Nov 14 2012
Nov 14

 I've been working on a new talk, to go with a new workshop, on setting up a developer's environment for very small teams. It got some great questions today at DIG London, and I'm hoping you'll enjoy hearing it at DrupalCamp Toronto as well.

Interested in the full workshop? It starts next Monday. Details about it are available here.

Sep 04 2012
Sep 04

Are you a Drupal developer? How are your PHP skills? Are you ready to upgrade your modules for Drupal 8 with new OOP design patterns? Do you know what all the changes are in PHP 5.3? Are you excited, but thinking perhaps you might need to blow into a paper bag for a while to stop freaking out about all that's going to change? Yes? Read on, my friends.

In two short weeks PHP expert Lorna Jane and Drupal expert Emma Jane (that's me!) will be offering a brand new master class for Drupal developers. This course is specifically designed for Drupal developers who will need to master PHP in order to prepare themselves for Drupal 8.

This workshop will lead you through:

  • Best practices for object oriented programming in PHP.
  • Refactoring your modules for new language features in PHP 5.3+
  • Using Symfony components in Drupal 8.

Unlike other workshops, the seats for this class are being sold per company. We encourage you to participate with your co-workers. We already have a number of skilled companies signed up for this workshop. This is a class you're going to look forward to. All the smart kids will be there, and you should be too.

How do you sign-up? It's as easy as filling out the registration form. Once you've completed the form, Emma will be in touch to coordinate payment.

We look forward to seeing you in class. It's going to be amazing!

PS for mr.baileys: yes, the goal is to GPL the curriculum so that it is available for the entire community. You can read about the funding model here.

Aug 07 2012
Aug 07

In less than a week I'll be flying out to Germany for this year's European DrupalCon.

Thursday August 9. If you're a speaker, you'll want to attend the third and final speaker check-in. It's taking place online this Thursday. Details on the speaker resources page. The session will include all the details I have about your rooms, the projectors, the microphones, the stages. You can pre-register and have a reminder email sent to you so that you don't forget. (The password is always "drupal".)

Tuesday August 21. My own DrupalCon session, Evaluating Base Themes, is a spin-off from this blog post. As part of the session I've had the creators of the base themes tell me what they thing the best, and worst, features are for their base themes. I'm really looking forward to this talk. If you can't make it to Munich, be sure to watch the recording later.

September 20. Seats are filling up for my new workshop, PHP for Developers. This workshop is for Drupal developers who want to hit the ground running for Drupal 8 with the new PHP language features, OOP, and Symfony2 framework. (It includes pre-workshop resources for junior developers too.) I am co-teaching this course with Lorna Jane. Registration is going very well and I expect we'll sell out before the end of the month. Participant sponsors in the workshop include Stanford University, Drupalize.Me, Teach for America, Ixis, and Open Sourcery. I'd love to add your company's name to this list. Read more about this workshop specially designed for Drupal developers who are ready to level up.

Jul 16 2012
Jul 16

This spring Emma Jane (that's me) and Lorna Jane were chatting about PHP training and Drupal workshops. While there are many workshops on how to teach PHP developers how to Drupal, there are no workshops teaching Drupal developers how to PHP. Things change radically again in Drupal 8 as we bring in PHP 5.3 (yay! namespacing!) and Symfony2 (read the comments on this old post to get a sense of how "excited" the Drupal community was; read the issues on d.o to see things that are being done that are Symfony-related).

So it's all very exciting, right?

But what if you're a developer and you've got a billion contrib modules (*cough*davereid*cough*eaton*cough*)? Well if you've got a billion modules, you're going to need a lot of help to review your code and see what can be updated. And if you've only got a few modules you aren't necessarily going to have been knee deep in the refactoring muck and you won't necessarily know where to start.

That's when Lorna and I hatched a plan.

Lorna Jane is a PHP expert. She's not a Drupal expert. She knows how PHP works when it's not full of Drupalisms. (She also happens to be one of the organizers of Symfony Live in London. and right now she's at OSCON giving talks on PHP language features and writing awesome APIs.) In September, Lorna and I are going to teach a workshop to help Drupal developers see their code through PHP eyes, and not just Drupal eyes. We are seriously excited about this workshop.

The workshop will cover object oriented programming, design patterns, Symfony2 and new language features as of PHP 5.3 that some Drupal-focused developers may not be aware of. It will be conducted online, with two real-time events (September 20 and September 27).

Awesome, right? This is where it gets really awesome....

Right now I'm in the process of open sourcing my flagship workshop, PSD to Theme. And I had this Oprah moment where I was like, "And you get a car! and you get a car!" and all of a sudden it occurred to me that this workshop should be open sourced too. (It took me about 11 seconds to convince Lorna Jane that this was a good idea...which is about as long as it took me to say it out loud.)

To fund the development of the workshop, we're doing it kickstarter style. Registrants know exactly what our goal is (help developers to level up for Drupal 8; and open source amazing, and relevant workshop content), and we know what our funding targets are. Instead of selling single seats to individual attendees, we're working with companies who have 5+ developers who need training and selling a single "company" seat (with "unlimited" participants per company). This allows companies to send as many developers as they think will benefit from the workshop. There are 25 company spaces available...and a few of these are already tentatively booked. (Hint: there are more than 25 Drupal shops. Hint, hint: open source means that companies offering *training* may want to be part of this as well.)

You can read more about the program at its micro-site: PHP for CMS Developers.

Feb 07 2012
Feb 07

In 2011, Acquia hosted my very popular session From PSD to Theme as a webinar. 1800 people registered. Eighteen HUNDRED people. And in one of the best response rates I've ever seen for a free webinar, over nine HUNDRED people signed on and watched the session live. An early draft of the slide deck received over twenty nine THOUSAND views on slideshare. And now? There are FOUR. 1..2..3..4.. seats left in my DrupalCon workshop, From PSD to Drupal Theme: A step-by-step approach to creating your first Drupal theme.

This workshop takes place on March 19 in Denver, Colorado and is part of the pre-con training offered by the Drupal Association at DrupalCon Denver. It will be taught by me (Emma Jane).

I am very excited to be extending this incredibly popular one-hour presentation into a full day workshop. Unlike the one-hour presentation version of this workshop where hundreds of people can attend, seating in this one-day workshop is very limited. You will get individualized support on the day of the class, and an additional 30 days of support after DrupalCon. No more feeling frustrated that your questions weren't answered. Together, we'll work through two PSD to theme conversions. You can even bring one of your own designs to the workshop!

If you can't attend, but really wish you could, check out the themes Vert and Domicile. Attendees will also get a free copy of the step-by-step workbooks and PSD files for the designs (also available here and here). These are the designs we'll be working on during the day. What you'll be missing if you can't attend is the experience of working with me one-on-one to solve your Drupal theming obstacles. In the workshop you'll also get to meet others who've been frustrated by Drupal theming (or maybe have just been too scared to even try). It will be a fun day (promise!) and you'll come away from the workshop ready to take control and make Drupal look as good as your imagination.

Got questions before you register? Get in touch. Remember though: only FOUR seats remain for the workshop on March 19. Register now and I look forward to seeing you in class!

Dec 23 2011
Dec 23

Just in time for holiday reading, I've released THREE new Drupal workbooks.

Earlier this year two of my good friends asked me to build them a web site for their band, Beckon. This workbook outlines (in great detail...over 70 pages) how I built the features you see on the site and even more features that are still in the works. I won't lie: multilingual content can be enough to make your head spin if you don't understand the basics. Fortunately a lot of programmers have spent a lot of time developing the multilingual capabilities of Drupal--so it is possible to create a multilingual Web site...if you know how. This guide walks you through the basics of content translation models and creating your own multilingual sites with Drupal. Perfect for site builders with experience creating Drupal sites, but with no experience working in multiple languages. This guide will help you to choose the right content strategy for your translated content--saving you valuable development time. Matt Haughey (MetaFilter) once said, “Forms are tedious, confusing, often poorly designed, and most people equate their use with things like paying taxes.” In this workbook, you will learn how to alter Drupal’s forms so that their purpose is obvious and they are easy to use. Most Drupal themes focus their styles and manipulations on the customization of content, not input forms. As a themer, you may have created a page template and perhaps individual node templates for each of your content types. This workbook is based on Chapter 6 from Front End Drupal. If you loved my first book, you'll love this workbook.

If you're taking time off over the next couple of weeks I hope you have a great holiday season. :)

Nov 03 2011
Nov 03

Earlier this week I did a private launch for a brand new workshop and now I am happy to extend the registration to you as well. Responsive Web Design for Drupal is one of the first (if not the first) workshop of its kind that teaches you how to build responsive themes for Drupal 7 sites. This workshop is for freelance web designers whose clients are begging them to create mobile sites ... and for those who are afraid they might be asked.

This course is perfect for freelance web designers who need a little structure to learn responsive web design. You have experience building web sites but you’re overwhelmed by the thought of having to learn yet another web technology. You typically build Web sites for $5k-$50k with a very small team (typically fewer than 5 people and sometimes it's just you). You learn by doing, but don’t want to charge a client to learn how to build responsive web sites in case it goes wrong and you end up having to do loads of work for free on a site that never works (the idea of bidding on a project to “learn” a new skill actually makes you hyperventilate because of that one time where you did just that and you were thoroughly punished and almost lost your shirt).

You're definitely working in the web industry. This course is not for hobbyists who want casual information. This if for professionals who are under the gun to deliver responsive web sites now. If you’re a hobbyist, buy the 2nd edition of the book Front End Drupal when it comes out.

This course will give you the specific skills you need to build new, responsive themes and retrofit old themes to be mobile-friendly. You will be able to attract new clients who are looking to attract the mobile market. Don't forget your existing clients too: you will be able to work with your current clients to upgrade their current sites to mobile-friendly designs.

This workshop is at-your-own-pace. You’re never behind. It includes step-by-step instructions that respect the time you can commit to learning the new content. (But if you’re an information junkie, don’t worry. We’ll include lots of links to some of the best information available on the Web today as well as two free bonus workbooks (Building and Theming a Micro Site with Drupal 7 and PSD to Drupal Theme). )

There's more information on the registration page: Responsive Web Design for Drupal. I look forward to seeing you in class.

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