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Feb 27 2008
Feb 27

While chatting in IRC the other night, I found that Adam Light and I will be on the same flight through Chicago on our way to Drupalcon. So, if anyone else is scheduled for United 534 leaving Chicago at 1:10pm leave a comment. Adam and I plan to share a cab to the hotel as they are reasonably close and Public transport in a city new to me on a Sunday night after being up 14-16 hours just doesn't seem to hold an appeal for me. I plan on wearing my BADCAMP07 Drupal shirt so should be easy to spot.

On the downside, it appears that ChipIn has been having issues for the past 16 hours and timing out when people try and donate :(. It does seem to be working now so if you are still interested in helping out my travel fund I'd appreciate it.

Overall this schedule does work nicely. My in-laws are coming up to keep my wife company while I am gone (I suspect they are here to visit with the grand kids).

Feb 22 2008
Feb 22

I hope to briefly cover some of the history and evolution of Drupal documentation, knowing the history is often important to understanding the present. Spend more time going over some of the present challenges of creating and maintaining documentation and debunk some persistent myths.

While the session is just over an hour, I hope to have feedback and participation, get some more people participating in one of the easiest ways to get started contributing to Drupal.

On Friday there is a code sprint, if you scroll down towards the bottom there is mention of non-developer activities and a documentation sprint so bring your laptops and get ready to participate.

I'd also like to add a thank you to those who have helped me out by contributing to my travel fund to get me there.

Feb 07 2008
Feb 07

Up until this last weekend I did not have any plans to go to Drupalcon. For various reasons I didn't take seriously Kieran's mention of sponsors (partly because I've never done it before, partly because work and family have me a little overwhelmed at the moment). Well he did something about it and got my conference fee taken care of and a place for me to stay (I will be thanking these folks in a later post). I am arranging my flight now and will try that chip in thing he told me about to help mitigate my credit card on that and I should be good to go.

I have two presentations I have proposed.

  1. The first is on documentation . Where we are, how we got here, things that we've tried and what people can do to help.
  2. The other is on revisiting the current drupal.org forum structure. Over the years we've evolved a new way to collaborate with the groups site but that is not always obvious to the new comers. Also, other forums have developed some differing practices that we can leverage to mitigate culture shock and present resources to new folks.

Should be fun.

Also finally added a Drupalcon tag to my site.

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