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Oct 21 2021
Oct 21


A panel of distinguished judges composed of digital experience platforms (DXP) and digital marketing experts evaluated submissions based on several criteria: functionality, integration, performance (results and key performance indicators), and overall user experience.  All submissions had to represent initiatives, updated features or projects built with Acquia that were completed during 2020 or 2021. Categories are as following, taken from Acquia Engage page


Reimagining Customer Experience: We want to see proof that “if you dream it, you can build it.” How has your team created flexible, open solutions that help your organization reinvent customer experience? We want to celebrate solutions that allow organizations to personalize, engage and connect with customers in new ways.

Best Campaign: Have you launched a great campaign that spoke to your customers and delivered results? Let us know how you organized and executed your campaign. And remember to back up your story with metrics that showcase that success.

Most Impactful Insights: When you drilled down into your customer data, did you find something that made you pivot how your organization does business? Tell us how your customer insights and/or analytics changed the game. 

Leader of the Pack: We want to hear from organizations that are setting the bar for digital experiences in their field or industry. 


Best Return on Investment: Organizations that have implemented strategies that ensure governance and reduce cost and time-to-market... and have the results to prove it.

Quickest to Launch: Got things up and running at top speed in no time? We want to know how your team expertly leveraged Acquia to bring your solution from vision to fruition, fast. 

Open Source Giants: Strongest contribution to the Drupal ecosystem, through Drupal.org or GitHub code contributions, event sponsorship, community mentorship, or technical excellence. 

Scale: Scaling to accommodate online growth is tough: today it requires a meaningful change in the delivery model and adoption of new technologies, often in a way that changes the way organizations do business. Show us how you rose to the challenge and delivered amazing solutions at scale.


Building A Better Tomorrow: This award is to applaud organizations that used their platform to make a difference, provide essential resources for their communities or design a new path forward. We want to showcase innovations and quick pivots that created better customer experiences and contributed toward a better society.

Pandemic Problem-Solver: As physical doors closed, digital doors opened. This past year, teams made quick decisions to continue to serve customers even in the face of COVID-19. We want to showcase innovative change, quick pivots and customer experiences that successfully met these new demands. 

Best of Both Worlds: We want to recognize organizations making the most of both Marketing Cloud and Drupal Cloud. How are you crafting the best digital experience out there through use of content and customer insights? 

Radical Innovator Award: We’re shaking it up this year and recognizing an individual, not just an organization. The Radical Innovator Award will go to an individual who defined their organization’s digital strategy and saw it through to execution and strong results. Their work has made an impact on the way their organization delivers customer experience. 

Regional Excellence: This award showcases the work of different regions across the globe.

Oct 01 2021
Oct 01

Stefan Weber

At the beginning of this year, the new webshop of our client, Transgourmet, came out of private beta phase and has grown into a large-scale E-commerce application.

Transgourmet / Selgros is one of the largest food retailers in Europe. The online shop for the B2B business for Germany was the first to launch within the corporate strategy to consolidate all web activities in a unified architecture. Over the next few years, all web properties in Europe will be migrated to the new architecture.

Websites and content are delivered using Drupal. Inside the websites, decoupled E-commerce applications are loaded to allow a seamless user experience from website to shop.

The shop apps connect with E-commerce APIs for product information and to headless Drupal for loading marketing content. The first shop integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud, currently, we are porting the apps to integrate to Commerce Tools.

In this session, Stefan will give an overview of the architecture of the website and shop integration, and highlight the most important features of the large scale shops. He will also showcase the shop and do some live demonstrations.

Last but not least he will show how consolidating all web properties fits the corporate digitalization strategy of Transgourmet /Selgros.

Apr 08 2021
Apr 08

Relaunch blog of Unity.com with headless Drupal 8, Next.js

Dr. Christoph Breidert,  Managing Director & Co-Founder of 1xINTERNET and  Lars Linnet from Unity Technologies will join forces during this session.  After many years of successfully running an interactive blog in 9 different languages using Wordpress, Unity decided to relaunch the blog using headless Drupal and Next.js.

The goal was to build a state of the art blogging system that provides a state of the art editorial experience for the team and contributors of the blog and to decouple the frontend completely from the backend.

The goal was achieved by exposing all necessary content such as page types, paragraphs, menus, media, meta tags, redirects, etc. using GraphQL, and building a fast and beautiful frontend with Next.js.

The development was done with a mixed team of frontend and backend developers working closely together.

Some of the most notable highlights of the implementation are:

  •  Flexible content model using paragraphs
  • Support of meta tags, redirects, and media
  • Optimal image cropping and resizing by combining Drupal and Next.js
  • State of the art editorial experience with workflows and translation management
  • Migration from unstructured Wordpress data into a highly structured data model

In the session Christoph and Lars will showcase the final project.  

Make sure not to miss out on this session.

Jan 15 2021
Jan 15

Twenty years ago today, Drupal was founded by Dries Buytaert. The Drupal story began in a dorm room at the University of Antwerpen, and a lot has been achieved since.

In the world of fast changing technology and a vibrant open source ecosystem, it is a great achievement to reach the age of twenty. Over the years the Drupal project has developed from a CMS system into an open source digital transformation platform that millions of people around the world use every day.

One of every thirty websites in the world is built with Drupal

In the last 20 years Drupal has become one of the leading open source frameworks in the world for high-end digital experience projects, and the story of the Drupal community, its companies, and individuals is nowhere near ending. 

During the history of Drupal it has always been a priority to solve problems for the end users, to react fast to new technologies, and to adapt the project to new challenges. For many years Drupal has proven its case: Even though Drupal was always built for the high end market, the focus was always to make it easy for new users to start using it. The result is that the Drupal community is thriving, every year thousands of exciting new web projects are launched, and Drupal maintains to be a front runner for high-end digital experiences.

The fact that Drupal is open source makes it even more attractive. Today more than ever, companies and governments want to own their data and their software. They want to have the freedom to use it and develop it the way they want. Escaping the walled gardens of SAAS, PAAS, and the vendor lock-in effect of proprietary software has caused a huge momentum for Drupal. 

1xINTERNET is built around Drupal - on the backend all our applications are based on Drupal and our employees are truly dedicated Drupalists. We take part in the community work, and we do not only have ambitions for 1xINTERNET, but also for Drupal as a project. We care about the future of  the Drupal ecosystem, and it is our wish, that together we can build an even stronger community. We want to foster the relationship and collaboration with like minded companies and individuals with the goal to make Drupal even better, and to further accelerate its growth and adoption. 

When we all continue to contribute our time, technical skills, and passion into the open source project Drupal, we can benefit for many years to come. At 1xINTERNET we look forward to seeing where Drupal will take us in the next decades.

We strongly believe in the power of the extraordinary innovative Drupal community, and we are proud every day about being part of the Drupal universe.

Celebrating 20 years of Drupal

During the year 2021 we will focus on highlighting our best solutions made with Drupal. We call this series “Celebrating 20 years of Drupal”, and we will highlight 20 projects throughout the year. Every month we will feature case studies, introduce our latest projects, and show our compelling product lines of software solutions based on Drupal. So make sure you follow us on our social media to get the news hot and fresh!


Today, to kick off the year of Drupal for 20 years celebration, we highlight the following  case study: Transgourmet is one of our great clients, for whom we have built a multi-site solution. Transgourmet is one of the biggest food wholesalers in Germany and eastern Europe with a focus on gastronomy, hotels and bulk consumers.

In the beginning 1xINTERNET was asked to review all websites of Transgourmet and their daughter companies Selgros Cash and Carry. The goal was to create a unified platform for all websites and e-commerce solutions. Drupal was selected to create a consistent and flexible solution that allows the relaunch of all websites of the company. Over the last years we have created this platform in close cooperation with Transgourmet, and currently all websites are being rolled out on our platform.  

This case study won the Enterprise category at the German Splash Awards 2020 which was held in October 2020.

Oct 30 2020
Oct 30

All in all, great event! Big applause to the organisers that did a fantastic job at weird times and to the jury for also for their work valuation all the nominations that we submitted.

Until next year! Cheers to the best German and Austrian Drupal projects of 2020

Oct 26 2020
Oct 26

Our nominations

This year 1xINTERNET got nominated in three categories:  Non-Profit, Government & Enterprise. 

IFOAM Organics got nominated in the Non-Profit category.  The company is a membership-based organization working to bring true sustainability to agriculture across the globe. The challenge during this project was to create a consistent logic in displaying content as well as creating great editorial experience for multiple numbers of editors. To make this happen, we created a highly customizable backend. Each content page can use a different colour theme and paragraphs within the page can also have their own colour settings. The structure of the pages is up to the editors and what the content is all about. Basic pages act as overview pages or landing pages (with their own navigation) for the other content types. We implemented various views for specific content types (like news or events), as well as reusable elements, which allows the editors to modify a piece of content in one place that will then change everywhere that the element is used. 

Bodensee Schiffsbetriebe - BSB got nominated in the Government category. BSB runs a fleet of passenger ships and ferries and is a unique provider of local public transportation in Germany. BSB was looking for a professional partner who was able to provide the technical expertise for the implementation of a modern, mobile-optimised website and who also had a great experience in online marketing.  To achieve this our team at 1xINTERNET developed a solution to personalize the content for certain user groups of the BSB website. Visitors are segmented with targeted marketing campaigns or via the user behaviour on the website. To enhance the user experience through their whole stay on the website, preferred contents are displayed matching the interests of the visitors.

Transgourmet got nominated in the Enterprise Category. 1xINTERNET was asked to relaunch all websites of Transgourmet and their brand Selgros Cash and Carry. The task was to create a consistent and flexible solution that would enable the relaunch of all websites of the company. Therefore a robust, secure and efficient CMS was needed whose development and maintenance could be decoupled in time. For a company like Transgourmet a project like this is an essential part to complete the digital strategy.

Jul 17 2020
Jul 17

Yesterday at DrupalCon Global, Baddý Sonja, the CEO of 1xINTERNET, received the Aaron Winborn award. This award is presented annually to an individual who demonstrates personal integrity, kindness, and above-and-beyond commitment to the Drupal community.

Baddy has been known for her active engagement in the Drupal Community for many years. She was one of the co-organizers of Drupal Europe 2018 as well as the Northern Lights and Solstice DrupalCamps in Iceland. She has been been one of the organizers of both the local and international Splash Awards, as well as being a very active member of the German Drupal community. Baddy also influenced the fundraising challenge #DrupalCares Matching Challenge.

She is currently a member of the Drupal Association Board of Directors, where she serves as a Treasurer. She is a founder and president of both the German Drupal Business Association and the Icelandic Drupal Association. Since early this year, she became a board member of the Drupal Event Organizers Working Group.

"I am extremely happy to have received this award. Drupal has so many opportunities for individuals and businesses. During my work with the community I have met so many passionate and inspiring people who have a big part in my heart. I have enjoyed every minute that I spent working for the Drupal Community"

Baddy’s story with Drupal began back in 2007 when she and her husband Dr. Christoph Breidert, Managing director of 1xINTERNET, started using Drupal for their personal projects. In 2011, Baddy and Christoph founded 1xINTERNET and decided to use Drupal as their company’s main technology. It was not until 2013 that Baddy went to her first DrupalCamp in Germany and the following year she attended her first DrupalCon in Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam, Baddy was very surprised when Dries Buytaert, founder and project lead of Drupal, walked past and asked how it was going at the event, if the team was having fun, and enjoying themselves. This was an eye opener for Baddy, she was so fascinated by the power of the community, impressed how there was no hierarchy and how everyone was willing to collaborate and share knowledge and contacts. Needless to say, Baddy has been to every DrupalCon since and she never tires of inspiring her employees and everyone else around her in the community to be involved and take part by contributing in one way or another. She has ever since this Drupal event dedicated a lot of her energy and free time to the Drupal community. 

The award was given right before the keynote of Mitchell Baker Executive Chairwoman and CEO of Mozilla. Mitchell talked about how open source has evolved and how active communities play an important role in open source, for which Drupal is one of the most prominent example.

Baddy studied computer science at the University of Reykjavik and earned her Master in Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna. She is a frequent speaker at various tech events in Europe and an active advocate for women in tech. 

"I think it's really important that everyone wanting to be involved in the tech industry can do so, background or gender do not matter, everyone has something to contribute. I love seeing people finding their strength and do something they love. "

The Aaron Winborn award

The award has been established by the Community Working Group, with the support of the Drupal Association, in honour of long-time Drupal contributor Aaron Winborn, who lost his battle with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) (also referred to as Lou Gehrig's Disease in the US and Motor Neuron Disease in the UK) in early 2015. 

How is the winner selected?

A committee consisting of the Community Working Group members and previous award winners, select a winner from the submissions from the community. Multiple people nominated Baddy for this award. Here are some of the things they said:

“She has consistently and tirelessly worked for the good of Drupal across event organisation (Drupal Europe), in Drupal Agency life promoting Drupal to wider audiences and running an ethically grounded business (which contributes back in bucket loads).”

“She has been an amazing force in so many areas to even count. As a community organizer on crucial events like Drupal Europe to [foster] a contribution culture at her company. Then spreading the word about how that makes the best business sense. She cares so much for diversity and inclusion at her company and in the Drupal community as well.”

This year, there were 22 individuals nominated for the award. 

Previous winners of the award are:

2015: Cathy Theys 

2016: Gábor Hojtsy

2017: Nikki Stevens 

2018: Kevin Thull 

2019: Leslie Glynn 

and now 2020: Baddy Sonja Breidert (announcement)

The award

The physical award that was hand-crafted by Drupal community member Bo Shipley.  The award was sent to Iceland where Baddy is currently on vacation with her family. The award is hand made out of vegetable strap belt leather and with a lot of love for the Drupal community, Bo told Baddy. Here are some pictures from the award and also from the production process (thank you Bo for sending us the photos and allowing us to share them here).

Jul 13 2020
Jul 13

The Drupal community plays an important role for those who use the Drupal framework on a daily basis. Developers, project managers, designers, marketing managers, end-users, everyone that work with Drupal can benefit from an event like this in a big way. Growing the network is a valuable factor, and at these large events it is possible to share and collaborate about your open source knowledge. It is so inspiring and empowering for everyone involved, and it does not matter if you are new to Drupal or if you have decade of experiences in your bag, everyone leaves the event like this inspired and looking forward to the next DrupalCamp and the next DrupalCon.

Highlight of this year DrupalCon Global

This DrupalCon is different from what we are used to. There will be no in-person parties or surprise bumping-into old Drupal friends, but to focus on the positive the event is packed with great sessions. We are looking at a week of 100 sessions including industry and topical mini summits, interesting sessons from professionals, presentations from sponsors, on demand video library and lots of other content to keep us entertained this week!

We at 1xINTERNET are very happy that our CEO and Co-Founder Baddy Sonja will take part in two summits at this DrupalCon Global. Baddy will be taking part in the Government Summit on Tuesday 14th of July at 18:00 UTC organised by Becca Goodman and Jess Dearie . Baddy will talk about how the City of Reykjavik changed from building websites to building culture and framework for digital development, and why it's important to have a good content strategy.

On Wednesday 15th at 14:00 UTC she will take part in the Community Summit where she will give an Events Organizer update. Directly after her session at the Community Summit she will participate in the Public Q&A with the Drupal Association staff and board together with Dries, Adam Goodman (chairman of the board), Heather Rocker (Executive Director of the DA) and Tim Lehnen (CTO of the DA). This session is interesting for everyone who would like to know more about the Drupal Association and how it is supporting the project. Since November last year, Baddy is the Treasurer of the board of the Drupal Association and will give an update on the financials as well as other activities of the Drupal Association. You will also find Baddy both in the Event organiser group booth and the Drupal Association booth during exhibition hours. Please stop by and say hi to her ( Baddy loves that:).

Jun 03 2020
Jun 03

Today, Drupal 9 will be released and we are throwing a celebration party at 1xINTERNET!

On a day like this, we should take this opportunity and embrace what the Drupal community has achieved, it's important for the future of Drupal and then of course it's important to have fun!

So please join our celebration party today on GOOGLE MEET from 16-18pm CET

Check our celebration video

Celebrate Drupal 9  ( built in Drupal 9 of course ) was created for the launch and shows so nicely the great energy in the Drupal community. 

Christoph, our co - founder sat down at the piano and created a karaoke version of the famous Hallelujah song, encouraging people to take part and sing it with him. Allison Manley reacted quickly and here below you can see the results here!

And by the way! It’s not too late to take part! 

We at 1xINTERNET also created a celebration video, where you can see the majority of our employees, based all over the world!  

[embedded content]

May 27 2020
May 27

Last weekend all of our employees were encouraged to take part in the Drupal 9 porting weekend. The event was organized to activate as many developers as possible to contribute to the open source project Drupal.

For us at 1xINTERNET it turned out to be a great experience. Feeling the team spirit both within the team and the Drupal community, deeply affected us as a group and on a personal level as well. We paused all client projects on Friday and started with a kickoff meeting, where we went over the days ahead and how we would proceed in updating all of our Drupal projects, supporting each other and anyone that needed help. Our goal, which we achieved, was to ensure that all modules maintained by our colleagues had a stable release. Also, our goal was that the modules we use most often, would also have the Drupal 9 readiness patches become ‘Reviewed and Tested by the Community’.

Everyone can be Makers of Open Source

In our kick-off meeting, we provided some mentoring to make sure that all our colleagues had the necessary knowledge to fully participate in this initiative. This included how to use the drupal.org issue queues, how to create patches, and how to efficiently start an environment capable of performing the necessary testing. Some of our colleagues opted to collaborate with their skills in other areas, helping to prepare for the upcoming launch of Drupal 9 in little more than a week.

We have a mix of people at 1xINTERNET, some of us were contributing for the first time and others are experienced experts, simply a great mix! 

The weekend highlights: 

  • We worked on 46 different projects 
  • We released Drupal 9-ready stable versions for 15 Drupal projects
  • We enabled a couple of new contributors that contributed for the first time to Drupal
  • Our non-coder employees worked on Celebrate Drupal 9 launch and content issues on drupal.org

João Ventura had previously agreed to help with the global contribution in Drupal’s #d9readiness Slack channel, so that issues could be better worked on by the Drupal community. His job was made a lot easier with the extensive documentation prepared in advance by Gábor and Kristen Pol.

We had a lot of fun and our team members loved it. Therefore we have decided to do this more often. We want to plan regular Contribution events at 1xINTERNET and also make sure that all employees participate in making Drupal better.

So, how was your weekend? 

About Drupal Sun

Drupal Sun is an Evolving Web project. It allows you to:

  • Do full-text search on all the articles in Drupal Planet (thanks to Apache Solr)
  • Facet based on tags, author, or feed
  • Flip through articles quickly (with j/k or arrow keys) to find what you're interested in
  • View the entire article text inline, or in the context of the site where it was created

See the blog post at Evolving Web

Evolving Web