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Jun 13 2014
Jun 13

At Drupalcon in Austin I took on the mechanical bull. I ended up losing miserably. Not surprisingly, it was recorded and sent out to the world. Because of my epic fail on the bull, one of my friends in Sweden (I’m Danish) afterwards called me out on Twitter with the #drupalcon hashtag and called me a “pussy".

Other Drupal community members intervened and asked my friend to stop using that kind of language. I saw the thread a couple of hours later next morning, and asked if we could keep the "political correctness" down a little bit, as I saw it as a private teasing over Twitter between 2 people.

I honestly felt the tweet was about me, and my first thought was, “Wow, I don’t have any problems with somebody I know making fun of me - I can stand up for myself”. What i was trying to defend was one of my friends right to make fun of me - I did not understand the issue was around using the word “pussy”, and not about me personally.

That was a mistake not to remember the huge cultural differences we have in our community - and how we use words that can be hurtful to some but don’t even cross my mind when I talk.

I am glad that I got the opportunity at DrupalCon to quickly talk with the people that raised this issue to me, and they took the time to explain to me why the words that were used were an issue. Its not always easy to understand the many differences that we have in a world wide community. In the incident I mentioned our Code of Conduct, where one of our principles is to not assume ill intent from each other, and how we make sure that we get to understand each other - From my perspective the COC worked in terms of how we should react when we feel offended and how we solve issues afterwards.

Things we all should remember when issues occur (as they probably will in the future): We talk about it, We respect each other and we try the best we can to learn from each other.

I sincerely apologize that I didn't get the whole picture before I made my tweets. Instead of seeing it from the outside, I looked at it only from my background. I didn’t see the issue in the moment, but after getting a couple of good pointers and thinking a bit, made my lightbulbs go on, and I’m honestly pissed off at myself for not having a quicker turn around.

Foul language

I’m known for using foul language. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, other times it creates a ton of laughs.

What I haven’t been fully aware of is how my way of communicating can be perceived by people that do not know me. Even people I know sometime are a little bit: “wow, dude, you need to tone that down a little bit”.

I’ve always stood for a very direct & no bullshit tone. This can come across a Iittle harsh for some, though for others it feels like a salvation to be able to talk direct. We are all different & thanks for that. That doesn’t mean what I do is always ok though.

While I will never be able to please everybody, I can promise that I will do my best to make everybody feel included in the Drupal Community. I can’t promise that i won’t make more mistakes - but if i know what I did wrong, I sure will try.

In the future if you feel that I said or did something inappropriate, no matter if its intended or not, then please come to me, talk about it, send me an anonymous mail (here on my old Drupal6 site) or contact a 3rd party and we’ll figure it out. If you don’t feel ok with coming directly to me, and want to know other ways of handling the situation, please look at our conflict resolution policy.

Room for us all

It’s NOT an excuse that English is my 2nd language or that I have a dark-humoured background, or that Danes have in many ways have no filter whatsoever, or that I’m a die-hard metal head. Nor is it an excuse that I live in a country on a continent that is in many ways very different from the US and other areas of the world.

The Drupal community is so diverse that we all have to understand and respect where we come from. There’s no free passes, not even when people call you the King of Denmark and you’re trusted by our community to help the Drupal Association on the right path.

I have as a DA board member a greater responsibility than the rest of our community to help set a tone that can include us all. No matter if you’re like me a foul mouthed metalhead or if you’re an intellectual who loves classical music. There must and shall be room for us all.

We learn from each other, on many levels, if its in code, community leadership or on a human level and thats what makes Drupal so fucking epic!

Stepping down from the Drupal Association

As a consequence of this incident and other occasions when I have offended people by talking openly about my sex life and/or generally using colorful and trashy language, I am withdrawing from the Drupal Association Board.

Some feel that it sets a double standard when a board member acts and talks like I do. While I don’t agree with this, the fact is that I’m not going to change who I am. If I am a distraction for the Drupal Association, it’s better for me and the community if I step down and make room for others that can take over in keeping the DA in contact with its developer community.

It’s been a honor to serve the Drupal community on the board for almost 2 years. I am extremely proud of being voted in by the community twice, and helping to shape the DA into an international organization and am proud that it now has an office in London.

Does this mean that I’m quitting Drupal? No, you’ve gotta be fucking kidding!

Does this mean that I’m quitting the Drupal Association? Nope, sorry that’s happening either. It takes a bit more to get rid of me. ;)

I will now go back to “only” using my time on making Drupal events happen, speaking at conferences, camps and events - When I’m not working on get Drupal 8 out with an awesome new frontend, which I have been working on for now almost 8 years.

If I don’t see you sooner, I hope to see you at Frontend United in Copenhagen, Design 4 Drupal in Boston, Twin Cities DrupalCamp in August, or at DrupalCon Amsterdam in September, hopefully on Monday at the Community Summit.

Brothers & sisters of Drupal I salute you!

Aside: if you are wondering why I don’t have 219 spelling errors here it’s because I got a couple of friends to read this through.

Aug 30 2013
Aug 30

Im crazy excited about a specific change that DrupalCon is rolling out this year in Prague : The Community Summit on monday 23 september the day before DrupalCon (same time as the Codesprint & CxO)

The Drupal Community & the Druapl Association ( wtf! ) is taking a tough but necessary decision: kill the community track at DrupalCon - replace it with something that works.
The community track is a thing that apparently "everybody" wanted & screamed about how important it was - but NOBODY attended the sessions. That had to change, its a waste of good conference space, a waste of the presenters time & did anything actually came out of it?
Lets be real here: DrupalCon attendees wanna geek out! - not attend hippie hugging sessions. If the choice is between learning the awesome new theme system for Drupal8, geeeking out with Drush for 2 hours OR goto a talk about "creating passionated developers" - Then its proven by numbers what will happen (11 people attended that session btw)

Now the space is used for sessions & to embrace the need for community talks the DA have expanded the conference so we now have a "Community Summit"

The day is roughly 2 different parts:
1. Focus on getting stuff done.
2. Future of Drupal Events (4+ hours of brain storming, discussions & solutions)

The future or DrupalEvents

The future of Drupal Events workshop will be 4 connected discussions, brainstorming & solutions about the future of planning events in the Drupal Community.

Its of no surprise that the gatherings are extremely important for the Drupalverse(™) its about time that we take a day out of the calendar learn, discuss, plan & figure out how we take the events to the next level, both on local, national & international level.

We expect that local organisers (& attendees!) will participate and bring their dreams, fears, war stories expertise & dreams to help us organise better events in the future.

the #WTF & #epicwins

Answer the question "what was you biggest WTF & epicwin" at a community event - What did you learn from the wtf & epic win.
Dont worry all names & events will be kept a secret - What happens at "community summit the day before drupalcon" … will stay in our minds forever ;)

OMG it was the Best Drupal event eva!

In the perfect world where the sun always shines, you code is error free & the coffee is warm - How would an Drupal Event look like.
Let us roll out the idea's for the best event ever - Doesn't matter if its a camp, camping, con, meet up, code sprint etc. What are the goals we should strive after.
ps: we can cross of being the largest open source conference in the world ;)

Right here right now - Large(r) scale events

There s bunch of exiting events coming up in the very near future - both here in europe but also World Wide.
They do require more planning than a "simple camp" -

  • Drupal8 release - how do we make that work on a global scale.
  • Sponsors, how to not bleed em out
  • whats the purpose of DDD & FU
  • Can we use the Drupal Association for anything (yes this is a trick question.) organza

Charter Building - Europe: the final countdown (15:00 - 16:00)

(sorry couldn't resist the title)
3 years ago was the first official meet up between representatives of the European Drupal Community in copenhagen. since then we have had a loose communication going on in a mail list, its been unformalised & had a role of grey eminence - trying to make sure we didn't step on each other toes by arranging DrupalCamps on top of each other.

At the same time there have been "some problems" making communication to work with the DA in portland - how do we fix this?

This discussion will take europe as an example but should be a principal discussion of how to make regions coordinate & work. So this could be moved to fx the US and copied & changed into working in their local

Target Audience:

Drupal Events organisers attendees with ideas, those that wanna listen in to a long day of a deep look into the future of our Drupal Events & off course if you wanna get into doing events - this would be a good place to start.

Whatta ya waiting for - a written invitation?

Community Summit Program

warning this is (probably) gonna change

8:00: Registration
9:00: Welcome
9:30: Presentation of the working groups Lightning talk style
10:00: Defining goals for groups + caffeeine
11:45: Grap Lunch
12:00 - 13:00 timeslot 1:
* Future of Drupal events: share the WTF & epicwins
* Work groups: …work

13:00 - 14:00 timeslot 2:
* Future of Drupal events: Best camp eva!
* Work groups: …work

14:00 - 15:00 timeslot 3:
* Future of Drupal events: Right here Right now!
* Work groups: …work

1600: 17:00 timeslot 4:
* Future of Drupal events: Charter building?
* Work groups: …work

17:00 - 18:00 Sharing & Wrap up
Share of each group’s work + Wrap-up

**Post drink & food (*) **
18:00 - 19:00 Drinks Corinthia Hotel Bar
19:30 - late Community Dinner (mortendk & marek booked a whole restaurant 10 minutes from the venue, details follow)

Signup & lets push the community forward - Next stop is Total World Domination!


  • Morten & addi talks community summit on module unraveled
  • DrupalCon prague post
  • Announcement on Prague site:
May 14 2012
May 14

Today the Drupal association presented a new initiative for getting more students & grow the talent pool for the Drupal Project. This is done by setting x number the tickets for Drupalcon munich to half price of the 400€ - well that is if you're a student. This raises big problems about the future the event I see as the Heart & Soul of the Drupal Community.

This is not the first time this have been discussed - we had it up as an agenda point in Drupalcon Copenhagen in 2010 (which i was heavy involved in) At that point it was declined, The Drupalcon is already giving away Scholarships, & the event is already a cheap professional conference.
Everyone pays the same for thee ticket - what afaik have been the policy for the last 12. Drupalcon’s, its as much a signal to all participents as its a practial. Besides that 50% of the DrupalCommunity can claime to be a "Student" - so opening up that door could have dire consequences for ticket sales.

No matter who you are - if you're Dries, N00b or the local axe swinging Dane. We all pays the same, Its a part of the Drupal Culture: We are all Equal, were all here in the same boat - no matter who you are - we pay the same - well not anymore more...

But there is free Tickets

Last year it was decided that speakers got their ticket as a thank you for the preparation time - This is off course a nice gesture, I Usually put in about 60-90 hours for my session, so i can at least justify the first 5-6 hours of work ;)
It a nice gesture from the Drupal Association & not to mention without quality sessions: no conference (but without module developers, writers, designers,themers etc. there would be no Drupal...)
I would be Fine to pay for my own ticket - thats not the 400€ that makes my budget hurt, thats the Flight, food, hotel, beers & not to forget the week you take of work + the week after to play catchup with clients & pissed-of Family.
I'm a "Selected Speaker" this time in Munich so I'm coming in for Free, unless somebody pulls me off schedule now ;) I will be in munich anyway’s Cause thats where my geek posse are.

the 2. rate citizens

Now the Drupal Association have decided to have "2.Rate tickets" for Students. This will have some consequences for the Drupal Community as a whole, and is a dangerous path to go down.

I say 2. rate citizen ticket well lets look at the note's for the student tickets, which is well ... a little bit worrying:

"Note: DrupalCon Munich student tickets are € 200 each, do not include lunch, and are limited to full-time student applicants."


Will this mean that Students cant to go where the rest of us go, food, beverages etc ?!
Drupalcon is a highly a social event. Aren't we then making the Students to 2 rate citizens of the DrupalCommunity now?
If you wanna lower the ticket prices, this makes sense (i mean something have to be cut) to be honest I would personally love to skip 50% of the ticket price to drop the, always questionable Lunch (now coffee on the other hand...)

Now by limiting the student attendees from this part aren't we really sending a wrong signal - your not a part of cool crew

This attempt to try to get more new students to attend a Drupalcon will cost about XX.000€ - can't that money be used a little bit more fair throughout the Drupalsphere - besides of that i highly doubt this effect a Drupalcon is already an expensive event, is 200€ & the signal of 2.rate citizens worth that - and not to mention is the price gonna get new ones to show up?

If we try to support new & upcoming developers, or participants in the community, why on earth do you have to be a student?
How many school Dropouts, self educated, newly started, hackers, pirates and whatever else that comes into Drupal & could make good use of this economical help. Not to mention those that are not from the "rich part" of the world - in Europe theres an extreme difference in the taxes & salary's just if you go from Copenhagen to Prague.

This is in my eyes sending a signal that its all good if you a student - But if you're not - then you have pay for that student.

What about …

If we play this kinda discount thinking into our little world lets for fun take one step more that direction.
We wanna get more students into Druaplcon, but we also wanna attract more women.
There was about 17% female attendees last time in Denver, lets get that number up to 20%: To do that & to follow the logic from the student discount.
Its a known fact that females are underpaid So wouldn't it be fair that they got lets say 10% off the ticket?
we can off course take it further steps and find other groups, but this is just to illustrate the path that the DA now have taken (I wonder what have made them change their minds after what 12 Drupalcons have refused to do, besides of students complaining)

What I thought was a key point in the DrupalCon and in our Culture was that we were all equal - no matter who you are we pay the same for the basic entrence.
If the Drupalcon is making enough money that its not a problem to use 40.000€ - why isn't this discount given to all attendees, the last 4 conferences price raise have caused a good amount of noise.

Drupal Association can do whatever they want with the money & the ticket prices, I know this is probably fighting windmills
Now the door is open for differentiating in prices & that isn't a door we can close easely again.

This is not about beeing against Student discounts - this is about lowering the tickets for some selected & not for us all.

Just to make sure that is perfectly clear

Im a total un-educated school Dropout (9 years in public school) that by accident came into the web development in 1996 & figured out I aparently had badass skills. I have never looked back since & a still trying to figure out how to spell and be more articulate.

the times are a changing

Maybe its just me that must accept that the Heartbeat & Soul of the Drupalcommunity isn't anymore the Drupalcon.

That we now have open up the door to different level of tickets, that in its core divides us.
That Drupalcons are now Driven with another "professional" and more americanized agenda, where discounts & cupon codes (my bet is in portland we will see those) are a way the marketing machine to push Drupal forward.

We are are simply making a huge mistake here, that goes against the core value of our community.
We are all in the same boat, so Drupal Association Please Stop dividing us - thats not what you were put you into this world for. - I can see the intentions but youre doing it wrong, sorry but somebody have to say it now its clear that you didnt think this through.

Lowering the prices (for an allready cheap event) for everyone is the way you wanna go.

This will probably cause some comments so pretty please
Before you begin to scream that “its really hard to be a student & you only having x amount of money each month” then read my post again.

I was a little quick on the numbers & thought i read 200 tickets - the number is unknown thogh, so i have exchanged it with x'es instead.

Mar 21 2012
Mar 21

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soupe 16 October, 2014 - 10:19

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Now we have it again in the Drupalsphere and for the next couple of weeks there will be an endless promotion of drupalcon session from the speakers or their companies to enhance their chances for getting a spot as a speaker at DrupalCon.
when we finally get the session selection, there will be an outcry of angry, pisssed of & sad people in our community.
Its been the same song & dance now for the last 4 DrupalCon. I think its about time we change the ways this session selection is done, and propose another way to do this, so the noise ratio can get back to picking colors on that bike shed.

the big disclaimer

This is NOT an attack on the current process in Denver or those that went before or on track chairs etc. If you wanna get drama go another place ok? this is based on the observations i have done during the ton of drupal events i have attended over the years since my first DrupalCon Brussels 2005.

Im a "regular speaker" on DrupalCon both in europe & the US. normally on various Theming aspects (think its the lest 7 con's) Ive been track chair in Paris, London & Copenhagen, was the lead for DrupalCon Copenhagen 2010 & been the lead organizer for 3 of the 4 DrupalCamp Copenhagen + active in getting Frontend Developers (Themers) & Designers "organized" co-organized 2 Design Camps in Europe (Prague & Berlin) + the upcoming in Amsterdam in 2012… phew

I know how 400 people will feel in about a month, when that session is rejected & probably I will be one of them again - which is perfectly okay i might add.

To keep it short: I know how the sausages are made

We must stop making the same mistake we have done over & over again - get a better selection policy with at least some kind of transparency.

Voting doesn't do what we hope it could do.

In the good old days when a drupalcon was around 2-700 people.
The voting was working "kinda ok" with about 25 proposed session in a 10 session track it was manageable to figure out which one you would see & which one looked good.
This was turning into a problem around DrupalCon DC, where the con was suddenly 1400 attendees

Today theres 5-600+ sessions proposed for DrupalCon Denver (about 400+ in London) & the voting process is causing the usual amount of noise & pissed of Drupalistas.

Are we really expecting the potential attendees to read through all 500+ session & vote on them ? with a clear & open mind ?
- its hard even getting through the sessions for each track chair, not to mention that the conference is in 5 months (after xmas, superbowl, new year etc) SO i guess we can define the 3 kind of people thats gonna vote now:

  1. you are heavy into the community.
  2. you were told to go vote on a session (twitter is wonderful for that)
  3. wanna see you friend speak at drupalcon.
  • Pro-tip*: if you can mobilise around 100 people then theres a good chance you will have a top voted position.

Hang with the popular kids

Voting will turn into a popularity contest & that is not a vote/rating number we can use for anything -unless we wanna figure out who can rally votes.
Theres been concern that the "big companies" can use their sheer size to vote all their sessions in, and crush the "little guy" & use the DrupalCon as a advertisement platform for their product, let us be honest, the stage at a Drupalcon is a really good spot for you or your product, no matter if youre a small design & theming shop from copenhagen or your are making you own web browser.

what are the votes used for?

It isn't clear what the voting actually means in the selection phase & it never really have - it used to be the only way sessions was selected, now its at best a "guideline", is the 3 most voted getting in? is it 10 etc. Nobody really knows!
Its been up to the track chairs to figure out how to read or use these numbers, some have used them others havent.
This is not ideal, but that is how it is today.

All the drupalcon's I have been involved with had the same focus around the voting: "yeah yeah let 'em vote, now can we focus on getting this con on the road - we have more importent things on the agenda" - the general idea have been that its just a "part of the whole picture" of how the sessions is selected. But its just a guideline.

reality check for submitted sessions

Do I really wanna take the chance that the track chairs is not gonna do a quick "lets start by removing alle the sessions with less than X votes" hell NO I wont - im gonna promote the it hard. Remember im just me & my assistent here in copenhagen
I dont have 50 coworkers, that all can herd votes, so if i wanna make sure i get a fair chance, then im forced to promote.

I dont submit unless I really wants to talk about a subject & knowing that I can deliver a 45-60 minutes speak thats gonna blow the attendees away "wow that xxx was interesting stuff" if not at least 5 people have told me afterwards, dude that was the best presentation I have seen at DrupalCon - then im disappointed. I expect the rest of the 498 sessions to be as dedicated!

Off course everyone is gonna vote their own session up as much as possible, thats just the rules of the game.

But it doesn't give us/ drupalcon anything that can be used, besides of a lot of noise & that afterwards Drupalcon can then wash their hands and do the "we had a vote" - even that we know its BS. To have a Voting without consequences is not usable for anything.

what should we do then?

okay so what now - no "democracy", just let the DA & its henchmen take over the drupalcon & sell it all to sponsors …
[note to self : fill in more conspiracy plans just for the fun of it]

The sessions & presentations should be the very best we can find, that will push our community & the Drupal Project forward simple as that.

The Drupalcon is not the place where we use should use sessions for unexperienced speakers, its not amateur hour! - its the goddamn DrupalCon,the leading gathering in the Drupaluniverse.
If a speaker wanna train skills theres a ton of DrupalCamps that are screaming for sessions & inputs.(To see that 30% of the sessions this year will be for "new" speakers is absurd imho)

a New Rule set.

We need to get the numbers of sessions down, right now anyone and their grandmother submits sessions, theres been more than one session from people that are "very new" in the community (guess thats the political correct term for those dropping in & want a quick piece of the Drop fame)

I am suggesting that we in the future set up some simple gateways, that everyone can relate to

  • The speaker have at least spoken at 2 Drupal Events
    We wanna have speakers that can present, & are active in the community + have proven their worth - going to a session where theres stage fright because theres 200 in the room, can be fixed easy if the presenter had given a couple of more sessions at local drupalcamps / events.
  • The proposal is more than a 2 paragraph outline with warm air about foo / bar.
    Look at the session proposals , how many of them are actually placeholders, just to have a session in, if that other session isn't gonna be selected.
  • 1 speaker = 1.Session proposal.
    We have so many talented people - why not force us all to focus on what the individual are really really good at, today its just a part of the game to submit as many sessions as possible to up you chances for getting a session in.

More pre selected sessions.

The Drupalcon (or track chairs or DA) reach out & get speakers in the community or outside and fill around 50-75% of the program, with a good spread from noob to advanced sessions & topics.
The last 2 DrupalCons have had an absurd amount of noob sessions, we should aim a little higher. im going to be inspired not learn how to add a field to a node.

Yes im expecting the Drupalcon to know whats going on in our community !

Submitted sessions

The last 25-50% of the sessions are selected by the submitted sessions & still selected by the drupalcon.
If a session is not accepted there will be an explanation why a session wasn't selected, its the last thing we can do for people that have used a couple of hours to do a session proposal (if you dont use a couple of hours well then dont submit).

what can we then vote for ?

We need the vote to figure out what rooms the sessions should be in, so lets have a vote in a month before the drupalcon. Theres nothing worse than speaking to a empty room, because somebody else put @dries, @webchick, @heyrocker & other rockstars in the same time slot as you.

Keeping this phony vote for sessions process year after year is not only a big waste of everybody's time, the amount of noise is even worse - Its hurting the community, those that used tons of time preparing & motivating for their session(s) will get a huge morale hit (take a look at the twitter stream)

Nothing good comes out of it, besides a Drupalcon can at any given time wash their hands "well we voted for the sessions" which is done every year because no one really wanna argue with pissed of presenters that didnt get their sessions in.

oooh But Vote for me!

So after all this ranting should you now go and vote for my sessions - I did state that voting is BS ? Yes you should! the DrupalCon uses the votes for something right & I dont wanna take the chance of getting ruled out because of a technicality or a track chair decides, that all sessions less than X % is out - just because im taking the high stand.

I can off course just start a campaign against the big companies, the "suits", those that dont want to ban swearing and F-boms in session, those that wanna turn DrupalCon into a business conference and not a gigantic nerdfest for the Drupal Developers (& builders, designers, themers, business owners, project mamanger & users)... That would offcouese be complete FUD and have nothing to do with reality... right? ;) (But man it sounds good for a rant) Besides I claimed the best dressed speaker at Drupalcon Chicago!

2 proposed sessions:

I sincerely hope we change the way sessions are selected, the way were doing it today is only causing pissed of people & loads of noise, that are not giving anything to the drupal community.

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