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Nov 17 2016
Nov 17

This latest release for [RNG](RNG brings two major features: The ability for anonymous users to register for events. And the ability to create, and associate non-users with events.

RNG is an event management module for Drupal 8 created in the spirit of Entity Registration (Drupal 7) and Signup (Drupal 6). Users can create registrations for events, and event managers can manage these registrations.

Note: This post discusses updates to the RNG project which are available in a beta release. See this issue for how to get RNG 1.3 beta.

The event registration form has been reworked into a re-usable Drupal element, whilst making heavy use of AJAX. The registrant selector now accepts multiple registrants. Registrants can also be modified after the registration is created.

*Associate multiple registrants with a registration.* *Create new registrants within the registration form.* *Modify the meta registrant form within the registration form.*

Access control has been reworked to permit anonymous users to register for events.

RNG requires that all registrants for a registration are a Drupal entity. Since anonymous users do not correspond to a user entity, the RNG Contact project provides a way to create non-user registants in a similar fashion to how contacts work on your phone.

See main RNG Contact article: RNG Contact: Anonymous registrants for RNG.

  • Registrant entities now have bundles
  • Added registrant type configuration entity
  • Added control over which identity types can be referenced or created within each event type.
  • Added ability to specify minimum and maximum registrants per registration.
  • Added an interface to view and add RNG related fields.
  • Event settings pages now use the admin theme.
  • And many other behind the scene changes.

Cover photo: B&W Crowd by whoohoo120. License CC BY 2.0

Sep 22 2015
Sep 22

RNG has tagged numerous alpha releases and maintained stability with Drupal core. Because of this stability I will be accellerating to 1.0 by skipping beta and going straight to RC. However RC will not occur until the following requirements are satisfied:

Everything should line up for a RNG RC in October or November 2015.

Updated October 20, 2015: All requirements were satisfied, the first RNG release candidate was released on October 14th, 2015.

Cover photo (unmodified): Running gear of steam locomotive by Petar Milošević. License CC BY-SA 3.0

Jun 16 2015
Jun 16

After 5 months of development, RNG is ready for its first alpha release. A milestone where there are no major issues, and schema is not anticipated to change leading up until v1.0.

RNG is a Drupal 8 module implementing a core toolset for allowing users to register for events. An event can be a presentation at a conference, a meetup, a class. If you need a way to associate people with a Drupal entity, take a look at RNG.

Core features of RNG:

  • Any entity type — designate any bundle (e.g node type) as an event type.
  • Self and proxy registration — users can register themselves or other identities to the event.
  • Multiple registrants — registrations can associate multiple identities.
  • Messaging — messages, such as email, can be sent to registrants. Messages have token support, allowing you to recycle field values from the related event, identity, and registration. Messages can be timed, or sent when a registration is created.
  • Additional identities — the Identity module allows you to register non-users. It is modeled like an address book, where contacts are added, and then made available as an option on the registration form.

Theres still a few things that will make it in before 1.0 final. Including improved Views integration, and improved/full test coverage.

I work on RNG in my own time. If you want to help out, don't hesitate in posting in the issue queue or contacting me directly.

Need help getting setup? See Quick Start.

Download the module on drupal.org.

Cover photo: Seedling by sjg. License CC BY-NC 2.0

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