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Feb 19 2009
Feb 19

The schedule for Drupalcon DC has been announced and I’m on it three times! Yay!

The three sessions I will be (co-) presenting are: jQuery (by myself), which is an updated version of my past jQuery presentations, Installation Profiles (with Hagen Graf), about installation profiles, and Intro to SimpleTest (with Florian Lorétan, Nathaniel Catchpole, and Jimmy Berry)

And, it’s only two weeks away!

Nov 26 2008
Nov 26

I’m going, are you?

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve put a Drupalcon DC banner on my site. I’m going to be there - March 4-7.

I’ve also submitted 3 session proposals: jQuery, the talk I gave last Drupalcon, at BADCamp ‘07, and as a Google TechTalk, Install profiles, an area I have expertise in but have never talked about, and Theming, a talk I gave at BADCamp ‘07 with a huge outcome (the room was over-full), but was never repeated.

If you like my proposals, please give them a vote, because I think that my session(s) will help make this Drupalcon the best one yet.

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