bonaccorsi, Ted Bowman, Len Swaneveld, Neil Drumm, Ryan Aslett, Baddy Sonja Breidert, Gábor Hojtsy.

We cheerfully invite you all at 18:15 CET to join the Official Opening Ceremony Don't miss this convivial moment: The Flamenco Session, known by most of you as a Spanish typical dance. You will be able to see a demonstration from the professional dancer Marta G. Blanco and as well learn some of its basic moves.

Visit our Sponsors in the Virtual exhibition and request live meetings to video-chat with them and learn about what they offer.  We hope you enjoy your first day with us! 

With kind regards, 

DrupalCon Europe 2020 Congress Secretariat

Kuoni Congress

[email protected] 

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