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Jun 11 2014
Jun 11

Friday5 Exaltation of Larks is proud to work with Friday5, a Los Angeles startup we think is worth paying attention to. Friday5 is an innovative crowd-funding platform that helps take the guesswork out of finding worthy causes and making tax-deductible donations.

Members who sign up at Friday5.org enter their credit card information, select the amount they want to donate to a nonprofit each week, and then receive a weekly email detailing which cause Friday5 has carefully curated for that week’s crowd-funded donation.

In short, Friday5 is helping change the world — one Friday at a time — and they’ve been praised in publications such as Forbes and PandoDaily.

Exaltation of Larks has worked with many nonprofits over the years but the opportunity to work together with Friday5 and support a new nonprofit each and every week was one we couldn’t pass up.

The role that we have with Friday5 is twofold: we provide the technical expertise and project management needed for Friday5’s online operations, and Christefano Reyes, an executive at Exaltation of Larks, serves on the Friday5 board and helps guide and advise the technical direction for the company. “Exaltation of Larks has a long history of working with both startups and with cause-based organizations,” Christefano said, “and our work with Friday5 has been a a great match for both companies.”


Our collaboration with Friday5 began in 2013, when Friday5 founder Mike Berman found himself needing a team to help maintain Friday5.org, implement features requested by Friday5’s partners, and prepare for growth.

Friday5 home page

When Friday5’s lead developer left the company, Mike began looking for someone new. After a month of searching for a new team, he reached out to Ben Stewart at ShareMagnet, another Los Angeles startup that Exaltation of Larks has worked with and has a 1st-degree connection. “From day one, we’ve felt that we’ve been in great hands with Larks,” Mike says. “They quickly and accurately assessed our needs, and we’ve been more than impressed with their work.”


Friday5’s site hadn’t been updated for several months by the time Exaltation of Larks came on board. We performed our standard site audit and included a security review.

The results of our site audit identified several technical issues that needed to be addressed, from server maintenance and security issues to general bug fixes and ways to streamline and optimize the payment process. We also performed a business assessment and documented the platform and its systems and helped Friday5 plan for its next phase.

Recognizing the need to ensure that Friday5 had as seamless a transition to our services as possible, we worked with Friday5’s former lead developer over the course of several meetings to perform site discovery and produce all related documentation.

Managed Hosting
The payment gateway Friday5 uses, Network for Good, requires its customers’ servers to have a fixed IP address. This eliminates the option of using some grid and cloud hosting platforms. While the hosting costs at the time were higher than necessary, we advised against migrating to a new server environment. The transition cost of migrating to a new server or webhost were greater than the immediate short-term benefits.

Fortunately, their webhost changed its pricing options in April, 2014, and is now much more affordable. By using our server administration tools and our familiarity with the Friday5.org website and systems, we were able to build a completely new server infrastructure and fully migrate the Drupal site to it in less than 30 minutes.

As part of our managed hosting services, we provide Friday5 with rock solid backup and disaster recovery services. Systems we’ve implemented create backups of the database and codebase and these are regularly saved to a number of locations, including Amazon S3. Together with the documentation we’ve compiled for Friday5, we help ensure Friday5’s business continuity.

Network for Good
Network for Good is a specialty payment gateway set up to provide services to nonprofits. Exaltation of Larks maintains the Network for Good integration module that connect Drupal sites with Network for Good’s API, and has shared this module with the larger Drupal developer community. “We contributed this module during the code sprint at a Drupal Coworking Friday,” Christefano said. “These events combine mini code sprints and free coworking days and are a great way for us to mentor other Drupal developers.”

Friday5 mobile interfaceData-Driven Development
When joining the project, we immediately documented Friday5’s systems and features that existed at that moment in time. This gave us a clear starting point for developing the product’s roadmap.

Our project planning for the next phase of feature development uses a data-driven approach. The features we’ve developed so far include better reporting tools to measure key indicators and enable business decisions on critical issues and opportunities. We’re expanding this to allow for more clarity in the day to day management of the organization, as well as insight for future planning.

Support and Maintenance
Exaltation of Larks performs ongoing maintenance and support for Friday5. These services give Friday5 the comprehensive coverage they need, from basic maintenance to emergency support. For example, the Friday5 website had an issue when the company was in the middle of an important business meeting. Friday5 used our emergency support system and the issue was resolved within the hour.


Exaltation of Larks has given Friday5 solid footing in the area it most needed it: technical leadership and support. We continue to act as a technical resource for Friday5, advising Mike and his team on the company’s infrastructure for growth. “With Larks,” Mike said, “we have instant access to great programmers, and we only pay for what we need. As we grow, we’ll need more development time and expertise — Larks has us completely covered.”

We are proud to see Friday5 succeeding in the market and see Friday5 as an important addition to the Los Angeles startup landscape — and also the national nonprofit landscape. Friday5 has proven to be a pioneer in crowd-funded charity giving. Indeed, about 6 months after Friday5 launched, Google effectively validated Friday5’s business model by introducing One Today, in which users donate $1 per cause per day using a system very similar to Friday5’s — including Network for Good integration.

Jun 03 2014
Jun 03

CMEDownload CMEDownload is a continuing medical education (CME) service that gives physicians and medical students access to a high-quality library of thousands of lectures in video and audio formats for computers and mobile devices. This video on demand (VOD) service contains thousands of lectures and hundreds of hours of continuing medical education.

The service is a good example of Drupal being used to power a MOOC, or massive open online course: it combines digital-age distance learning with unlimited participation and open access to educational materials. CMEDownload has since been joined by other MOOC services using Drupal, including edX.org.

Attending conferences can be tricky for busy medical professionals. CMEDownload partners with top-level national and international medical conferences so that physicians can view lectures without leaving their homes, jobs, or families. Customers who sign up for an all-access pass can stream or download any of the thousands of videos and also earn certificates in continuing medical education through watching these videos.

Exaltation of Larks has been working with CMEDownload since 2012. What started as a standard site audit — with a focus on improving website performance and fixing security issues — turned into a major refactoring project and infrastructure overhaul. With the results from our initial site audit, we have steadily improved the website in almost every way.

To this day, Exaltation of Larks continues to maintain and support the CMEDownload website. We are a fully-integrated, full-service design and engineering firm, and in the case of CMEDownload we have provided development, maintenance and support, infrastructure consulting and managed hosting services.


Sujal Mandavia, CMEDownload’s CEO, is a sharp businessperson with a great product. He wanted to improve CMEDownload’s security and performance and he needed a sleeker, faster-moving way to present and organize the service’s video media, as well as improve the user experience of the customer-facing features.

As someone with development experience himself, Sujal knew he needed to find a team that was familiar with site architecture for media-heavy sites, and who understood how to organize, catalog, and serve up large amounts of video media. Sujal searched extensively for the right team to handle the upgrades he needed.

The Larks’ consistency was a plus,” Sujal says. “So was their level of experience.” Both companies have offices in Los Angeles — CMEDownload is an LA startup and Exaltation of Larks has a Los Angeles-based team — which made working together an easy decision.


Code Audit and Refactoring
We began with a full infrastructure audit. This included a review of CMEDownload’s web hosting, which at the time of our audit was on a dedicated Xserve server. This server was occasionally crashing and we took emergency measures to improve data integrity in the event that the MySQL database server crashed. At the same time, our implementations significantly improved the database performance.

Understanding the way the original CMEDownload website was constructed required high technical expertise. Through our audit, we learned we would need to untangle some of the previous development work. We refactored large parts of the codebase to use high quality third-party modules that are available on Drupal.org to provide the same functionality, while performing a code audit of the 17 custom modules installed. (The previous vendor had developed significant parts of the Drupal codebase from scratch and in many cases had reinvented the wheel.)

Managed Hosting
CMEDownload is now hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’ve utilized AWS extensively to reduce CMEDownload’s web hosting costs by almost 50%. These changes include refactoring and optimization of the codebase and database, which have lowered both web hosting fees and ongoing maintenance costs.

We provide long-term support and maintenance services for CMEDownload. This includes ticket-based support, ongoing bug fixes, and working directly with CMEDownload’s staff. Through our support system, we provide CMEDownload with services for all of their hosting and infrastructure needs.

Performance and Scalability
We improved CMEDownload’s page load speeds through extensive database tuning and performed significant database maintenance tasks, including automated integrity checks and optimization of the database tables.

Modules we installed and configured included Varnish, Expires and Purge, and we added Views caching that was missing for nearly all the blocks and pages, including video queues, playlists, completed quizzes, etc.

We also implemented the CDN module for Drupal in order to use a content delivery network. With the CDN, CMEDownload is able to deliver the files in its enormous video library much more quickly and efficiently to its customers.

Security Improvements
One of the first things we worked on was improving security, fixing potential information disclosure vulnerabilities. Many pages and custom lists of information displayed by Views did not check for access control, which we promptly fixed.

As is standard with e-commerce sites we work on, we performed an e-commerce audit to ensure that customer data was protected. This was also one of the first projects where we enforced HSTS, or HTTP Strict Transport Security, a security implementation created in 2012.

HSTS is a powerful and relatively little-used method for increasing security and even improving usability by preventing mixed content warnings. We recommend using HSTS on all our projects that use SSL,” says Christefano Reyes, of Exaltation of Larks. “It’s been part of our standard security package for a while and we would love to see more websites using it.”

Subscription Issues
Customers are presented with an interface similar to Netflix: members have a queue to which they add videos they want to save for later viewing. We added functionality that allowed members to reorder their queue and delete videos from it. CMEDownload also uses the Drupal iTunes module to expose users’ playlists in iTunes.

CMEDownload queue

We fine-tuned custom modules that determined how a lecture or course was labeled and displayed to subscribers, and who had permission to view what content. We also worked on streamlining a method for offering discount codes. Many lectures and courses have attached quizzes, to test subscribers on the material before they can gain a certificate of completion. We worked on CMEDownload’s custom modules to simplify the process of displaying these quizzes to viewers.

CMEDownload also keeps track of who has watched which videos, and issues the corresponding continuing education credits and certifications. CMEDownload uses custom code and scripts to calculate these credits and display them. These proprietary methods enable CMEDownload to track the views of individual members.

Exaltation of Larks is an Authorize.Net development partner and we implemented their service with Drupal to better manage CMEDownload’s subscription information.

Another customer-facing change we implemented was a switch from FlowPlayer to JWPlayer for streaming video. We chose JWPlayer because support for JWPlayer is very good and the player does most of the work: it can play HTML and Flash files in one instance, whereas with FlowPlayer it’s necessary to switch between two types to play HTML or Flash. CMEDownload and their customers are happy with the results.


Our customer is very satisfied. Sujal’s only complaint was that he wished Exaltation of Larks had been on the project from day one. “I think companies like Larks have made it easier for folks to access the power and community of open source without being experts themselves,” Sujal says.

Sujal believes the Los Angeles startup scene has changed for the better in recent years. He recognized the need for a CME product and he filled that need, but the startup community was smaller and technical resources were harder to find at the time CMEDownload was founded. Open source software was available but only easily utilized by developers and hardcore aficionados.

Here at Exaltation of Larks, we’re extremely happy to have helped CMEDownload with their success. We are currently working with CMEDownload on upgrading from Drupal 6 to 7, which will make feature development considerably faster and further reduce support and maintenance costs.

Feb 28 2012
Feb 28

At the end of 2011, we were excited to hear that the Drupal Association was planning a series of global training days, when high-quality Drupal workshops would be scheduled all around the world and all on the same day. We believe 100% in this initiative and talked with Jacob Redding, the Executive Director at the Drupal Association, about how to bring it to Los Angeles. We quickly settled on some common goals, including how to work together to promote Drupal to as many newcomers as possible.

Everything was moving forward until we learned that one of the key pieces of the Drupal Association’s strategy is that Exaltation of Larks and other Drupal companies with well-developed training programs were being asked to produce these trainings at low- or no-cost to attendees. This one had us at a loss — literally! — and had us wondering how to sustain the growth of our training program without sapping resources from our consulting and development divisions, not to mention the attendance at our upcoming paid trainings.

One of the things we enjoy the most is a good challenge, and we immediately started coming up with ideas to make it work with our training program’s existing costs and our dedication to quality. In the end, we succeeded on all counts with two parts planning and one part luck.

We were lucky because we have a great training venue at Droplabs, a Drupal-friendly coworking space in Los Angeles that a few of the Larks and other entrepreneurs founded last year and that many of the Larks work out of. One of the events that Droplabs hosts is Drupal Coworking Friday, a free coworking day on the last Friday of every month — which coincided this time with the Drupal Association’s global training day.

With the potential for cross-promotion with Droplabs and the local Downtown Los Angeles Drupal user group, we went ahead and scheduled our Introduction to Drupal workshop. This was a lunch and learn-style workshop and providing lunch was the only hard cost that we had associated with the event.

We usually go through a large marketing and production process for our trainings, but this time we didn’t buy ads or book a large venue. Instead, we liberally borrowed parts of some of our favorite presentations and workshops that we’ve done many, many times: an introduction to databases and queries, sections from our Drupal Fundamentals course, and questions and answers about web hosting and the Drupal community.

What We Covered

  • When and why to use Drupal
  • Considerations when starting a Drupal project and how to organize a project
  • The basics of Drupal, from content management to membership (“user”) management
  • An introduction to databases and queries
  • How to organize a site using Drupal content types, Taxonomy and Views
  • How to turn ideas for features and functionality into achievable tasks using user stories and use cases
  • Which tasks are crucial for a successful Drupal website and how to organize them
  • How to choose the right Drupal version and modules for a project
  • The basics of web hosting and getting Drupal running on a local computer
  • How to connect with the Drupal community, its meetups, conferences and job fairs and online discussion forums and chat rooms

What We Learned

The best learning experiences are where everyone learns something, including the instructors. Here’s what we learned by doing this format compared to our usual one- and multiple-day trainings:

  • Unlike our other courses, which have clear prerequisites and a “ladder” structure, this workshop is going to be different every time depending on the number of attendees and their range of technical expertise. We can’t assume anything about what students do or don’t know.
  • This isn’t a “deep dive” workshop and it’s important that the entire class shares the same overview and moves forward together. We tried to avoid getting sucked into Drupal’s details, like technical recipes for specific functionality such as galleries, content workflows for newspapers, etc.
  • This is a 3-hour workshop. We’d originally planned this workshop to be 2 hours and that wasn’t enough time to touch on some more advanced topics that some of the attendees asked about toward the end of the workshop. Our group was yearning for information and all but 2 attendees stayed for nearly 3 full hours.
  • Everyone likes to have fun when they’re learning, and learning Drupal is no exception. You never know when the “aha” moment will be. When it presents itself, grab it and run!

Although the workshop “sold out” and all the seats were technically reserved, there were a few no-shows. We always expect this to happen with low- and no-cost events, but we didn’t expect those available seats to be immediately filled by walk-ins and people who were attending Drupal Coworking Friday but hadn’t heard about the workshop.

Our experience was so positive that we immediately added it to our list of available courses. Not only are we planning to offer this workshop again, we’re going to do it every month! We’ve already scheduled the next one for March 30, 2012, which happens to be another Drupal Coworking Friday.

Jan 01 2012
Jan 01

2011 was a big year for us at Exaltation of Larks. In addition to our regular consulting and development work, we kicked off our public training program in January of 2010 and have offered public classes on everything from Drupal fundamentals to back-end development and everything in between.

In 2011, we trained organizations in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Irvine and San Diego and our training clients are companies including LegalZoom, Disney Interactive, Thomson Reuters, The Annenberg Foundation and Warner Brothers; universities including UCLA, UCI and UCSB; and many Los Angeles-area creative and advertising agencies.

Training Scholarship Program

Our trainings aren’t just for big organizations, however. We want to help train as many people as possible, including unemployed job seekers and people in need, and help them become the developers, themers and architects of tomorrow. To this end, we started our training scholarship program in September.

In 2011, we gave away seats at our trainings worth more than $10,000 to our scholarship students and to local area Los Angeles Drupal user groups to raffle off at their meetups. This has been a tremendously rewarding experience for us and we look forward to doing more of the same in 2012.

Upcoming Trainings

Our first training of the new year is on Drupal Scalability and Performance and it’s at SANDcamp, the San Diego Drupal Camp, on January 26, 2012! If you’re interested in making Drupal go really fast, this training is for you. We’ll provide the servers you’ll get to optimize for performance and all you need to bring is your laptop.

We’re also working with the Drupal Association to bring their worldwide “Drupal in a day” training initiative to Los Angeles in February in an effort to introduce people to the Drupal project and solve the Drupal talent issue that many companies are facing. Follow @LarksLA on Twitter or Like Exaltation of Larks on Facebook to hear more about this initiative.

Request training in your area

In closing, are you interested in our trainings but aren’t able to make it to one of our public classes? Sometimes it’s easier and more cost-effective for us to come to you. We’ll even work with you and your team to tailor our curriculum to better fit your organization. Contact us to request training in your area and we’ll follow up with you:

Thanks, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in 2012!

Sep 22 2011
Sep 22

Tomorrow is the last day of Summer but the Drupal training scene is as hot as ever. We’ve scheduled a number of trainings in Los Angeles this Fall that we’re excited to tell you about, and we’re happy to publicly announce our training assistance program.

First, though, we’re sending out discount codes on Twitter and Facebook. Follow @LarksLA on Twitter, like Exaltation of Larks on Facebook or sign up to our training newsletter at http://www.larks.la/training to get a 15% early bird discount* toward all our trainings!

Los Angeles Drupal trainings in October and November, 2011

Here are the trainings we’ve lined up. If you have any questions, visit us at http://www.larks.la/training or contact us at trainings [at] larks [dot] la and we’ll be happy to talk with you. You can also call us at 888-LARKS-LA (888-527-5752) with any questions.

Beginner trainings:

Intermediate training:

Advanced trainings:

All our trainings are $400 a day (1-day trainings are $400, 2-day trainings are $800, etc.). We’re excited about these trainings and hope you are, too. Here are some more details and descriptions.

Training details and descriptions

   Drupal Fundamentals
   October 31, 2011

Drupal Fundamentals is our introductory training that touches on nearly every aspect of the core Drupal framework and covers many must-have modules. By the end of the day, you’ll have created a Drupal site that looks and functions much like any you’ll see on the web today.

This training is for Drupal 7. For more information, visit http://ex.tl/sbd7

   Drupal Scalability and Performance
   October 31, 2011

In this advanced Drupal Scalability and Performance training, we’ll show you the best practices for running fast sites for a large volume of users. Starting with a blank Linux virtual server, we’ll work together through the setup, configuration and tuning of Drupal using Varnish, Pressflow, Apache, MySQL, Memcache and Apache Solr.

This training is for both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. For more information, visit http://ex.tl/dsp1

   Drupal Architecture (Custom Content, Fields and Lists)
   November 1 & 2, 2011

Drupal Architecture (Custom Content, Fields and Lists) is our intermediate training where we explore modules and configurations you can combine to build more customized systems using Drupal. You’ll create many examples of more advanced configurations and content displays using the popular Content Construction Kit (CCK) and Views modules.

This training is for Drupal 6. For more information, visit http://ex.tl/ccfl1

   Developing RESTful Web Services and APIs
   November 3, 4 & 5, 2011

Offered for the first time in Southern California, Developing RESTful Web Services and APIs is an advanced 2-day training (with an optional third day of additional hands-on support) for those developers seeking accelerated understanding of exploiting Services 3.0 to its fullest. This is THE training you need if you’re using Drupal to create a backend for iPad, iPhone or Android applications.

This training covers both Drupal 6 and Drupal 7. For more information, visit

Training assistance program

In closing, we’d like to tell you about our training assistance program. For each class, we’re setting aside a limited number of seats for students, unemployed job seekers and people in need.

For more details about the program, contact us at trainings [at] larks [dot] la and we’ll be happy to talk with you. You can also call us at 888-LARKS-LA (888-527-5752) with any questions.

* Our early bird discount is not valid toward the Red Cross First Aid, CPR & AED training and 2-year certification that we’re organizing. It’s already being offered at nearly 33% off, so sign up today. You won’t regret it and you might even save someone’s life. ^

Jun 01 2011
Jun 01

We’re offering Los Angeles Drupal and Drupal Association members a discount code that’s good toward our June trainings in Los Angeles. Use coupon code TRAINME and get 10% off!

These two trainings, Drupal in a Day and Drupal Module Development, are being offered by the Drupal experts at Exaltation of Larks and Chapter Three and will be taking place at Droplabs, a new Drupal event and coworking space in Downtown Los Angeles. Droplabs was created this year for and by members of the LA Drupal community.

Here’s what we have coming up in June in Los Angeles:

   Drupal in a Day
   June 20th, 2011

This introductory workshop will touch upon almost every aspect of the core Drupal framework:

  • Discover how to add, edit, and moderate content.
  • Learn how to create user accounts and understand Drupal’s permissions system.
  • See how to set-up menus, and position blocks on a page.
  • Create human-readable URLs, and categorize your content using Drupal’s taxonomy system.

Drupal in a Day is on June 20th, 2011, and is $400. At the end of this one-day class you’ll have a completed Drupal site, which looks and functions a lot like many sites you’ll see on the web today!

   Drupal Module Development
   June 21-23rd, 2011

This three-day workshop teaches you how to create a comprehensive Drupal module. We’ll use and explain each of the top ten Drupal hooks, the menu system and the Form API. You’ll learn how to conform to Drupal coding standards. You’ll write secure code by using Drupal’s built-in functions to sanitize data for display.

You’ll learn the correct way to save and retrieve data, including how to add your own custom database tables. We’ll also practice using theme system from your module. Depending on interest, we’ll show you how to expose your custom data to Views, demonstrate how to create SimpleTests for your module, or teach you the proper way to upgrade your custom database schema.

What you will learn:

  • Drupal coding best practices
  • Understanding hooks
  • Using the Form API
  • Saving custom data
  • Providing themable output from your module
  • Techniques for keeping your site secure

Drupal Module Development is on June 21-23rd, 2011, and is $1200. Enroll today, and if you’re a member of Los Angeles Drupal or the Drupal Association you can use coupon code TRAINME to get 10% off!

We’re excited about these trainings and hope to see you there. If you have any questions, contact us at trainings [at] larks [dot] la or visit us at http://www.larks.la/training

Nov 30 2010
Nov 30

A few days ago, Exaltation of Larks celebrated its 5th anniversary. It’s been an exciting five years, and it doesn’t go without saying that we wouldn’t have gotten this far without the outstanding clients, colleagues and talented developers, designers and themers we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

In the United States, we recently observed the Thanksgiving holiday, and our 5th anniversary is a perfect time to take a moment and express our gratitude to everyone who helped us get to where we are today.

From small opportunities to great enterprises

Our first Drupal client was the Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) at the MIT Media Lab. The CBA is best known for Neil Gershenfeld’s FabLab program, which freely shares its open source recipe for workshops built around rapid prototyping tools like laser cutters and 3D milling machines.

The site we built helped unite MIT’s numerous FabLabs around the world and included online courseware, a busy discussion forum, project photo galleries and a downloads section for the open source hardware drivers related tools. It was also the Media Lab’s first Drupal site.

We enjoyed working with the CBA and were inspired by its vibrant culture of experimentation, high technology, modular design and open source software. We value those principles more than ever today.

Doing things that haven’t been done before

We like technical challenges and one project that we’re particularly fond of was successfully integrating a third-party facial recognition library with Drupal. Multifactor authentication systems aren’t new, but we were the first to build a biometric/facial recognition login system for Drupal.

We demonstrated this technology at a Boston Drupal meetup and a video of that presentation is included below. It is also available on blip.tv in several video formats.

Looking back at that project, it’s clear that we were helping Drupal break new ground and didn’t even realize it at the time.

Taking Drupal in new directions

Another highpoint of ours was building Digital Dollhouse, for which we used Drupal to build a virtual world complete with an enormous catalog of virtual items that could be moved around in real-time in a 3D playarea. During the project, part of our team temporarily relocated to Los Angeles, California, where we worked directly with the brilliant Jesyca Durchin and David Schnepp at Digital Playspace.

This opportunity also opened up casual gaming and virtual worlds as new areas of expertise for us, which included perfecting our tools for creating and maintaining virtual economies with Drupal. This was recently covered in one of Lullabot’s podcasts, which features our work with virtual currencies in Drupal.

One of the unexpected developments of working on Digital Dollhouse was that by temporarily relocating our team from Boston, several of the Larks stayed and opened our West Coast office in Los Angeles.

Our community initiatives

Exaltation of Larks has been busy this year in Southern California and we’ve been major sponsors of LA Drupal’s DrupalCamp LA, Git with Drupal 7, Drupal Everywhere, the upcoming Drupal Design Camp LA conference, and countless LA Drupal meetups. We enjoy giving back to Drupal, which has given us so much, and we make an effort to help local community members build their Drupal skills and develop as leaders themselves.

Looking forward to the next five years

As we continue the usual development and design work that we’re known for, we’re also expanding into the training arena early next year. We are partnering with Chapter Three and are organizing trainings that coincide with SandCamp (the San Diego Drupal Camp) and Drupal Design Camp LA. We’ll be publishing our official training schedule in the weeks ahead.

The first five years have been exciting, challenging and nothing if not a lot of fun. Here’s to the next five years!

About Drupal Sun

Drupal Sun is an Evolving Web project. It allows you to:

  • Do full-text search on all the articles in Drupal Planet (thanks to Apache Solr)
  • Facet based on tags, author, or feed
  • Flip through articles quickly (with j/k or arrow keys) to find what you're interested in
  • View the entire article text inline, or in the context of the site where it was created

See the blog post at Evolving Web

Evolving Web