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Mar 07 2011
Mar 07

eRecruiter 7.x-1.0 BETA 1 released!

Finally, we are happy to announce the first beta release of the eRecruiter Drupal 7 distribution - our e-recruitment solution for enterprises and publishers!

During the last half year we invested lots of time and resources in developing Drupal 7 stuff - like the Entity API, Profile2, Field-collection, the Search API, Rules, the Rules Autotagger module and a Term-level field. Given that developments we finally have everything in place to build our castle - the eRecruiter distritbution!

We have setup a demo site - - which lists various Drupal jobs from g.d.o. and some random Drupal companies as well as some demo resumes. The jobs are automatically scraped from the original sites by a first version of our currently developed crawler service, and get automatically tagged and categorized based upon the pre-defined taxonomies with the Rules autotagger module. So the jobs are all real, but the resumes are mostly fictional. Feel free to test it out and let us know what you think about it.

It's great to see everything is called into action now to power an actually useful product. So for the eRecruiter we are using Profile2 and Field collection for building resumes, whereas both modules are based upon the Entity API. That said, the Entity API really plays a central role as Profile2, Field-collection, Rules, and the SearchAPI make use of its CRUD API, whereas Rules and the SearchAPI also rely on it to implement exportables and are therefor nicely integrated with Features. Thankfully, the Entity API also provides entity property information for all those entities, upon which Rules and the SearchAPI build in order to be able to seemlessly work with any entity type. With that in place, creating the distribution was simply a question of putting everything together and exporting the configuration in nicely bundled feature modules.

For the stable 1.0 release we plan to also include an application workflow as well as facebook-style "mini-feeds" in order to provide recruiters, applicants but also administrators of a stream of interesting updates. For that we are going to rely on the Message module - which Amitai has re-written for Drupal 7 to be fully based upon entities and fields. Together with using Rules and Views for display, it forms a flexible and powerful solution for logging updates on any event.

Read more about the eRecruiter at

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