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Nov 18 2013
Nov 18

This past week, I launched a cool new web site on Drupal. It's called Circle of Gifts, and it's a tool to help families and friends make their holiday shopping easier. Users build their wish list on the site, and their Friends "claim" items so others know not to buy that gift. I originally built it for my family, but have since expanded it and it's now open to the public.

There were a lot of moving parts and a lot of challenges to overcome in building a social network on Drupal. Let's look at some of them:

DrupalDrupal PlanetCircle of Gifts
Nov 12 2012
Nov 12

At the 2012 Bay Area Drupal Camp, I presented a session laying out a possible dev-test-live development workflow branching model using Git. This continues on from the session I presented last year, Beginning Git.

DrupalDrupal PlanetGit
May 26 2012
May 26

In just two weeks, June 8-10, the Sacramento Drupal User Group will be hosting the second annual DrupalCamp Sacramento at UC Davis. Last year was a resounding success, and this year we look to build on that momentum. We are pleased as punch to have Chris Shattuck as our keynote speaker, and it will prove to be a great weekend.

DrupalDrupal Planet
Jan 18 2012
Jan 18

Mapping means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. You ask The Word Shop, and they just want a navigable map with a single point indiciation their location. You ask Development Seed the same question, and you get a completely different answer. You ask my wife, who is a GIS analyst exceedingly proficient in ArcGIS, and you'll get an entirely different concept of the word "map".

That's what makes this hard.

Drupal PlanetDrupalmapspresentations
Oct 27 2011
Oct 27

Last Friday, October 21, the Bay Area Drupal Camp (BADCamp) played host to the first ever (or so I've been told) Higher Education Drupal Summit. This all-day event was envisioned by the BADCamp organizers as part of a suite of events to take place the day before the camp sessions.

Drupal PlanetDrupaleducation
Oct 18 2011
Oct 18
I will be presenting "Beginning Git" at the Bay Area Drupal Camp this weekend. Ever since I caught wind that Drupal was (finally!) moving off of the archaic CVS version control system, and started planning the Great Git Migration, I took it upon myself to be sure that I learn everything I could about Git. DrupalDrupal PlanetGitcoding

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