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Jan 30 2017
Jan 30
January 30th, 2017

Welcome to the final episode of Season 2 of Sharp Ideas! On this episode, Randy and Doug talk to Four Kitchens directors Elia Albarran, Todd Nienkerk, and Aaron Stanush, about keeping your team happy, working ethically with clients, and how to prepare your people for the future of work.

Broadcasting directly to you from wherever the web meets business and design. You can listen to us on SoundCloud (on the site or download the app!) or find us with your other favorite podcasts on the Stitcher app.

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Douglas Bigham
Douglas Bigham

Doug is a writer and ex-academic with a background in digital publics and social language use. He likes dark beer, bright colors, and he speaks a little Klingon.

Oct 25 2013
Oct 25

In Episode 28: Getting Excited for Drupal 8 - The Donkey, Human, Ant, Chameleon CMS, Larry Garfield, Alex Bronstein, Juampy, and Joe Shindelar join Kyle Hofmeyer to discuss why they are excited about Drupal 8. From the changes to the block system, and the subtle but excellent polishes to the UI, during this podcast you can certainly tell that Drupal 8 is coming together, and there are many reasons to get excited about it. HTML5, REST APIs, Views, and Twig — Drupal 8 core truly makes Drupal usable out of the box for the very first time. Getting excited about Drupal 8 may be the theme of this podcast, but learning lots about what Drupal 8 has to offer is something you will take away after giving this a full listen. And if that isn't enough you'll at least discover why Drupal 8 is like a donkey, human, ant, and a chameleon.

Mar 04 2013
Mar 04

Hosting the Content Strategy Conversation in a Brand New Breakout Room

Content matters! Bold, boisterous content matters; shy bits of micro-content matter; even the nuances of your error messages deserve careful attention! Lullabot’s Insert Content Here podcast is all about content, and every episode features a new conversation with content strategy experts from a variety of industries and disciplines. On June 3-5, Lullabot will also be sponsoring the third annual Confab, a fabulous conference that's dedicated to content strategy! Every year in friendly Minneapolis, Minnesota, Confab brings together a host of experts to discuss the big issues and tiny details of content strategy.

Why Attend Confab?

One critical issue has wiggled its way into quite a few episodes of Insert Content Here: the often-strained relationship between content teams and development teams. At Confab, Insert Content Here's host Jeff Eaton will take a closer look at that contentious relationship and offer an hour of feud-soothing tools. In Hugging the Hatfields: Turning Cantakerous Development Teams Into Allies, Eaton will teach content creators to understand the developer's world and speak their language, ensuring that critical editorial needs are heard. He'll also explain how content strategy's tools can make life easier for both disciplines by alleviating developer pain points.

In addition to sponsoring and speaking at Confab, Lullabot is excited to debut the “Insert Content Here Breakout Room!” (Always fans of novelty, we're proud to note that it's the longest-titled breakout room in the conference’s history.) Fittingly, Jeff Eaton’s session will be held in the Insert Content Here breakout room, as well.

See You There!

Last year, Confab sold out quickly! If you're responsible for content in your business, or you're a stakeholder who needs a roadmap for sustainable content, reserve a spot ASAP! Be sure to make room in your schedule for Eaton’s Hugging the Hatfields: Turning Cantankerous Development Teams Into Allies, and stop by our breakout room afterwards to say hello. We look forward to seeing you!

Dec 01 2012
Dec 01

Yesterday I took part in a Lullabot podcast on Project Management. The Bots are well known for their excellent courses and dialogue - it is my hope that we don't disappoint. Addison Berry of Lullabot did a great job of herding the herders keeping us on track. So, who participated?

Seth Brown - Lullabot's Director of Operations, Jerad Bitner - a Lullabot Technical Project Manager, Drew Harteveld - Martha Stewart's VP of Digital Operations, and Me. The conversation showed a large degree of consensus on methodologies, tactics, and tools.

The process of getting the podcast set up was pretty cool.

  • Addi approached me at BADCamp, asking if I'd be willing to participate. I'm always game for contributing where I can and I was also humbled to be asked.
  • We started an email chain that brainstormed our topic.
  • The top items were added to a google doc where we were all encouraged to comment
  • We chose a few topics we wanted to explore, Addi added another, and finally there were questions that came from social-media-verse
  • 15 minutes before the podcast we did some sound checks and talked amongst ourselves. Addi explained how it was going to go down.
  • When we started, it was pretty free form - we didn't really know what questions would be asked when. I would say a few minutes into the recording, we were basically just having a friendly conversation.

This was thoroughly a good time. I hope I'm asked to participate again in the future.

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Sep 07 2012
Sep 07

If you didn't listen to the Last Lullabot Podcast last week, you may not be aware that Lullabot is shaking things up a bit on the podcast front. We're renaming the Lullabot podcast to the Drupalize.Me podcast. The Lullabot podcast has been running since January 2006, and we're reviving that legacy with a new bi-weekly podcast, talking about everything Drupal. Today is our first Drupalize.Me podcast, where we have a good chat about DrupalCon Munich with the Lullabot team: Drupalize.Me Podcast: Episode 1. Go check it out!

With the new podcast we really want to deliver regular Drupal news and interviews. We will be publishing a new podcast every other Friday, starting today. After today's DrupalCon recap, we are looking at doing a number of interviews with people working on cool stuff in the Drupal community, and tackling common Drupal questions with our team and special guests. If you already subscribe to the Lullabot Drupal podcast feed, or the All Lullabot Podcasts feed, you are already set up to receive the new Drupalize.Me podcast.

In addition to revamping the main podcast, Lullabot is introducing two new monthly podcasts as well. The new "Content Goes Here" podcast will be hosted by Jeff Eaton and will focus on content strategy. Our other new podcast, "Creative Process," will be hosted by Jared Ponchot, and dive into the many aspects of the creative process, ranging from music to web development. Both of these podcasts will be coming out once a month, on the Fridays when the Drupalize.Me podcast is taking a break, so there will be new podcasts on Lullabot.com every single Friday. If you want to subscribe to these new topical podcasts, then you will need to either subscribe to the new individual feeds (which will have links posted soon), or you can subscribe to the All Lullabot Podcasts feed, and you'll get all three.

Sep 07 2012
Sep 07

Listen online: 

Welcome to the first Drupalize.Me podcast! We've renamed the Lullabot podcast to Drupalize.Me and we're re-invigorating it with a new schedule. We will be posting a new podcast every other Friday, starting today! In this episode the Lullabot team gives a recap of the highlights from DrupalCon Munich. Join Addi, Karen, Joe, Sally, Kyle, and Brock as they chat about big announcements and their favorite sessions and moments from DrupalCon.

Podcast notes

Release Date: September 7, 2012 - 10:25am


Length: 40:12 minutes (16.1 MB)

Format: mono 44kHz 56Kbps (cbr)

Aug 31 2012
Aug 31

Listen online: 

Jeff Eaton, Addison Berry, Jared Ponchot, and Jeff Robbins say farewell to the Lullabot Podcast and discuss the three new podcasts which will be spawning in its place.

Release Date: August 31, 2012 - 9:23am


Length: 33:03 minutes (12.82 MB)

Format: mono 44kHz 53Kbps (vbr)

Jun 08 2012
Jun 08

Listen online: 

Jeff Eaton, James Sansbury, and Jeff Robbins talk with Earl Miles about the history and current state of Views and the possibility of getting it into core for Drupal 8.


Release Date: June 8, 2012 - 7:59am


Length: 69:42 minutes (26.24 MB)

Format: mono 44kHz 52Kbps (vbr)

Feb 24 2012
Feb 24

Listen online: 

Jeff Robbins talks with Volacci's Ben Finklea about the Blue Drop Awards.

Release Date: February 24, 2012 - 10:26am


Length: 58:03 minutes (22.49 MB)

Format: mono 44kHz 54Kbps (vbr)

Jan 19 2012
Jan 19

Listen online: 

Nate Haug, Jeff Eaton, Addi Berry, Matt Westgate, and Jeff Robbins reminisce on the past 6 years of Lullabot, running a virtual company, the ways in which Drupal has changed, and visit a few of the projects we've worked on.

Release Date: January 19, 2012 - 3:24pm


Length: 77:50 minutes (30.53 MB)

Format: mono 44kHz 54Kbps (vbr)

Oct 29 2010
Oct 29

Podcast LogoAfter having created a few different podcasts on different Drupal sites for different purposes, using a variety of methods, I can speak with a little authority on which methods are the best, easiest, etc. There is an Audio module, and an iTunes module, which help with more advanced podcasting needs... but most people just want a podcast which will allow visitors to either listen while on the website, or to be able to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or another media player.

If your needs are relatively simple, it's quite easy to get a podcast up and running on your Drupal website:

Step 1 - Make a Podcast-ready Content Type

In one of your content types, add a filefield that allows the uploading of MP3 and/or M4A files, and create a podcast episode or two. Make sure you set the filefield's display to 'Generic Files' for the RSS display settings (at admin/content/node-type/[your-node-type]/display/rss).

(You can also use something like SWF Tools to display a player for the file for regular ("Basic") node views—so people can play the audio file without having to open your feed in iTunes. Otherwise files will just display as links to the downloadable file).

Step 2 - Make a View with a Page and Feed Display

Now, create a view, and in that view, create a list of all your podcast nodes (nodes that have the MP3/M4A files attached) on a Page display, then create a Feed display that shows a few episodes, and attach that Feed display to the Page display.

Step 3 - Avoid a Hassle by Burning Your Feed

FeedBurner LogoMany would recommend trying to get the feed working properly with iTunes by using the aforementioned iTunes module or some other hackery, but there's a much easier option: FeedBurner. You need to set up an account with FeedBurner. Then use FeedBurner to 'burn' one of your feeds—be sure to check the 'I am a podcaster!' checkbox. Fill out all the relevant details, and then look at what your FeedBurner URL is (mine, for example, is http://feeds.feedburner.com/reviewcast-podcast - this is for the ReviewCast).

Install the FeedBurner module on your Drupal site, and then go to its settings page. Click the 'Burn feed' tab to add your new feed - you'll need to know the path to the Feed display that you configured in your View earlier, and the FeedBurner URL (just use the part that's bolded above).

Step 4 - Profit?

Now, clear all your caches (in case the feed you had in your views was cached already), and you should have a podcast page which not only allows site visitors to play files directly, but also offers iTunes (or other service) subscriptions. You can submit your FeedBurner URL to iTunes' Podcast directory if you'd like to be included.


Mar 26 2009
Mar 26

Just wanted to let you know that there's a new DrupalEasy podcast (#3) now out there.  If you haven't listened to  our podcast I'd highly recommend that you do if you do any work at all with Drupal (or if you're interested in working with Drupal).  We cover, Drupalcon, SXSW, Setting up a Drupal Theme with Artisteer, the 2009 Google Summer of Code and of course, our module picks of the week!

Feb 20 2009
Feb 20

I'm proud to announce that the first DrupalEasy podcast has been released.

Mike, Ryan and myself end up talking about the Drupal Association election, Drupalcon Europe 2009, Drupal + Mobile, Plug in Manager and Fields in core among other things.   I think it's worth a listen even if you aren't a hardcore Drupal person since we try to keep the content at a mid-level but I'm obviously biased.

Also, if your going to be at DrupalCon DC and you develop Drupal or Drupal modules and you want to be interviewed for the podcast please contact me so I can setup a time.

Apr 20 2006
Apr 20

Jeff Robbins of Lullabot posted a podcast interview of me here. I babble on for an hour or so about the Dean Campaign, DeanSpace, and CivicSpace.

Oct 22 2005
Oct 22

Here's a bunch of smaller updates which probably don't warrant extra blog posts, but might be interesting nevertheless:

  • On the right-hand side of my homepage you now have three new blocks which should simplify site navigation. Each contains a weighted list of tags (tag clouds) for my blog, my podcast, and my photoblog, powered by Drupal's tagadelic module. Of course, the "traditional" navigation menu is still there.
  • There's also an RSS feed for comments on this site now, courtesy to Drupal's Comment RSS module.
  • On the lower left-hand side of my homepage, there's another new block. It shows where the visitors of my site come from in (almost) realtime. This is a service provided by MapStats (I already talked about it earlier).
  • I have uploaded updated versions of my bashrc, vimrc, and muttrc config files.
  • My podcast is now listed in iTunes (thanks Daniel Reutter for adding it). You can subscribe by clicking on this button: Subscribe to my podcast in iTunes!. The amount of people who subscribe to my podcast have almost doubled, figures went up from 30 subscribers to more than 50 today! If you're reading this and subscribed through iTunes: thanks ;)
  • My video iPod will (probably) be shipped on October 31, and it'll take a few more days until it arrives. Arghh, /me wants it now!
Sep 15 2005
Sep 15

Yesterday, I launched my own podcast (I had threatened to do so earlier). In an unsurpassed effort of creativity I named it Uwe Hermann's Music Podcast ;) This is a pure music podcast (no talking / ranting by me), featuring freely available (mostly Creative Commons licensed) music from various artists and various genres, see my announcement for details.

On the technical side, I have integrated the podcast into my existing website and blog (which is powered by Drupal 4.6.3). The podcasting was possible almost out-of-the-box (as most things are, if you use Drupal). I only applied this small patch which creates an <enclosure> tag for every MP3 to which I link in the respective node. I use the standard "blog" node type to create the podcast entries, put them all in the category "Uwe Hermann's Music Podcast" which I have aliased to http://www.hermann-uwe.de/podcast. The RSS feed for the podcast is simply the standard Drupal feed for that category, which I aliased to http://www.hermann-uwe.de/podcast/rss.xml. Simple, eh?

As I only link to external MP3s that's all I need. If you want to create your own recordings for your podcast, I recommend the audio module by Colin Brumelle of Bryght.

Of course, as I based the podcast on Drupal, you can comment on any podcast "show", refer to them via trackback etc. etc.

I'm eager to hear your opinions, comments and suggestions. Oh, and please feel free to suggest free music which you like. If I like it too, I'll happily play it ;)

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Drupal Sun is an Evolving Web project. It allows you to:

  • Do full-text search on all the articles in Drupal Planet (thanks to Apache Solr)
  • Facet based on tags, author, or feed
  • Flip through articles quickly (with j/k or arrow keys) to find what you're interested in
  • View the entire article text inline, or in the context of the site where it was created

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