Sep 29 2009
Sep 29

Drupalcon Paris

Drupal Lager

Arriving in Paris was no different as seen on TV. Big city, taxis, metros, Eiffel Tower, street-side tables for two, random couples making out everywhere....yeah just as expected from when I last visited 12 years ago in 1997.

At the actual conference I helped out at the registration desk. Let me tell you, I believe I held a passport/ID from every single continent/country...some I did not even recognise.

The planned social actives were awesome. From meeting up at Luxembourg, Bastille, and Cafe Delmas...all worth it. It was amazing to see Drupal totally take over a street bar. Every single time, the bar could not physically hold any more people, so there were always drupalers spilling out into the street. At Cafe Delmas this is how I found the bar....just look out for the busiest bar. One guy brewed his own beer and labelled it Drupalager!

Every night after the conference I would somehow find myself by the Eiffel Tower and take in some of the random street dancing. It was very surreal.

The conference itself was well executed. Full attendance of approximately 900 people. Sessions going strong all day. I attended as many as I could.

Hmmm, this post is turning out to have more Paris-related content than Drupal content. Well this is what you get when a conference is hosted in one of the most expensive cities in the world! I really enjoyed munching on French croissants and drinking wine.

My most memorable moment - hearing Black Eyed Peas - I gotta a feeling while walking along the Champs Élysées (the most beautiful avenue in the World!)

Mar 12 2009
Mar 12

Well that was certainly one of my greatest experiences ever! To all the 29+ organisers, and the Drupal Association, a big hefty CONGRATULATIONS and job well done on hosting a perfect conference. I mean, I expected it to be a good conference, but damnnn, it was far greater than my expectations. I think it was rumoured that this was one of the biggest and most successful Drupalcons ever. Certainly the biggest.

I am certainly looking forward to Drupalcon Paris, although I am not sure if that is financially possible as yet. Time will tell.

I have never collected so many call cards in just a few days (over 50)....and not just random call cards, but each and everyone is someone that I met personally.

Go Drupal!!

Mar 05 2009
Mar 05

Drupalcon Day 1
Wednesday March 4th - Day 1 of Drupalcon and I already feel like I have been here a week! That's because I attended seven (7) full sessions back to back. There was so much information to absorb, so many great people to meet and so much needs being satisfied. Dries' keynote speech was invigorating as was expected. He touched on showing pictures of one of the very first Drupalcons ever with an average turnout of about 30 people. Today, it's a whopping 1400+!! Three meetings rooms were joined together, 3 big white screens and over one thousand people jam packed into the room. It's amazing the wireless network didn't crumble.

The convention centre is totally amazing in itself. Where we had lunch (picture coming soon) was actually under street level and I swear you can fit at least one and a half Boeing 747s in there! It was MASSIVE.

Everything so far is well organised. Gallons of coffee, thousands of pints of beer and pizza galore will be consumed over the next 3 days in DC. I am so tired, I can't even make the welcome party that is supposed to be going on right now. Two rented out bars next to each other crammed with Drupal developers....and it gets better!

Well start reading from the top again! :)

Well truth be told, the entire day was a highlight for me, but let me summarise...

  • I learnt about Apache Solr. I had heard about it but never played about it. I can see this being very useful in upcoming websites.
  • I learnt about Using SMS for Data Collection and how you can use Drupal to harness the power of SMS, something I think is worth checking out.
  • Oh I got my book autographed...yeah yeah whatever, I don't care!
  • I had a fillet-o-fishy...MC Donalds baby!
  • I realised I need to invest in ear muffs or something. My ears and fingers keep freezing up and going numb during the walks.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. The schedule is jam packed as usual and I am prepared to take it all in. Go Drupal!

Mar 03 2009
Mar 03

This semester, Drupalcon will be held in Washington DC. In case you don't know or you live under a rock, Drupalcon is THE event for Drupal developers. Right now, its sold out with 1400+ Drupal enthusiasts converging under one roof.

This is my first ever Drupalcon (and certainly will not be my last ever!). I am so anxious to meet fellow Drupal developers and finally put a name to their Drupal ID or IRC nick. It's so weird...you collaborate with these guys/girls all the time and yet I have never met them.

I am really looking forward to attending the keynote session by Dries Buytaert, the original creator and project lead of Drupal.

Some of the sessions that I plan to attend are:

Ofcourse the sessions I outlined above are so very tentative. So many of the great sessions clash! Ideally I would have loved to attend every single one!

I'll be walking with book in hand to get some autographs!

This semester, DrupalCon DC will be in Washington, DC at the city's Convention Center. I have never been to DC, but apparently the venue is situated near tons of hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes, and tourist destinations. I'm looking forward to doing a little touring as well if time permits.

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