Jul 16 2012
Jul 16

There are many forum links with numerous hacks detailing how to create a single exposed filter that combines search across multiple fields.   In Views 3 and Drupal 6 or 7 it is as simple as installing the Views Filter Populate
Setting up groups for views populate filter

Setting up groups for views populate filter

And that’s about it – just configure the new global filter to include your desired fields

Configure views filters populate

Configure views filters populate - include the fields you want searched

There isn’t much to know about this module, although I certainly haven’t tested it against dates or numbers, and I rather doubt that works. For text it works like a charm though – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwZj8o2v4uM for the folks who like videos here’s your 1:45 of fun

One filter, two fields... yum

One filter, two fields... yum

Thanks + add any questions or comments below
Dec 19 2011
Dec 19

This is a really short tutorial that shows how to improve improved admin using an exposed filter in the view

and if you want a really basic tutorial on modifying taxonomy terms from in the improved admin area click on this vid = good basic lesson

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