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Jul 28 2020
Jul 28

It has always been Ny Media’s priority to provide integrations with payment gateways that are giving merchants leverage over their competitors. This is why for many years we’ve been integrating our eCommerce platform with payment platforms provided by Vipps, Nets, Klarna, and many more. When implementing certain payment integration we’re always looking for a solution that would best fit merchant requirements and business model.

Klarna Checkout (KCO) is among the most popular payment gateways not only in Nordic countries (company origins in Sweden), but it is gaining popularity in the rest of Europe and US. KCO is more than just a payment gateway - it’s a checkout solution tightly coupled with payment gateway. We’ve been implementing Klarna over the course of the last few years - first KCOv2 and nowadays KCOv3, which gives us a good understanding of how Klarna works and evolves. To highlight just a few features that have been added to KCO since we first implemented KCOv2:

  • Klarna now allows gathering separate shipping and billing addresses,
  • customer can choose shipping method directly within Klarna Checkout iframe,
  • Klarna added support for external payment methods, i.e. Vipps or PayPal,
  • the customer’s order can be validated by the eCommerce platform before the payment is made.
Klarna Checkout preview

We’ve partnered with Klarna to make sure our implementation of KCO matches their guidelines and best practices. We can now proudly say that our platform, based on open-source Drupal Commerce, has been officially approved. We believe that sustainability in software can be achieved by sharing the code within a big open-source family so we’re happy to announce that the underlying code that we use in our platform is now part of the commerce_klarna_checkout and commerce_klarna_checkout_external_payment modules and can be downloaded and used by any merchant using Drupal Commerce as their eCommerce platform. If you’re looking for a more tailored solution that facilitates Klarna’s Shipping API - have a chat with us and we can help you with that!

We also want to remind all merchants that Klarna is planning to shut down KCOv2 in October 2020. If your platform is still using that product - reach out to our sales team and we’ll make sure to upgrade your platform in time.

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