Feb 11 2020
Feb 11

Our client Senec is working in a competitive environment and has to react on changing requirements regarding privacy quickly. At the same time the user experience cannot be harmed by regulations. In the beginning of the year Senec requested us to build a two-step process for YouTube/Vimeo video playback.

Senec's website is built with Drupal and won the International Splash Awards 2019.

When loading a page that contains a video, a preview is displayed website with a custom image and a play button according to their design system. 

Screenshot video on Senec website before privacy overlay

But when the visitor decides to click on the video playback button, an information message is displayed as shown in the image below.

Screenshot video on Senec website with privacy overlay warning about video content

It is only after the user clicks on 'Play video' that the request is made to to the video provider to fetch the content and display it.

Displaying the video like this allows for both an engaging visual experience, and at the same time protects the user's privacy until consent has been explicitly granted.

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