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Apr 24 2009
Apr 24

So, I have been inspired from a recent video to go play with AEgir. I thought I would try it on my laptop, so off to install DAMP.

I must say, I was very impressed with the DAMP install. Simple, straightforward, quick. Oh yea, and it 'Just Works'! Very impressive. I played with the Drupal install for a few minutes and it all seems in order.

So, a little light reading on the AEgir page and it seems I need to start with installing 'drush'. A quick read of the instructions and well, this is different. A download from d.o that is NOT installed as a module. No problem and off we go.
Run through the steps in the README and change to the drupal base directory. Run drush and there are a few problems. Some warning messages. I push a little deeper and find that DAMP doesn't include the 'mysql' client. The server is there, but no client command to run. It seems that drush needs this for some of its 'sql' features. Another thing that I noticed, but thought was related to the missing client was that the 'drush sql conf' command returned an empty array. We will come back to that in a moment.

Well, I thought, ok, let's install MAMP then and see if the client is there. Sure enough, the mysql client is part of MAMP. Got them both running. Ran an export from the DAMP side. Ran an import on the MAMP side. And then copied the Drupal install into the MAMP directories.

Back to that empty array. I don't have any idea how Drupal under DAMP was accessing the database. I really need to dig a little deeper. This could be interesting. The $db_url entry had a purely generic setting. No real userid, password, or database name. So, of course, after the copy, I still had that generic entry. I replaced that with $db_url = 'mysqli://root:[email protected]:8889/acquia_drupal'; (these are the defaults) and the acquia install came up just fine in the MAMP environment.

So now I get to go back and play a bit more with drush. The 'drush sql conf' command actually displays the expected output, so it seems that it must be reading the settings.php file.

So far, I would say that the DAMP installer could use:
#1) a mysql client
#2) a conventional settings.php file entry for $db_url

It should be noted that I have just started playing with the whole drush / [DM]AMP environment and have probably made some incorrect assumptions or outright mistakes.

I'll keep plugging away at it and see what else I can find.

First thing to look for is the right place to post this where the developers can see it.
So many different interacting parts though. Not sure if it should go on AEgir, drush, or acquia (DAMP).

Apr 08 2009
Apr 08

created on Tue, 2009-04-07 16:37

In November of 2007, Raincity Studios struck a deal to acquire, Bryght, the pioneering Drupal hosting solutions company. By combining the Raincity Studios development and design team with the hosting expertise of the folks at Bryght, we hoped to provide comprehensive online solutions to a range of clients. The last year and half has been a great learning experience, however it is with regret that today we must announce that effective April 30th, 2009 Bryght hosted services will be phased out with a plan to be closed completely by May 29, 2009.

Over the past five years, Bryght and Raincity Studios have forged many wonderful and productive relationships with partners and clients around the world. We pride ourselves in being able to create mutually beneficial partnerships.  As two companies that emerged at the same time and grew up together in Vancouver, we have had no relationship more meaningful than that with Bryght. The shared vision and complementary personalities of the two companies made for a excellent fit and we believe the cooperative efforts produced great results. 

Bryght ideas, ahead of their time

Bryght was an early player in helping to build the Web 2.0 industry and one of the first group of people to put Drupal publishing tools in the hands of the untrained public (a scary prospect at the time).  As the first commercial venture in the Drupal world, Bryght paved the way for all sorts of individuals who earn a living today using Drupal.  As early innovators and active contributors to the Drupal community, the team at Bryght worked tirelessly to develop the Hostmaster module and Aegir hosting system giving site administrators tools to help manage multiple sites and rapidly deploy new site installations.  Their services, Bryght VPS and Bryght Light, released in 2005 were the first hosted Drupal offerings and made signing up for a turn-key Drupal website simple and effortless for the end user.

Over the past year as we worked to improve our offering by relaunching Bryght.com, and adding new languages (French and Chinese), and upgrading our servers and technology, it became apparent to us that in order to offer competitive pricing and the best possible service to our clients, hosting must be carried out on a scale that is beyond our current capacity and in turn we could not provide you with the level of service that we would expect from anyone else.  

In the midst of an economic downturn we recognize the importance of keeping our company agile and innovative.  At the moment, we want to focus on doing what we're best at: developing and delivering innovative applications and software solutions to power online communities. 

Adrian Rossouw, the architect and father of Aegir, is now part of the great team at developmentseed.org. Together they are committed to continue the effort that he and Bryght put forth over the years. Combined with their internal projects, Context and Spaces, we feel this is a great use of Adrian's talents and opens new options to the technology we helped develop.

We also want to wish the best to our "coopetitors" in the hosting market, especially those offering turn-key hosted Drupal solutions, such as Acquia Gardens and Fields, Lullabot (with their forthcoming and still unnamed entry into the market) and Work Habit’s Elastic2. We recognize that the continued success of these companies is good for everyone in the community and industry.

Existing Bryght Customers

For our existing Bryght Light and Bryght VPS customers, we thank-you for your business and want you to know that we are committed to making sure your transition to a new hosting provider will be as smooth and painless as possible.  We've partnered with hosting providers Rackspace and Slicehost and will be able to offer you competitive affiliate pricing as well as facilitate the migration of your site to its new home.  Depending on the traffic your site is receiving, we can find the best solution for your needs.  As a Bryght customer, you will receive more information by email today. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at [email protected]


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