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Apr 01 2012
Apr 01

Under.me is probably THE sexiest Drupal website around, both for it's amazing front-end technology and UI, as well as for it's so-good-looking models: David Balsar and Bar Refaeli, the world famous top-model.
Under.me is the online store for their new brand of underwear, designed and demonstrated by Bar Refaeli.

It is a state-of-the-art website, with the latest best practices in Drupal and Front-End development. Using Sasson, an HTML5-CSS3-SASS Drupal theme, and a lot of jquery magics, dictated by the fine UI/UX work by Eyal Shahar, we are able to deliver a new and unique experience of online shopping. Within a couple of clicks, the visitor is able to browse the catalog and add product to the cart.

Under.me is a light-weight one-page catalog, which aims to create the most pleasant shopping experience, with as little fuss as possible - easily add and remove items to the cart, and never lose focus. Bar's presence in every step of the purchase process is communicating credibility blended with fun and fresh spirit.

To make it even easier for returning customers, Under.me offers a unique concept of subscriptions to packages, so one can periodically receive new items, without te need to go back to the online-shop and re-execute the same purchase - this is perfect for anyone who likes their shopping experience to be as comfortable and fit as their underwear clothing is :)

Oct 16 2011
Oct 16

The National Roads Company (better known as the department of public works - Maatz) is one of the largest websites in the Israeli public service (as for now at least) and it's using Drupal. The website sets high standards with regards to the quality of public services (needless to say - only as far the website goes... we have nothing to do with the quality of the roads themselves ;) ).

Being a website of a large governmental authority, it literally paves the way for more public service agencies websites, which will use open technologies and high standards of availability, accessibility and last but not least - compatibility (as oppose to it's older version).

The website displays traffic reports and alerts, more or less in real time, with dynamic road numbers (see our blog post: How to add a magnifying glass overlay to a lightbox icon). Similarly displays reports on work sites. Furthermore the website provides information about projects in which the company is involved, and a directory of approved products for use by contractors in the roads domain.

The website has several interfaces with external systems such as SAP, traffic control systems, bids and tenders system, and eventually a live webcam of road sections and intersections.
More in the website - a notifications system which allows registered users to define exactly what interests them, and get updates for that specific subject. This sub-system is designed for contractors and other suppliers of the company, who wish to stay informed about new tenders and to respond in time.

The website will soon offer English and Arabic versions.

Mar 22 2010
Mar 22

Last week we launched the Israeli Cantina, which is the local homolog of the Parisian La Cantine, and wow.... we got amazing feedback from almost everybody we talk to, and we talk to many people, starting from the leading Israeli open source associations in the internet and technology fields, to entrepreneurs and big enterprises, to municipalities (mainly Tel-Aviv) and up to the government itself!

We see how Open Source and in particular, and Open Mindset in general, are becoming more and more acceptable by organizations who are usually considered conservative. Such is the use of Drupal in government web-sites in Israel, and the tendency of more and more companies to use open source tools in their projects.

The Cantina, Hebrew pronunciation of "canteen", is planned to be the major force behind many of the innovations we'll see here in the coming years. It will mainly (but not only) be the most important bridge between open source and businesses in Israel, by giving a home to the Israeli open source association, many open source communities, start-ups and innovators, and by creating links between people, and between people's aspirations.

Our local initiative is strongly supported and pushed forward by our lovely friends at Silicon Sentier, Stephane Distinguin, and Ori Pekelman, their associates, and at "Fondation France-Israel", who, during a visit in Israel last week, have opened many doors for us, and shared a lot of their experience with us.

We'll be communicating more and more about this project, as it comes along. Stay tuned, for what is about to be another example of change making!

Mar 09 2010
Mar 09

As the web evolves, we evolve with it. The introduction smart-phones to the general public, in a mass, together with lower costs of cellular internet connectivity and availability of wireless networks, all lead to an increasing demand to supply mobile application, to go with a website or service. iPhone started the storm, and Android is catching up rapidly. Other mobile devices are not staying behind.

Few years back we were amazed by our possibility to be mobile, while staying accessible and reachable. Now, the net goes with us, anywhere we go, we are not only mobile, we are in constant connection to information, friends and services. All this information is usually saved on a server somewhere. On this server each one has an identity, assets that are associated with this identity, friends, pictures, preferences etc. Sounds familiar? Right - all of the above are native in Drupal.

Linnovate harnesses the powers of the all-mighty CMS Drupal, to create a rich and robust back-end for mobile applications. These applications are either yet another display of a website, or they ARE the source of information, and the back-end is just a storage and computing unit. In any case, the line between the two formats is not very clear. Users expect to be able to reach their info both online, as well as in-hand.

We're happy to announce our new service, that completes our expertise in Drupal - Mobile Applications Development! For further information - drop us a line, or look for us in San-Francisco (during DrupalCon).

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