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Oct 03 2013
Oct 03



Coming up to a week  since DrupalCon Prague, caught up with my girls, emails, calls, follow ups and all else… time to reflect.

I stand by my verdict of the 26th of Sept: @drupalcon #Prague No #Munich but No #Croydon either but an informative fun week. That is to some annoyance of a few fellow community members and possibly some folks at DA… folks there was and is no offence intended, someone has to lay it out as it is and I did share the feedback in person with DA and not just tweeted it on my way to the airport HA!

The host city was awesome, the venue was well their congress centre (the best they had to offer I suppose) but the connectivity there sucked! the food though not that important could have been much better, the sessions that I have been catching up on line were good though more diversity is key for the future… representation across the continents please! BoFs were super useful no doubt and some of the SWAG was nice, some just awesome – Acquia and Deeson win the SWAG award!

DrupalCon_Prague_201325 11.51.49

DrupalCon_Prague_201325 11.51.49

Having said all of that the most awesome thing about DrupalCon Prague was the connectedness! on that note Prague won hands down! out did Munich too!

I am going to be at DrupalCon Austin which will be my first DrupalCon across the pond and knowing how conferences go over the Atlantic am sure it will be mind blowing and if not you will hear about it in person. As for DrupalCon Amsterdam… it can be nothing short of epic! but then most peeps who have been to the Netherlands would say that!

It was great seeing old friends and making new ones and looking forward to the next Cons and upcoming Camps across the third rock.

Aug 08 2013
Aug 08
teaser image for blog post

With some seasoned and new members of the Ixis team attending Drupalcon in Prague this coming September we wanted to share our suggestions on essential sessions to attend from our teams point of view.

Matt P in our support team has been working with Drupal 6 & 7 for the past year and feels brushing up on what's coming in Drupal 8 for a site builder will be helpful as a primer when existing clients are begining to plan their site upgrades.

Also in our support team Adam T is keen to begin contributing back to the project so the session on becoming a contributor to the Drupal project looks like a good kickstarter coupled with the introduction to Your First Drupal 8 Module.

For the developers Paul B thoroughly recommends Alex Pott's talk about Not Invented Here a Drupal 8 Story which he previously saw at Drupal Dev Days Dublin. For those seasoned Drupal "developers" moving to Symfony and a more OO Drupal 8 framework will hopefully benefit from the Don't be Stupid Grasp Solid introduction to OOP talk.

In our DevOps team Michael A picked out some sessions around the current hot topic of containers with the Docker and Vagrant session by Acquia's Senior Cloud Systems Engineer Ricardo. We're looking forward to seeing where it goes when it eventually becomes production ready.

Designing Distributed Systems from CommerceGuys CTO looks to provide a good understanding the hard problems at play in distributed systems.

For myself there's so much variety on offer - from undestanding and making sure Ixis will be ready for Drupal 8 next year through to learning from others on how to ensure doing Support is a Blast for the team looking after our clients.

If it's all getting a bit much for your brain then we can definetly recommended the light hearted look at the history of Drupal Blocks which got a lot of great feedback at DrupalDevDays Dublin earlier in the summer.

If you've not yet decided on attending Drupalcon Prague then there's still time to grab a ticket. We'll hopefully see some of you there in September!

Jul 08 2013
Jul 08

Hi everyone!

We had a slow start to getting the Prague site up this year thanks to our security issue, but now we're full steam ahead, with over 200 people already registered for DrupalCon Prague! Now all we need is some remarkable content to share with the attendees! If you have an idea for a session or a training, we want to hear from you! Now is your chance! The call for content ends Friday, the 12. July at 23:59 CEST.

Why content, not papers? Well, the DrupalCon program has changed since we last did the call. We've listened to feedback from DrupalCon attendees, and we're hoping our new direction will really resonate with our audience. In addition to our regular great offerings of Sessions, BoFs, CXO, Keynotes and Training, we're excited to roll out a few new initiatives.

And here's a peek at some of those new content initiatives:


What are labs? Labs are just like sessions, only longer. Sessions are great for getting out new information, and sometimes 60 minutes leaves you wanting more. Well we're answering that want by opening our call for lab trainers to submit their instructive demonstration, discussion topic, or master class with live bug fixing. Learn more about Labs and submit your proposal.


We felt it was a tad Ironic that the Drupal Community, which is so active, has one of the lowest attended tracks. When we started to dig down into what the root cause of this could be, it became pretty obvious that it was DrupalCon which was conflicting with attendance. So we decided to make everyone's lives easier and untangle the community content out of the middle conference and give it the attention it deserves, as full day event dedicated to all things community.

Led by Addison Berry (add1sun) and Mortendk we're hoping that this day becomes a beneficial working day for the community's biggest advocates and leaders. We will dive deep into the immediate issues and pain points involved with leading and participating in the Drupal Community and work to resolve these issues together.


We're seeing a dramatic increase in the number of Drupal participants who arrive early and leave late so they can contribute more time to in-person sprints at the Con. For this reason, we're extending the conference sprints to begin on Monday for our hard-core contributors, with 24 hour access in the Supporting Partner Coder Lounge for our dedicated sprinters.

Interested in leading a sprint at DrupalCon? Send us your sprint initiative so we can post it for others to find.

Our sprint leads will also be onsite in Prague from Tuesday-Friday of the conference helping onboard new contributors to Drupal. If you're interested in serving as a Sprint Mentor for new contributors, you can sign up to help. If you want to contribute to Drupal, there are plenty of ways to make that happen at DrupalCon!

Let us know if you have any questions!

Oct 11 2010
Oct 11

Drupal Frontend geeks unite! - The first European Drupal Design Camp are taking place november 6 + 7 in Prague. Short: its gonna be awesome ;)

The Drupal Design Camp: Prague Prague is Following up on the 2 successful D4D camps in Boston ( 2009 & 2010 ) where the movement of Druplistas with focus on the frontend began to take form. So its about time the Europe based Drupal Designers gets a platform to talk,exchange ideas & develop, so we can make Drupal bigger, better more lean and mean, and not to forget absolutely awesome to work with as a front end designer.

what can you expect

The event is a 2 day of full frontal Theming, Design, Frontend, UX sessions & Workshops.
This will be a camp where you can expect someone will pick a fight with you if you say that Arial is as good as Helvetica! But Dont expect a 2 hours sessions about database abstraction.
But heated discussions about css, markup, design & everyting else that makes Drupal Sites look & feel wonderful/awful, and how it can be changed to be superduper sweet to work with as a designer.

Why have a "Design" camp?

I have been caught by drupal in about 4 years now, and im still impressed about the lack of awareness that major parts of the community have for the way drupal looks & feel, and general idea of how to do a design (NO! a grid will not make you site look good for crying out loud, it will make it align!... oups did i just say that - fuck yeah!)

To make drupal a better tool for designers, it makes sense to have a place where you can talk among Equals, and discuss the problems we as "designers" are having - not saying that every "developer" dont know about design, some do, and others even understand the problems that we have. But the majority of attendees at a normal drupalcamp would be developers who have other interest & things they wanna focus about.
Do we wanna see "evil developers who hate everything thats fancy pancy design like and pretty" at the Design camp? Hell YEAH, more than welcome :)

Were not closing ourself in a corner bitching & moaning about the lack of understanding from the rest of the community.
We know that Drupal woudn't be anything without the kickass Developers around the system, and we really appreciate it, some of us just wanna make it so much better on the frontend.

So its gonna be as Rocking awesome on the outside as it is on the inside!

signup & Tickets:

so what are you waiting for your fellow drupal frontend rockstars are already attending, so signup and go to prague!
Tickets are 20€ including food, water and stuff...

Im really looking forward to this camp, its really awesome to again plan events internationally and this time with jozef, Marek & Isabell. We are still fledging things out as we go,so dont be surpriced if you get a Hey come sponsor the DDC beep one of these days - yup you know who you are ;)

BTW... Did i mention that the place in the world where they make pilsner that will make you cry of sheer joy is in Czech Republic? Im looking forward to saying Hi to a BudWeiser or as Marek puts it: "Welcome to Prague, where beer is cheaper than water"

See you in Prague in 4 weeks :)

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