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Nov 04 2010
Nov 04

Its first incarnation took place in Brussels on 8-10 October 2010. The main organizer of the event was Kristof Van Tomme (Pronovix) and he got a lot of help from Rudy Van Hoe (Microsoft), Michaela Kraft (Microsoft) and Jakub Suchy (Dynamite Heads). The goal of the event was intensified networking, sharing best practices and building collaborations among Drupal companies to keep the pace in a rapidly evolving, almost turbulent market.

The target audience reacted very quickly: from the available 60 places there were hardly any left 3 days after that the meeting was announced! Finally, 64 Drupal executives and freelancers attended the meeting, representing 55 Drupal companies (generally with 10 to 30 employees) and over 700 Drupalistas mostly from Europe, from about 15 different countries as main office location, but with a much wider market range.

The format of the event (Open Space Technology), introduced to this public and facilitated by Kristof Van Tomme, also required active participation; and the meeting was actually as innovative and collaborative in character as the Drupal community itself.

Several participants published blog posts on the event already, which provide a comprehensive review of the sessions, the meeting conclusions as well as the personal experiences and hopes:

There were numerous action points defined at the event, among which there is still vivid public discussion for example on Drupal marketing resources for enterprises (Enterprise Marketing Resources, Infographics) and Drupal training (research-and-academia, curriculum-and-training). As a concrete outcome of DrupalCXO, there is a survey launched on “Software Used in Drupal Development” to map what software Drupal companies use, how efficient they are and how they could be improved. (Everyone who contributes as a survey participant will also get the summarized version of the aggregate data.)

Almost 400 tweets were also sent on #DrupalCXO during and after the meeting by not only those who were there, but also by those who could not make it. And it could have been hundreds more if it had not been limited by the engagement that the sessions required...

It is also evident from the meeting feedback that the sponsors were very much appreciated both for their contribution and their attitude to the event: each 7th tweet mentioned @Microsoft and said big thanks for helping in the organization and providing its facilities for DrupalCXO, and each 9th thanked @Acquia for sponsoring the Saturday evening program and actively participating at the event.

There are over 60 pictures on the meeting and its venue on Flickr, and there will also be some interviews available soon, which were made at DrupalCXO.

And the future? Well, the informal network that the attendees built at the event (and even before) provide a good basis for future collaboration, and there will surely be places where the discussions can continue (see upcoming events) and take a novel energy even with those who missed this opportunity!

Please don’t forget about the next DrupalCXO either: it will be scheduled for sometime around the Drupal Business Days (26-27 May, 2011), somewhere close to Helsinki… (To be announced later)

Nov 03 2010
Nov 03

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Oct 12 2010
Oct 12

The past 6 months have been very lively, mixed and full of travelling.
I was the lead organiser for DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010 from May until September (and yes, I loved doing it a second time around after DrupalCon Paris), especially with a Viking team!
Then, I enjoyed some days off in the South of France and travelled far north to start working at NodeOne, where I have been now for a week (feels like a month already) and also attended DrupalCXO in Brussels the past weekend. You can read an extensive summary here.


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Sep 15 2010
Sep 15

At Drupalcon Copenhagen other business leaders told me over and over again how they are interested in an intensified collaboration with other Drupal shops. Several people also pointed out that this is an urgent matter, a lot is changing in the community: in the last year a number of Drupal shops and freelancers have been merging into bigger companies, many companies have been hiring at exponential growth rates, lots of big new opportunities have become available and the elephants have entered the game. Things are evolving dramatically fast.

For all the above reasons business leaders feel that even more than ever before there is a need for intensified collaboration between established Drupal shops, to share best practices, to come together and voice our unique business strategies so that we may all stay relevant in a rapidly changing, almost turbulent market.

That is why I decided with Vesa Palmu that we needed to organize the CXO meeting already 6 weeks after Drupalcon. I asked Michaela Kraft from Microsoft if we could maybe organize this meeting in their Brussels office, which is located in Zaventem just next to the airport. One week later we got green light, Microsoft is providing us with the venue, coffee, beverages and lunches.

Thanks to them we can pull of the event without having to chase sponsors and deal with expenses and entrance fees (yes this event is for free). Without their help we wouldn't have been able to pull off the event this fast. We would like to thank Microsoft and more in particular Michaela Kraft and Rudy Van Hoe for making this possible.

Last weekend I put together the site for the event (keeping it on purpose as simple as possible). I discussed the site with Jakub Suchy, who is helping me organize the event and we went live on Sunday evening. Already that night 14 participants signed up. It's now Wednesday morning and in total 50 people signed up for the event from companies that collectively representing over 300 drupalistas.

We still have 10 places left, so if you would like to participate you better hurry. Should there already be 60 participants when you come t the site, still signup: we'll make a waiting list with the people that signup after the cut-off (we'll contact you by mid next week to let you know if you are in or not).

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