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Apr 19 2010
Apr 19
Drupalcohol by Ben-Hana winery and Linnovate

After Drupalager and Drupalager 2009 we decided to explore new directions for this meta category we've created - Drupalcohol.

Shlomi Tsadok, one of our newest recruits, who is leading the team integrating Drupal in the Israeli government, is a big wine fan - so big that he quit the computing business to open his own winery in 2003.
He exports 4000 liters of Wine a year (mainly reds) and is our latest "brewing partner" (after yhager and hinbit in the previous batches).

We are proud to be part of this community and to try to find fun ways of promoting Drupal!

Jul 28 2009
Jul 28
Drupalager - originial

From the land of Milk, Honey, Beer and Drupal fanatics: We are glad to inform you of our new collection, of home brewed Drupalager Beer. After the great success of last year's beer promotion, we decided to manufacture two more flavors, in honor of DrupalCon Paris 2009.

Each flavor now has its own special label.

In a more philosophical perspective, Drupalager flavors are like Taxonomy free tagging - they come from the same vocabulary, but each one has its own unique characteristics.

Stay tuned for our special D7 Drinkability testing (#D7DL)...

Jul 26 2009
Jul 26

37 days to go and as we lift our heads from the crunch of delivering projects, working with clients, and raising families we finally have some time to outreach about what you can expect from Linnovate at DrupalCon paris...

Drupalager take 2

The beer is fermenting as we speak, this timed brewed by "DrupalHager" - yhager - the guy from imagefield crop fame, and one of the most talented Drupal developers we know.
We'll try to bring in the next batch of Drupalager - (hopefully the French customs will be understanding), and we hope to continue this fine tradition.

Sessions submitted for DrupalCon Paris

Lior has submitted a panel (No Vendor lockin - the drupalshop ecosystem) which will include Jeff Eaton, David Strauss and Bryan House to talk about the drupalshop ecosystem and how adopting best practices lets drupalshops cooperate in bigger projects and provide true choice to our customers by letting them switch vendors based on quality of service or product.

Zohar will also demonstrate how to use this package of extentions for nodequeue, in other use cases, such as a multi-user blogging system (a good one ;-) ).

About Drupal Sun

Drupal Sun is an Evolving Web project. It allows you to:

  • Do full-text search on all the articles in Drupal Planet (thanks to Apache Solr)
  • Facet based on tags, author, or feed
  • Flip through articles quickly (with j/k or arrow keys) to find what you're interested in
  • View the entire article text inline, or in the context of the site where it was created

See the blog post at Evolving Web

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