Jul 24 2015
Jul 24
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Great work, Micky - having him address the conference was very special, possibly the best of the speakers I've heard at any Drupal conference.

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Thanks Micky, RMS speaking at a Drupal event, and in the UN building! I'm gutted I couldn't attend :(

It was a pleasure meeting you at the coop BoF and to find out more about the good work you're doing over there, I learned a lot & look forward to our cooperation in the future!

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It was very nice meeteing, now i know more than early !

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...I encourage us all to think deeply about the tools we use and our personal freedoms.

... let's free our future with free software as the foundation.

I can only hope our community takes it to heart. The two quotes above have huge implications.

Start now. Adopt the use of other open source tools for your toolbox, not just Drupal. Plan how you can quit using proprietary hardware (Apple, I'm looking at you).

Were any of the sessions recorded?

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Great work, amazing

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Great work, Micky now i know more than early !

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Might be helpfull, thx.

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Might be helpfull, thx.

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