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Nov 16 2020
Nov 16

The Drupal Community Working Group is continuing to team up with Otter Tech to offer live, monthly, online Code of Conduct incident response training for the Drupal community.

At the time of this article, twenty community members have completed the training, ensuring that both in-person and online Drupal events world-wide have access to qualified Code of Conduct contacts.

Contribute to the community

Being a Code of Conduct contact for Drupal events is a great way to contribute to the community without coding. It is essential that community events are safe for all people and our Code of Conduct contacts are key to making that happen.

What is a Code of Conduct contact?

The role of a Code of Conduct contact is to be available on behalf of a virtual or in-person event to take incident reports and assist event organizers in responding to Code of Conduct violations.

Drupal event organizers typically identify at least two unique individuals that agree to be Code of Conduct contacts to help create a safe and welcoming environment for their attendees. These contacts and their contact information are made available to attendees on the event website, through event emails, in event presentations, etc. so that attendees know who and how to approach if an incident occurs.

What are the characteristics of a good Code of Conduct contact?

  • Trustworthy: This includes being able to keep information confidential as well as being reliable when it comes to being accessible during an event.
  • Approachable: Good contacts are seen as friendly, empathetic, and respectful. They listen carefully, appreciate the emotions and needs that underlie each conversation, and come across as genuinely concerned with the well-being of everyone involved.
  • Perceptive: Someone who can quickly grasp a situation, understand its complexities and dynamics, and provide a clearer understanding of options by analyzing the issues and identifying risk.
  • Impartial: To be effective, a contact must be able to control their feelings and not invest emotionally in the outcome.

About the workshop

The training is designed to provide "first responder" skills to Drupal community members who take reports of potential Code of Conduct issues at Drupal events, including meetups, camps, conventions, and other gatherings. The workshops will be attended by Code of Conduct enforcement teams from other open-source events, which will allow cross-pollination of knowledge with the Drupal community.

The workshop covers:

  • Tips for protecting reporter privacy
  • Frameworks for deciding consequences of inappropriate behavior
  • Discussion on bias, intent, and microaggressions
  • Discussion on personal conflicts, false reporting, and power dynamics
  • 40 minutes total of Q&A time
  • Interactive practice enforcing a Code of Conduct

Upcoming workshops

Saturdays, 9am to 1pm US Pacific Time
(Saturdays, 5pm to 9pm UTC)

Workshop cost

The standard cost of the workshop is $350, but Otter Tech has offered a $50 discount for Drupal community members. To receive the discount, let us know you are interested by completing the following form.

$50 discount sign-up form

After completion

Drupal community members who successfully complete the workshop will receive a community contribution credit on Drupal.org and may be listed on Drupal.org (in the Drupal Community Workgroup section) as a means to highlight that they have completed the training.

If you would like to receive credit and recognition, be sure to answer "Yes" to the question "Are you enforcing a Code of Conduct for a Drupal event or Drupal online community?" in the workshop registration form. A link to the form can be found in the workshop details email from OtterTech.

We are fully aware that the fact that the workshops will be presented in English limits who will be able to attend. We are more than interested in finding additional professional Code of Conduct workshops in other languages. Please contact us if you can assist.

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