Oct 25 2019
Oct 25

In the Corporate category we are nominated for our work for SENEC. SENEC is a fast growing startup and a daughter company of ENBW one of the largest German energy providers, operating in Germany, Italy, and Australia.  In order to support the company growth, the website was needed to be relaunched.   When working on the project we had three main goals:

  • Provide information about the products in an engaging way.

  • Offer contact possibilities to get information about the products and services.

  • Allow customers to close energy contracts directly on the website.

Our aim was to  turn the well working original SENEC website into a ‘lead machine’ that will serve landing pages and converting user journeys for all marketing activities. The client requested Drupal because of its excellent reputation as an enterprise grade web CMS. The IT department of SENEC operates all systems in-house, and Drupal could easily be integrated in the existing IT landscape, because of its open standards and in-built API functionalities.

Nils Buntrock, Director Marketing at SENEC:  

“We are amazed by the flexibility and simplicity of the Drupal's backend. Our editors can produce better content and work much faster than before. This allows us to focus more on growing our online business and reach our audience better."

The most important part of the IT landscape of SENEC, that Drupal connects with, is a feature rich services API, where product information, usage data, and contract booking can be accessed from third party applications. Other integrations were to a proprietary CRM system, as well as the marketing automation system Hubspot.

Oct 10 2019
Oct 10

Baddy, our CEO wrote about this in detail in this blogpost, where she did the math for us.

At the end of the calculation it turned out we spent 7.5% of our budget in 2018 on contribution and this makes us both proud and determined to continue doing more and better every year.

This year at DrupalCon Amsterdam we are sponsoring the Contribution Day on Thursday. This comes very natural to us. Most of our teammates have contributed to Drupal in one way or another, and especially because we built our business on an open source software, we feel that it’s important to give back to where it all comes from.

When preparing for DrupalCon Amsterdam we had big discussions about what to give the attendees. Last year we wanted to giveaway something useful, so we gave everyone a bamboo toothbrush that have hopefully biodegraded by now. But this year we got inspired by our friends at Dropsolid who are contributing 15 minutes to Drupal for every sign up to their newsletter at their booth during the Con.

We thought this was an awesome approach and sparked an idea for us to do something similar.

It’s often shyness and the fear of lack of enough knowledge that keep people away from starting to contribute, and almost everyone who has ever attended such an event had that feeling in the beginning.

Therefore we wanted  to make this first step a bit easier. How could we help people to start?

So 1xINTERNET is offering five types of free trainings that everyone can sign up for during the Con on our website:

  • How to become a code contributor to Drupal
  • How to become a non-code contributor to Drupal
  • Migration training
  • React basics training
  • Patternlab + component based integration

The training will take place online after the DrupalCon, but everyone who registers will be notified in advance.

But we are not going to stop here, because for every registration 1x will contribute 15 minutes to Drupal, and by signing up for a free training you are also encouraging us to do more contribution.

So we invite you to join us on this journey of contribution on Thursday 31st of October in Amsterdam - every bit matters.

See you in a couple of weeks!

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Oct 09 2019
Oct 09

Adam Juran joins the 1x team as Senior Frontend Developer. He has over twenty years experience in web development, his experience spanning design to frontend and backend development. At his most recent position with Forum One, he became a Pattern Lab/Drupal integration specialist, giving sessions and trainings on the subject at DrupalCons and other events. Adam currently lives in Brussels, Belgium, with his wife and three children. He is also an opera singer and has a black belt in Kung Fu.

Zsófi Major comes from Hungary and is joining our project management team. She gained extensive experience in project- and account management at Cheppers and after a short break from Drupal and project management she is back to the scene and we are very grateful to have her on board. 
Zsófi has been in the Drupal community for years, being core organizer of and volunteer at various Drupal events, including Drupal Dev Days Szeged 2014, the Drupalaton series and Drupal Iron Camp in 2016. She was also a track chair for the Being Human track at DC Vienna 2017 and DC Nashville 2018.
She loves good tv and enjoys both theater and concerts. She also collects teaspoons! 

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