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Dec 21 2011
Dec 21

Sometimes you need to connect several views – perhaps based on unique permissions or perhaps to improve functionality and layout in a way that blocks might not permit.  With Views Attach you are able to link together multiple views – assign permissions per view, as well as pass along arguments and exposed filters… We use these in many places on our site for things like glossaries as well as to link our blocks to our page management dashboards.  This is a brief tutorial on how and when to use attached views…

A look at a view attached to another view

NB from the video – don’t forget to check your permissions – if “Access All Views” is enabled for a given role it will override the permissions within the particular view

Dec 19 2011
Dec 19

We looked at adding new fields to taxonomies here and now we need to add images.  Thank you Mike Wilson for contributing this step-by-step tutorial for doing just that.  Also thanks to NancyDru for the taxonomy image module

NB: This recipe is specifically built around copying and pasting from the existing images.   Obviously you would need to upload a new image if you are creating a new exhibit…

Linking Images to a Archival Taxonomy

•    Follow this path:  “Content Management”  -> “Taxonomy”
•    For the  [Name Type] “archival taxonomy” click on the [Operations]  “list terms” ;
•    Once on the “Terms in archival taxonomy, click on the “edit” link for the term, e.g. “antique” ;
•    On the “Edit term” page, click on down arrow for “Term Image” ;
•    Click into the “Use external image” box  ;
•    Open another tab/browser window and go to, for example the Historical Collections’ online exhibits page; right mouse click on the representative image to be associated with the taxonomic term and  “Copy image location” ;
•    Go back to the “Use external image” box and right-mouse to “paste” in the location.

If you have any questions please put them in the comments :)

Dec 19 2011
Dec 19

Sometimes it is helpful to add custom information to a taxonomy term.

In our case we want to have a unique homepage for each taxonomy term instead of the default “/taxonomy/term/blahblahblah”  so we use the “Term Fields” module which allows us to add fields to taxonomies much like cck with nodes.  It also has the advantage of working with drupal views.. so its kind of a no brainer… here’s a quick tutorial on how to add links to our content taxonomies here at the Health Sciences library

Dec 19 2011
Dec 19

This is a really short tutorial that shows how to improve improved admin using an exposed filter in the view

and if you want a really basic tutorial on modifying taxonomy terms from in the improved admin area click on this vid = good basic lesson

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