Aug 27 2012
Aug 27

So this was my first DrupalCon and i really don't know whether i am happy with it or not...

I am not the hardcore-coder like some others, my experience in drupal is a mixture of sitebuilding and developing mainly smaller modules. So i just left of for munich very open-minded as i knew several other Cons e.g. the Linux-Tage in Germany.

It was a big meeting indeed, lots of people you just know by their nicknames, you just know what they have done so far for the community. You had a lot of possibilities to get to know each other and after all the location was great - also the food. So a big "thumbs up" for the venue!

I visisted the KeyNote on the first day and yes, i really WAS disappointed by this one. Allthough the idea of the Interview-Mode was cool, there was nothing really cool about the talk itself.
Nothing new, nothing you could not read on the internet weeks and months before... If this should be kind of "kick off", it totally failed in my opinion. There was no big bang or something like that, seen better keynotes on other OSS-Meetups.

I attended some of the talks the next days, mainly to see that most people have the same challenges in project that we have every day. But i really liked to see how the others solved them, got to know a few modules i didn't know and saw a lot of
solutions i never thought of. Allthough i atteneded just sessions witch where labeled "intermediate" or above it was not possible to go too deep in the problems, they where mainly just scratched at the surface... But as mostly on every convention you
get new ideas and hints where to find new solutions, so here all i am really satisfied with the sessions.

The biggest problem of this con was that it was something "in between"... Too many business-people to meet developers and to get mostly technical details out of it, too many developers to make business. In my opinion it's much better for the
technical interested people to attend one of the various Drupal-Camps out there then the Con. We should leave that to business and sales as this seems to be the targeted audience. But this problem is not only drupal specific, it's noit really easy to meet
everbodys needs.

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