Sep 22 2014
Sep 22

It’s official. The Drupal Association just published survey results that back up just what we have all suspected: The Drupal community, even with more than a million registered at, is starving for Drupal talent. 92% of hiring managers surveyed confirm there is not enough Drupal talent in the market to meet their needs. DrupalEasy has dedicated the last few years going inside and outside of the community to find the right people and put them on solid paths to Drupal careers. Care to join us in helping to develop new talent to support the growing Drupal Project?

Here are some options:

Preach to the establishment on Drupal careers. We have a ton of materials that we use to enlighten both technical and non-technical audiences about Drupal, open source, and the careers that are available. Career counselors, economic developers, educators, workforce professionals and others who have a vested interest in value-added jobs for specific populations. If you need presentation materials for a lay-person audience, contact Gwendolyn. We are also glad to speak with you or on your behalf!

Counsel friends, acquaintances, students and smart strangers on the opportunities, lifestyles and relationships that Drupal careers have to offer. We’ve found that people who hear about and then do the research tend to get the benefits and the bug pretty quickly. We have all kinds of career information up at our career center at , including a great resource page! Pass it on...

Share information about our career training programs with potential Drupal talent, your hiring managers and others looking to develop their teams. We will hold Spring and Fall sessions of the Drupal Career Online program, which is an online, live instructor led program accessible from anywhere in the world. This comprehensive curriculum has already trained dozens of new Drupalers, and we are getting great feedback from our first virtual students.

Invest in training for those who need it. Would you like to start an “Insert Your Company Name” sponsored scholarship for budding Drupal developers who would like to take the Drupal Career Online program? We are opening sponsored seats for the Spring session, as a way for all 92% of those hiring managers to reach out to potential hires, or find potential hires through our application process. Contact Gwendolyn if you‘d like to find out more about this program.

The key to building the community and fortifying the talent pool into the future is to get people engaged today. And the best way to get people outside the community engaged, is to build efforts from within for outreach and education. Let us know if we can help with our programs, or if you have ideas or ongoing efforts we can help with when it comes to Drupal talent development. 

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